Miley Cyrus Looks Like A Dang Ol’ Lesbian

Here’s Miley Cyrus’ new haircut which she decided to show off on Twitter because it’s not like she’s acting, singing or doing anything but living (literally) high off the Hannah Montana hog. Anyway, apparently she’s been waiting her whole life to look like a lesbian and her daddy finally got the little Dutch boy he’s always wanted, so fuck y’all:

- Never felt more me in my whole life ❤
– someone just told me im prettier than Miley Cyrus. ❤
– most successful Sally day EVER! ❤❤❤ I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy
– Miley talking about wanting to have short, Blonde hair like twiggy back when she was 15 years old :) [Ed. Note: This was a retweet.]
– my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me “opinions are are like ass holes every body has one” LOVE my hair ❤ feel so happy, pretty, and free

Except now comes the heart part where Miley Cyrus has to explain to Liam Hemsworth that she’s really in love with her best friend Eric Stoltz and the mom from Back to the Future is all wrong for him. And, yes, I just made a Some Kind of Wonderful reference because I’m old as shit.

Photo: Splash News