Miley Cyrus is Legal in Canada. Hence This.

June 21st, 2010 // 208 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto Sunday night looking almost entirely like the Bride of Christ she claimed to be to sell Hannah Montana lunchboxes across the Bible Belt. That being said, do you think Miley’s boyfriend found it less exciting to have sex with her in Canada where the legal age is 16? I’m a pretty sensitive guy with a deep respect for women and even I’m positive I’d scream my penis is bored before tapping Billy Ray Cyrus in. “Age don’t change nuttin’ ’bout bein’ kin. Alley-oop!”

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  1. Messy Keyboard

    All these revealing photos of Miley Cyrus and you still didn’t have the guts to even post a censored version or uncensored version of her upskirt photo… Epic fail!

  2. angela
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    not pretty? not a killer body? god i’d love to sink my mouth into that… but only if she keeps her mouth shut. that voice… ugh.

  3. Holly
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    OMG She looks like Amy Winehouse in this picture!

  4. Bee
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    Spray tan, much?

  5. Eric

    I suppose I have to wait until she’s 18 before I can say how much I’d love to snack on her shaved twat until my tongue falls off

  6. missywissy

    I don’t get this girl at all. She builds a very young fan base, starts taking sexy photos, takes a sexy photo with her dad, dresses like a whore, dances provacativly with an older man, dances like a whore, and makes music and videos that don’t appeal to anyone with an actual brain. What the fuck is she doing?

  7. B.B
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    I’m jealous, she gets hotter and hotter!

  8. Ego

    she needs implants

  9. Anonymous
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    While channel surfing the other night, I had the misfortune of seeing a minute or so of this chick’s London concert. This girl absolutely cannot sing and has zero stage presence. This is what the music industry has been reduced to? Sad, sad times.

  10. Dorian Gray
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    Meh. I’ve paid for better in Chinatown.

  11. Tina
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    i just want to see her Lean Like a Chola!!!

  12. Racer X

    Singing Party in the USA at a Canadian award show?

    /DUMBASS Slore

    • marshelle

      If you didnt know the award people pick the songs they want you to sinq so it wasn’t her choice TRASHY SLUT

  13. That moon faced kid is just awkward.
    Instead of eye-popping poses and dance moves, it’s eye rolling.

  14. truth
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    you need some tits to dress like that….she is OK, but kind of gawky and again no boobies. no thanks

  15. Christine

    I just love the cross necklace she has on. It totally goes with the bondage theme she has going on.

  16. well
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    not gonna lie, got a bit of a boner goin on here…

  17. Carine
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    She’s trying too hard to look like Britney

    • chelsea

      yeah it is obvious she’s a britney wannabe. but britney had a badass body and had moves, this girl has nothing. like seen here her head is abnormally huge. lol

  18. Commented on this photo:

    If I was in Canada I’d only want to have anal sex with her. I bet her ass in nice and warm inside.

  19. HHB

    FIRST OFF: I like the new layout ,very nice:)

  20. Dammm
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    Wow, mary jane sure knows what men want.

    I’d do her anytime, anywhere.

    • matt

      agree with dammm… i’d do her anytime, anywhere… and once it’s in her i won’t pull it out ever…

  21. pbateman
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    Wow, dude, how many times are you going to recycle your Miley Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus jokes? I’m just saying, she’s bound to wear suggestive clothing and do more ‘controversial’ behavior more and more frequently in the future. Time to get some new jokes.

  22. I hate Randal
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    Talentless exploitation in process = decadent capitalism.
    Can this tramp read/write music? Can she play an instrument at a professional level?
    Think of the days long gone when musical geniuses lived off the patronage system and really had little of their own, other than their God given talent.
    Now…? …trend setters, predators, impostors, freaks, whores!

  23. Marcella
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    This aint Canada bitch!
    What does your boyfriend think?

  24. CARLO
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    Love this girl. 17 is old enough to enter the draft. She is currently on the farm team…soon she will be letting out nudes here and there and we will all be drooling LEGALLY. For now, we just continue to trick ourselves in to beleiving we think she is too young or that it’s wrong but hey, I’m 33 now and still think the same things are hot as I did in highschool. OF course all the girls I used to perv in highschool either got knocked up or stopped using the drugs that gave them those tight little bodies we all loved in highschool.

    Long story short, I’d pay for a pc of that.

  25. mimi
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    somehow, she reminds me of AMY WINEHOUSE in these pics….hmmm..

  26. Reina

    Hmm… Amy Winehouse looks good in that Miley pic

  27. This picture makes me feel sorry for this girl :(

  28. yayo

    miley description: ballon head and nasty moustache, body average as best.

  29. skippy


  30. Muchmusic sucks

    She’s a manufactured pop tart who is pathetically trying to appeal to an older audience by going britney. Her songs are written by hitmakers like “dr.luke” hence admitting not listening to jay-z in the shitty “party in the u.s.a.”. Muchmusic is just as lame, a television channel that boasted they were different from mtv because they played videos lol!, those days are long gone and letting go of ed the sock because he didn’t test well in focus groups of 14yr old girls goes to prove how lame muchmusic is. Now owned by ctv globemedia a perfect way to brainwash kids across different netwerks sad.

  31. Gando

    Nothing to see here,she could be still a virgin.I guess the cherry pop is still covering it all.

  32. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N has most likely been subjected to MK/ Sex kitten programming…

    with Disney and Billy Ray, she never really had a chance…

  33. Name (required)
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d hit it!

  34. Fuxy

    what the hell is a moon face?
    (it seems fitting..)

    • padlock

      a moon face is someone with a round face & miley is the defination of one. She has no angular or any length to her face. Her face makes her appear heavier in weight even though shes not fat.

  35. GiorgioMoroder

    16 is legal in Canada. And yes, she has one helluva moon face.

  36. Mike Walker

    Check out pic #9. It looks like a giant schlong sliding into her ass.

  37. Commented on this photo:

    I beleive Miley when she says she isnt a slut. Its obvious by these pics she tells the truth. She is simply southern Trailer Park Trash. This is what you get when you sell your childs soul to the mouse. When they get out of the dungon of snow whites castle all that is left is a mindless body. It goes around not caring what it wears, sleeps with or puts up its nose. It has happened again and again. Now its mileys turn…. only question is who is the next on this path of distruction.

  38. jose
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    She’s not really very hot given her age. Look at her abs, or lack thereof. She’s a little pudge pudge already and only 17 years old? The future does not look good, she’ll be the next Britney Spears….

  39. Jess

    Ummm yeah, I live in Canada and the legal age is NOT 16, it is 18. Writer, you are seriously RETARDED. Do your research before you write a story, jackass.

  40. faby
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    she keeps wearing the same shoes why??? they’re so ugly anyways

  41. Jimbo

    I wanna lick her slit. yummy!!

  42. cc

    This makes me feel dirty, but I have to admit this is the first photoset of Miley that makes me think about…well, you know.

  43. netstarman

    Wow if she is wearing this ,there is always someone going to say “Think about the children!” She is a Ga Ga whore who is going off to show Vag to anyone who wants to see if it depends on her 15 minute singing career .

  44. gluebomb

    well she dresses like a complete slut in america so who cares she will be forgotten shortly after she turns 18

  45. jasmine

    it just looks desperate and wrong! she’s worse at 17 than Britney was the same age. Britney probably started to wear those kinds of clothes when she was actually 18. her outfits weren’t as outrageous as people think and definetely not like this.Britney also didn’t look desperate!! Miley could actually be on her way to a breakdown sooner than Britney did,i like her music but she doesn’t need to wear these slutty clothes to show she’s grown up!! sing can’t be tamed while not looking like a complete slut Miley that’s a good thing! wanting to be known as grown up or mature can be done in a classy way like making your music meaningful instead of how “on like that” you are!

  46. herbiefrog
    Commented on this photo:

    a litte cross ?

    both of you ? : ) )

  47. Kettle Black
    Commented on this photo:

    I would love all these guys that are so critical to post their pics on a site like this and have people tear them apart. Oh my god! That guy has been playing Pong in his mother’s basement for years! He has no hair and he’s 300 pounds! Bet he hasn’t kissed a girl yet! Those would be the accurate assessments of most of the “I’d hit that after a couple of beers” types or the more cruel. Give me a friggin break you friggin losers.

  48. Robert

    Isn’t that one of those SWP bandannas that she’s wearing? I’ve seen a lot of guys in prison TV shows wearing the same thing. Perhaps, she’s going after a new market of pedophile prisoners.

  49. slammy
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    Haha dude on the left looks so perplexed

  50. captain america

    this is why CANADA is banned from the united nations!!

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