Miley Cyrus is Legal in Canada. Hence This.

June 21st, 2010 // 208 Comments

Here’s Miley Cyrus at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto Sunday night looking almost entirely like the Bride of Christ she claimed to be to sell Hannah Montana lunchboxes across the Bible Belt. That being said, do you think Miley’s boyfriend found it less exciting to have sex with her in Canada where the legal age is 16? I’m a pretty sensitive guy with a deep respect for women and even I’m positive I’d scream my penis is bored before tapping Billy Ray Cyrus in. “Age don’t change nuttin’ ’bout bein’ kin. Alley-oop!”

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  1. FRIST


    • That is actually more stupid than yet another post on Miley Cyrus being a whore. Good job, college.

      • Mike Rackhabbit

        I dont think she is a whore just because she wears revealing clothes. she actually looks really good here! A+

    • Miley was amazing last night in Toronto, spreading her energy across the crowd in waves which they happily returned with screams and waving arms of their own. Even though mega stars like Hedley and Justin Bieber dominated the show with their hit songs and winning smiles, Miley took it like the cherry on top.

      By far the BEST MMVA and all because of you, beautiful.


    • brent

      Actually the age of consent is 14, but we’re splitting hairs aren’t we?

      • Actually

        No it’s not, it is only 14 in Alberta – the rest of Canada is 16 if you are within 18 months of each others birth date – but if there is an age gap over that then 18 years old is the legal age.

    • adrianne

      legal age isnt 16 here…well atleast not in toronto

      • Elle

        wow wow wow! 16 is not legal in canada. at 16 you can get some medical prescriptions or a piercing without your parents but all porn related things (movies, magazines, toys) you have to be 18 in Quebec. and i think 19 everywhere else. unless that just alcohol. but its at least 18!! we’re not crazy.

    • Hannah hassett

      i know right! i cant believe that she is a christian! she needs to clean up her act or she will be sending the wrong message!! i used to look up to her. it was cool cuz it was like she was the only christian actress left. im praying 4 her. toodles!

      • Bells

        Just because you’re christian doesn’t mean you have to “Act Christian.” I hate that stereotype.
        I actually find it quite ridicoulous. You think acting “christian” is going to change someones intentions? If you say you “act christian” thats being vain right there, which is, might I remind you, a sin.people “act christian” for others.
        If you throw it out there like that, then you should probably take a look at that.
        I know people who pride themselves on “acting christian.” and acting a certain way still doesn’t make you better.
        Anyways, Miley Cyrus is messing up, but she is a teenager. Let her. I’m pretty sure that there are more teenagers that have screwed uo more than she has, it’s just because she’s in the spotlight.
        I don’t really like her, but I do believe that, as every teenager out there, she has a right to screw up a bit, until she grows up.
        Please, Hannah, don’t use a religion as a way of judging people…don’t use it as a stereotype. and, I’m pretty sure there are PLENTY of christian actresses left, but just because they don’t act like five year olds doesn’t mean that you have to judge them as “not acting christian.”
        I myself am, in fact, christian. And I hate it when people say that I’m not acting christian, and when they say someone else is. It annoys me more than ever.
        I don’t mean it to be an insult though, this post isn’t about that. I had to comment though, cause when someone says that to me, or to someone I know, or even don’t know, I still get offended. I just want you to see a different point of view.

      • jacob balls

        wow hannah why didnt you tell us you were a fag

  2. Amy

    As I’ve said before:

    Look, I don’t care what women do…it’s fine. What I’m tired of is girls doing this to “proove” something. It’s not new, cutting-edge, or whatever else you think it means to grab your crotch, kiss another girl, wear suggestive clothing, or motorboat. It’s been done a billion times before. It makes no sense.

    Also, I understand that “sex sells.” I understand that. However, to whom is she selling sex to? Women? Because no matter what she does, men will not buy her music. Sure, they’ll look at her and comment on sites like this, but they aren’t going to buy her music or go to her concerts because she dresses like a whore.

    And as someone pointed out earlier…she has a moon-face.

    • classydirtychick

      hear hear!


      Does she think that the world is only full of cute young boys?!
      She is not only stupid, she is too young too see the effects of her actions

    • Veronica

      it’s a desperate attempt to hide the glaring secret that she has very little talent.

    • Well.. sex sells… because maybe girls see guys drooling over her youthful body and think she’s some form of a role model since she gets so much attention from guys. So the guy attention attracts girl attention because they then want to be liker her, listen to her songs because they think they’re fun, and then go to her concert because they are fanatical about her. Its a horrid cycle.

    • Bliss

      Hahah, I totally agree, and I’ve said this before too. I think it’s the marketing ploy where if you dress sexy and become this powerful sex symbol, girls will become envious and want to emulate you even more and somehow it will raise her Star power. But….seriously? She doesn’t even have the musical material to match. She still sounds like a young Disney starlet but now she’s wearing more provocative clothes and singing along to generic Disney songs.. And it’s true, if you look like you’re trying too hard it actually turns most girls off. I personally just think she’s lame, and lacking real musical talent. Her latest release was terrible, boring, same repetitive beat, boring junk. But nice try! I guess.

    • cc

      Yaaaaaaaay. Agreed.

  3. L

    And she says she DOESN’T dress like a slut?!

  4. Heh..this bitch has always been hot between the legs..she just couldn’t wait til she got off the Disney channel to SHOW IT. In a few years she’ll have a drug/alcohol problem and wind up just like Lindsay…

    • Brew

      Was thinking the same thing, about going down the same course as Lindsay.
      Is there some kind of printed time of Lindsay? With Disney, leaving Disney, music career starting to wane, drugs/alcohol abuse, one bad night away from being like Anna Nicole…
      I’ll bet we can put the same amount of time on Miley, and watch history repeat itself.

  5. OH MY


    I LOVE ‘EM

  6. S

    sooo….who still thinks miley is a virgin? show hands people….nobody? yeah me neither…
    also…miley… we all know you’re a slut, just own it and join the freaking porn industry when you turn 18, i’m sure is what jesus wants from you

    • Bob

      Remember how Britney Spears used to claim the same thing, even when she was living with Justin Timberlake? Well…

    • marshelle

      ok so mabye miley is qettinq a little out of hand buht all stars qo throuqh that stupid staqe where they do druqs naked photos or porn. Miley is not a slut just because she wears skimpy clothes if thats the case then your sayinq that beyonce , ciara , nd alot of qood sinqers are slut cause they wear little leotards that only cover the half of their body. Last to brinq jesus in this situation you are stupid for that if you didnt know jesus plans out the way he wants us to live our lives so your basically sayinq that he is stupid for the way miley is so how about you qet some sense live your life and hop off of miley dick : D. Because you are lookinq stupid I think you should stop beinq a BITCH and qrow some FUCKING sense. DUMMY : P

      Oh and p.s. I like the whole outfit so POW at you

      • sammi

        You’re the one looking stupid, using q’s as g’s with your retarded ass. I’m tired of all these dumb ass broads thinkin that shit is hot when it’s not. You are obviously on a low ass level and you need to fall back. Don’t compare Ciara and Beyonce to Miley, they are not children so it’s more acceptable for them to be on that shit unlike her. You probably think you not a ho when you walk outside wearing skimpy clothes yet you wonder why the hell every man you ever touch considers you a jumpoff and not their girl. What I’m gonna need you to do is finish high school, assuming you ain’t dropped out because you got your raggedy ass knocked up. But you know what? I’m not gonna be on that TOO much. Not my fault your mama ain’t raised you to be a classy lady since she a ho herself. Dirty ass bitch, shut the fuck up and go suck some more dick.

        POW at you, with your lame ass.

  7. Mama Pinkus

    the Jaysus cross necklace is a nice touch for such a slutty outfit

  8. Horny Perv
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    Im moving to canada!

  9. Richard Throbbin
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    If she already isn’t, she will be a huge cum dump soon.

    Of the generation that doens’t think BJ’s are sex, gotta love being young these days……

    Oh, my friends call me Dick.

  10. Winston
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    Miley likes the stripper gear it seems.


  11. LOL

    Image 8: He does not approve.

  12. Chels

    OMFG Miley…. wth… cover up, keep em closed, and put your purity ring back on.. thats right, its been noticed, you removed it..
    or maybe it was so you didnt get struck down by lightening with the lying…. hmm, oh so much to ponder… *cough* slutty *cough*

  13. i hate that im about to say this but she looks awefully doable in this pic for miley cyrus and all aw man im going to hell

  14. kj

    This whole “look at me, I’m sexy” thing is A. Getting old fast and B. would be more effective if she was actually attractive

  15. Commented on this photo:

    is it me or did she drop like 8 lbs

  16. DebtsPaid
    Commented on this photo:

    i feel so guilty. i want to do so many things to her body

  17. Rachael

    She’s gorgeous! Beautiful face. I think everyone needs to get over the fact that she’s changed since Hannah Motana. She’s grown up! Shit I was pretty innocent until I turned 14 then it all changed. She’s turning into a woman and she’s an entertainer. I don’t think she’s going to be a “Brittany” all over again. I think she’s pretty grounded.

    • She is under 18, shellacked with heavy cosmetics & dressed like a stripper, yet touted as a role model for young girls.
      Is this what we call “entertainement” now? I guess so.
      Thanks for all the shots of Slutty Cyrus’s evolving muffin top. Ye gods I hate to say it but in some snaps, at certain angles, if I squint my eyes she does look doable. Proof that lots of makeup works for not only transsexuals, but also for moon faced escapees of the Mouse.

    • marshelle

      Thank you all these people want her to be the same person when Hannah Montana came out we’ll NEWS FLASH she is not. And there are 14 year old qirls out there who are on the street sellinq there self and people are havinq a problem because she is dressing slutty at least she is not actinq slutty.

      • Blahblahblah

        Since when is pole dancing and giving your 40-year-old director a lap dance considered “not acting slutty”? Hmm, guess it depends on your definition of it.

  18. Nero

    And in some other countries it’s legal to marry 12-year old girls.And!?

  19. Rhialto

    Is there a serious sex tourism in Canada as well!? Does anybody know?

  20. Nameless

    Who cares what she’s wearing? She’s no longer the role model of 8 year olds.

  21. christ i
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    nice spray tan, mi cy.

  22. JoeJoeJoe007
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    God DAMN!!!!

    I’m in love!

  23. JoeJoeJoe007
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    Ohhh… and may I say….


  24. tc

    Do you perchance have any pictures of her cunt.

    I want to see it.

    I want to see what her cunt looks like.

    • Billy Ray Cyrus

      I got ‘em. Just wait a few more months. Lots of hot stuff……will make even more $$$ off my little pop tart.

  25. classydirtychick

    And this is the girl who kicked up a fuss not long ago about showing Her BACK!!!!!!!

    - The Annie Leibowitz shoot for Vanity fair..

    And buy back I literally mean her back. Not her bottom, breasts or any other part. Her Back.

    • That was for publicity. Vogue sold more copies because of it.
      Think cynically & with profits in mind & all will be revealed.

      • Gen

        Vanity Fair, not Vogue. Vogue is a mildly classy magazine, Vanity Fair is absolute sensationalist dreck. I fucking hate it. Just the thought of Vanity Fair pisses me off.

  26. Hannah
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    Awww, She’s pretty! With a body like that, why not..?

  27. Stephanie

    Someone kidnap, rape and kill her already. FUCK.

    • marshelle

      How about you qet kidnap, raped and killed already.

      NEWS FLASH: And if those thinqs did happen people would care more about her than you hahahahhahahahaha

      • what

        marshelle, why don’t you stfu and start using g’s instead of q’s. it looks stupid and ghetto. you’re obviously like 16 years old. you don’t make sense.

  28. hmph
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    the 16 year age of consent only applies if you yourself are under 18… if you’re 19, it’s still 18 like in the US… law is in place so 13 year old’s can’t fuck eachother. silly, i know.

  29. How does she get away with being so trashy?

  30. Joe
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    The pop-whore transformation is almost complete!

  31. Tiger Woods
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  32. bimbamboing

    Whether it’s legal or not,i don’t think she’s still a virgin anyway.

  33. jkl;
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    awesome + FIRST

  34. Blrrf
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    lmao…. is that Carlton Banks?

  35. eak
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    I give it like 2-3 months… tops.

  36. captain america

    PROSTITUTE-LOOKALIKES are in canada of all ages.

  37. Ron

    Either those pictures are photoshopped to hell, or she starved herself for a week before that appearance.

  38. yyyyyiiiiiiiii
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  39. yyyyyiiiiiiiii


  40. Bell Curve
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    Dude, she has been legal over 90% of the planet for quite some time now.

  41. fagball
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    I love how she not pretty at all and neither has a killer body. That makes it pretty easy to ignore her to death right up untill the 2015 Tv-Special “children Tv-stars of our youth – and what they did the last 10 years while we didn´t care about them anymore”.

    • angela

      not pretty? not a killer body? god i’d love to sink my mouth into that… but only if she keeps her mouth shut. that voice… ugh.

  42. Smacktastic
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    How nice that she purtied herself up for us Canucks, eh? :) Jeezus, it’s seriously like watching the Britney Spears playbook come to life…

  43. nictople
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    FISH will you please stop perpetuating the myth that the age of consent in the US is 18. It’s not. In most states the age of consent is 16, a few are 17 or 18.

    And there is no federal law that overrides the state laws when it comes to age of consent:

    You could have had Miley long ago in any of a couple dozen states.

  44. nictople

    FISH will you please stop perpetuating the myth that the age of consent in the US is 18. It’s not. In most states the age of consent is 16, a few are 17 or 18.

    And there is no federal law that overrides the state laws when it comes to age of consent:

    You could have had Miley long ago in any of a couple dozen states.

  45. ROUGH? "That guy got an edge. Unbewevable, I never seen anything like it"

    Who’s giving out these purity rings? I need one of those…..

  46. She named her vagina U.S.A. There’s a party in it.

  47. mary jane
    Commented on this photo: im embarrassed for her. why the hell does she dress like this..who is she trying to do this for? no guy wants her, not until shes like 21..

  48. mary jane
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    lmfao..what..what is she trying to do here?

  49. Want a Cannuckle Sandwich?
    Commented on this photo:

    It was 14 until about a year ago, so technically, she’s an old, used-up hag by Canadian standards. That said, I might give her the benefit of my manjuices were I drunk. She’s a cute little girl, not particularly special. Let’s see what she flowers into at 18 or 20, when she really hits her stride of babedom.

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