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Liam Hemsworth has already moved on to Eiza González, so if I’m recalling dating in your 20s protocol right, this is the part where Miley Cyrus fucks the closest dude to her for psychological revenge and convenience. So in this case, that happens to be her “We Can’t Stop” producer Mike WiLL Made It (above) which should be the final straw in alienating the south. They could handle the tongue and the twerking and the wacky tobacky, but miscegenation? That’s a dang ol’ devil teat in Baby Jesus’ mouth.

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  1. Holy shit this guy is ugly

  2. circuit

    He’s been banging her for awhile (I wish I could not-anonymously say that, but you know how this industry shit goes)

  3. Um… she took a picture with him at a photoshoot that was done several months ago, so of course they are going steady now. It all makes sense.

  4. I’m stunned and outraged. I mean, c’mon… that’s not how you do The Shocker.

  5. JC

    Somebody’s gonna get lynched. For her, they’ll probably just hang her from a tree by her tongue.

  6. Dave Ireland

    Pretty sure that’s Tone-Lōc. It’s the same tired old tale – She asked the guy, ‘Why you so fly?’ and…well, you know the rest.

  7. Now you know the truth. My professional moniker is Mike WiLL Made It.

  8. TMI Buddy

    Who in the fuck told her that tongue shit was sexy. She looks like a retard trying to act like a dog on a hot day. Fuck. Then again, that’s probably how she french kisses her Dad, so I get how Miley thinks itt’s cool.

  9. inkydinky

    that’s one fugly looking dude, little miss wigga

  10. Hugh Jass

    In a related story, Billy Ray is learning the finer points of the Stand Your Ground law.

  11. anonymous

    Miley trying to be sexy is like a monkey masturbating in the zoo. First you are like WTF? then you are trying to your kids not to talk about it and forget they even saw it.

  12. Tiggles

    She’s really following the checklist from “The Dumb Suburban White Girl’s Guide to Being Scandalous”.
    1. Public drug use – check
    2. Tattoo(s) – check
    3. Sexual acting out – check
    4. Dating a black guy – check
    5. Lesbian -

  13. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    I never thought a woman was capable of doing something unsexy with her tongue, until Miley.

  14. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    The first thing I thought of was the Alien approaching Segourney Weaver

  15. Slappy Magoo

    Are we sure she’s trying to be sexy. Maybe all this tongue shit is a prolonged seizure, which would explain a lot, really…

  16. They look like they are on the same mental level.

  17. Ben Dover

    can someone punch her in her fuckin chin when shes got that stupid tongue out?

  18. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    is sticking her tongue out now her thing? there’s a ridiculous amount of photos where she’s doing that. it looks kinda painful.

  19. I think single motherhood will be a great addition to her life.

  20. Jay

    People who act mental, are mental. Remember BrittBritt and her crazy behavior? Somethin just ain’t right with that girl. My guess is Miss Miley is probably bi-polar with way too much estrogen. Good luck with that combination.

  21. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Fuck me he is ugly! If you are going black, at least pick an attractive one you stupid cunt.

  22. Swearin

    So wait, he left her for a Mexican girl, probably because she was banging a black guy? Oh man, are there going to be some letters…

  23. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    The coated tongue just makes me shudder.

  24. blerg

    I think we need a congressional hearing, some expert witnesses, and inspections from the FDA about whatever it is than is being used by Disney on these kids…

  25. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    if SHE ever decides to become a male, all she has to do is remove her breasts, let the bodyhair grow freely, and take a little bit of testosterone to grow an adamaple and a enlarged knob so she’ll have a micropenis
    ugly female with wide huge shoulders like a man, and no hips, just like a man
    she is like lady gaga, as in the ugliest women have to get naked and prance around like clowns, they falsely believe they are hot

  26. Jenn

    I wouldn’t have sex with crazy ass Miley. She’s clinger than Kudzu vine.

  27. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
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  28. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
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    What an asshole.

  29. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
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    Herpes poster child?

  30. smh

    wow racism is strong on this so what if she dating a black guy :/

  31. suckmydick

    This isn’t too out of bounds. If you’re man enough as a black guy you can get some white pussy. I’ve been there. I was acting all tough and crap and pretending to be a hard ass and I made this white girl think about sucking my dick. It was funny…

  32. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
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    How can we not feel sorry for this girl…


    OMG will she give up the tongue antics, its is unsightly and getting very old and childish. I think she is burnt out and this type of antic makes her stay in the front press. Please leave her alone for awhile and she will get the message, we are tired of her.

  34. Tony

    Once you go black u nevah go back. Great she is a white s lut for the black

  35. Sukmahdik

    Hahaha, just another from the mold of slutty, trashy white girls sleazing around with “thug” rappers and athletes to be trendy/shocking. The respectable white man she actually wanted rejected her, so it’s not surprising she’d go porch monkey. Christmas dinner in Tennessee should be a blast when she brings Kunte Kinte there home though.

  36. Well the haters are certainly busy here today. Miley is young so now is the time to sample the menu. Even a late thirties burnout needs love sometime. I think she should find someone her own age for a long term guy pal like Brandon T. Jackson or Evan Ross. Evan might be an especially good match having grown up in a household with a wildly successful singing mother that was a little crazy to boot. Miley has been managed by her father all her years at Disney which might explain her interest in the aged Cheddar cheese.

  37. jam man

    dirty fucking whore, why do all these fuck white chicks have to date black dudes now? it makes me fucking sick and she deserves to be hung they both do from the nearest fucking tree. You are from the South you little slut and this is how you behave. die miley cyrus you fucking trailer trash whore you are fucking ugly now anyways

  38. Carl Childers

    Whey you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas!

  39. Miley Cyrus Bra Underwear Terry Richardson
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    I believe this is Justin beiber.

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