Miley Cyrus Is Apparently Going To Milk This Engagement Thing

On Friday, rumors that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged started popping up all over the place after she tweeted a photo of her nails that also included her wearing a “diamond” ring out of a gumball machine on her ring finger. Chalking it up to the fact that Friday’s are a goddamn dead zone, I honestly didn’t expect this story to gain any legs, except here’s Miley and Liam at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XVIII over the weekend and she’s still wearing the fucking ring. On top of that, both of their reps refuse to issue a denial, so either they really are engaged, or her people finally woke up one day and went, “Wait a minute, what the hell do you even do anymore?” and “pretends to be engaged with costume jewelry” was the first card pulled out of a hat.

Photos: Getty, Splash News