Miley Cyrus’ Dang Ol’ Boobies Are Rill, Y’all

December 14th, 2011 // 66 Comments

After deciding to use award shows honoring the selfless acts of others as an excuse to go on a weekend-long tit parade, rumors began circulating that Miley Cyrus has breast implants prompting her to set the record straight on Twitter:

Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they’d realize you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful!

And if there’s anyone who knows how to be authentic it’s Hannah Montana’s secret identity the millionaire closet stoner dedicating songs to Occupy Wall Street. Her spittoon done runneth over with truth.

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  1. timmy the dying boy

    It’s OK, we’ll see for ourselves in a few years.

  2. Mostly Me

    Is it just me or does it look like someone pulled up an old, less attractive picture of Amanda Bynes?

  3. hmmmmm

    Hello? she’s nineteen for christ’s sake the age when boobs are supposed to be perky. if she needed implants already I would be concerned.

  4. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    “Dang, y’all, I only came here ’cause I heard it was being catered by Steak ‘n Shake!”

  5. Kevin

    I’d hit it…

  6. Nada

    Don’t care if they’re real or not; just show them already…

  7. Do_Freebird

    No, I’m pretty sure she’s gotten thigh implants. You see those suckers? I’ve seen linebackers with thinner thighs.

  8. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    yes! i have very big, big full balls. yes! omg! i said yes, dammit.

  9. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:


  10. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    oh! yes!!!

  11. Steph

    I don’t get shit like this. She got cosmetic stuff done to her teeth, she dyes her hair, and she’s complaining that people think she’s fake?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ve dyed my hair and have tattoos, but I’m not a hypocrite.

  12. plywood

    She’s beautiful?

  13. Problem?

    She still has relevency?

    I don’t really think they look fake, but still, I don’t get these celebrities that have work done and then can’t just admit to it.

  14. Chloe

    Errrr, sorry but we all have some level of fakeness to ourselves. Miley is not excluded. Those hair extensions and makeup mask aren’t helping her case.

  15. cc

    I wish she’d leave the sunflower seeds for the cardinals.

  16. JCC

    I totally thought that headline said “doobies”.

  17. Yeah the tits are real but so is that husky cigarette truck stop waitress voice.

    Miley is the redneck version of Lindsay Lohan.

  18. Always say cunt

    Ugly face, but great body.

    Anal only.

  19. forrest gump

    she still believes in God.
    ………………..I guess?

  20. anon

    meh, these are real, just artfully propped. silicone tits don’t sit on one’s chest that way. they don’t have that “hanging” line beneath.

  21. Just Asking

    Wait. Who is she referring to when she says “they”? Also, who is the “beautiful” she is referring to?

  22. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Title = gold

  23. Miley Cyrus Cleavage American Giving Awards
    Commented on this photo:


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