Miley Cyrus Flashed It Again

June 21st, 2010 // 399 Comments

So sometime between this morning and last night’s post this occurred which makes me believe I made it happen with my dreams. — That’s not creepy!

Here’s the latest shot to come out of Miley Cyrus’ Much Music Video Award performances and at first I thought this thing had to be doctored, but after comparing it to more shots somebody (her parents) clearly thought it’d be a great idea to send Miley’s vagina out there with nothing more than a sheer piece of fabric to prevent it from sending me to jail. Except thanks to the guinea pig known as Perez Hilton, we now know this is entirely legal and I’ll be expecting a phone call from the president commending me on my pursuit of justice. *ring-ring ring-ring* Hello? — (See? Look it’s the FBI.) Just doing my job, fellas. No need to thank- *takes sniper dart to the face*

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  1. u all need to shut the he** up
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    its easy to say all u fuking idiots r major pervs saying u would fuk her whats wrong with you that ilegal she isnt of age and u all need to get a life and stop looking at other people and judging yes i admit im judging u all right now but i have a good reason all u guys have for reason is a picture its not your body not youir life not your career let her handle herself she doesnt need idiots like you to tell her what to do fyi shes to good for all of you that want to fuk her

  2. u all need to shut the he** up
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    god damn it leave miley alone seriously its not your fucking life not your fucking body and not your fucking career i dont aprrove of what her dad is letting her do but what can we do only SHE has control over her body and what she decides to wear all of you who want to fuk her are sick and thats even worse than showing off your vagina pube hair and kissing a other girl besides i dont even think she wants anything to do with u pervs and i dont care if u have a comeback like “oh then why are u here didnt you look at the picture too your just a perv like us” i dont care what you all say back cause i have a good reason all u have is a fucking picture miley like i said i dont approve of what your doing but i dont control your desiscions i just hope you dont lose everything u have alot of privealges and thinks most people your age dont have u can get it so easily but normal people like me we have to work extremely hard for things of the quality that u have it took me 12 years to get the money for my lambergini it would just take you 1 good song you have it made i hope you know that

  3. Mark

    What a vapid moron she is. And her folks are.

  4. rocstarnhidn
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  5. frank
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    man this is not so bad but her smoking a freaking bong that draws the line for anyone, kids looked up to her now she is just like all the other celebrities honestly i thought she might be different but sure enough i was wrong.

  6. the identity
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    she enjoys being sexy. is that a crime?

  7. bill

    Hey y don’t u get on whith ur gay ass life and stop waching other peoples and she is 18 dume ass she can do what she wants ya she should stop singing

  8. bill

    Hey y don’t u get on whith ur gay ass life and stop waching other peoples and she is 18 dume ass she can do what she wants ya she should stop singing

  9. Rantmaster1
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    nice pic.

  10. Alice
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    Miley is just letting people know that she’s DONE with Disney even if that does mean flashing your vagaygay or pole dancing or lapdancing your producer,
    Anyway Miley can choose if she wants to have a bad girl image.
    But humping a dancer on stage and smoking bong is a bit over the top.
    At least she’s not pregnant……or is she?????
    I think all her 22 year old freinds are setting a bad influence so do t hate Miley.


  11. Snyder187
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    is it me or does miley cyrus have a huge head?

  12. Pauli
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    She waxes her cunt, that’s sweet -yummy !

  13. RH

    Are you kidding me?!?! She is sexy!!! I’m an 11 year old girl and I want to lick her pussy!!!!

  14. Charlie

    Your just jelous I would smash that pussy in a heart beat.

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