Miley Cyrus Flashed It Again

June 21st, 2010 // 399 Comments

So sometime between this morning and last night’s post this occurred which makes me believe I made it happen with my dreams. — That’s not creepy!

Here’s the latest shot to come out of Miley Cyrus’ Much Music Video Award performances and at first I thought this thing had to be doctored, but after comparing it to more shots somebody (her parents) clearly thought it’d be a great idea to send Miley’s vagina out there with nothing more than a sheer piece of fabric to prevent it from sending me to jail. Except thanks to the guinea pig known as Perez Hilton, we now know this is entirely legal and I’ll be expecting a phone call from the president commending me on my pursuit of justice. *ring-ring ring-ring* Hello? — (See? Look it’s the FBI.) Just doing my job, fellas. No need to thank- *takes sniper dart to the face*

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  1. baby

    wow! i totally saw this coming. teen pop sensation turned lindsay lohan within years of pole dancing and having oral sex with older men. we all hate you, miley with a firey passion and we hope you die :) i really want to slap that girl across her face and step on her. i really hate her. without her dad’s talent she would be great in a trailor park, really. she is pure WHITE TRASH!!!!!!

  2. Cardinal Fang


  3. Christine
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    She needs to shave the back of her leg its kinda hairy


  5. Toni

    I really could care less about Miley but I love reading what you guys say..I got a kick out of Dave’s remark..about the bus station and Lindsay..good one Dave!!

  6. TONY
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  7. john

    her parents must be real proud of what they have made of there little girl

  8. Gary B

    Someone mention Ke$ha? Miley is still far above her, Miles looks classy compared to her just woke up behind a strip club dumpster look from the TIK TOK video. If you want style ,class and sophistication go with Selena Gomez.

  9. sunnystars

    me parece que el revelarse a miley cyrus se le esta llendo un poko de las manos..esto ya es mucho!!!miley!!!la media verguenza por toda la internet!!1jkajakakjaja

  10. Speichel
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    Youngest Disney bitch ever I guess. But what else could she do? I guess it’s the only way for her to keep up the fame.

  11. Lo

    I see more camel toe than vag. Still, it’s pretty slutty for jail bait.

  12. Sasra

    I’m pretty sure her fans don’t wanna see her flashing her vagina all over. I mean Miley is a fantasic singer but the skimpy outfits don’t make her seem better than she already is.

  13. mileyfan1337
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    miley’s pussy is such a tease. just leak a porno already !!

  14. mileyfan1337
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    i want to bang miley sooo bad

  15. Mae
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    if people have a problem with it because they think their kids are going to copy her or whatever, then simple, turn off the fucking tv. don’t blame the media for the way your kid acts, you’re the parent. duh. you have more of a say in your kids life then a celebrity.

  16. Manny
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    well to me Miley looks really good its not like she flashed her Vage on purpose it was obviously slipping out at the sides during almost all the pics! What was she suppose to do start fixing the crouch part of her costume during a performance? I don’t think so. Just leave her alone shes growing up and everyone is being so hard on her. I’m actually liking the new Miley its cute and its about time she got off of Disney and started her own real style of music and fashion. Plus not every star has to be a role model its not like they’re telling kids to look to them…

    • haha

      well, she does have dress rehersals..that should tell her the thing is inappropriate and doesnt fit right! when she appears on something rated PG13, she should know better so that crap about better parenting and her not being a role model and blah blah is just plain stupid

  17. kemi2peace

    shit ,that girl is a real whore. i should hav known when i was a fan.

  18. a
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    damn so sad she couldnt afford the rest of her offit no wonder she waires the same shoes to save mony :)

  19. Sara
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    Why is she not wearing any actual clothes, but only lingerie?

  20. dollyfox
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    i think miley and lindsay should start dating

  21. Nada
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    She needs a coochinie!

  22. Mom
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    Seriously!!!! Here we have a fine example of why we, as parents, have to watch what our kids do. I understand that shes ALMOST an adult but she could have wore more clothes on stage. I’m confused on why she would want to put herself in that situation in the first place. Can someone please shine a light on this subject for me?…..

  23. dedog

    miley one thing i have to say about you is that you are SICK.
    you dress very scared.and you ugly.

  24. dedog

    selena is better than you.and much prettier than you miley.people say that you are self fish and stuff. but you are.

  25. rachel
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    hey miley why do you dress so yuck and old looking? i mean you are only 17 years old, please you very ugly girl. selena is all prettie and stuff but your not at all.

  26. .choo.
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    I wonder if she thanked Jesus after her performance.

  27. Supergirl
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    All you guys who are looking at this Picture of poor Miley are pedofilers because she still is just a kid leave the poor girl alone and as for you randel your just a plain cocksucker who know shot all and doesn’t deserve anything for saying shut about Miley Cyrus and all you guys a dicks aswell for looking a a young girls vagina perverts

  28. tommy
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    Really, when you wear an outfit like that up on stage, what do you expect? Use your BRAIN Miley!!!

  29. StopHatingAndGetALife
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    Hahaha stop hating on miley shes fucking gorgeous, talented and straight out sexy. think yall might be a bit jealous seriously. sort out your own insecurities and stop wasting your life being negative fools.

  30. agyness
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    Hahha to the justanothermom chick that said ‘what 17 year old shaves there whowho’ what 17 year old doesn’t? That would be disgusting if you don’t.

  31. This I know....
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    that young’uns three holes are hurtin for a squirtin

  32. Da Troof Beeaches

    my schlong wants to be her pooper scooper-followed by my tongue

  33. connor
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    wht the fuck theres no pussy visible at all

  34. bobbie-lee fitzsimmons

    hello miley cyrus see you like looks ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. myley cyrus
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    it is ok people…… my pussy was there but i think next time i might not even wear anything.
    how do u like that boys!!??

  36. Dagwood Smith
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    I am a fifty nine year old afro – american man, and even i will eat that sweet young tender pussy of Miley Cyrus, like no man have ever eaten it before. By the time that i will get through with her, she would be moaning out of her mind and into a state of oblivion.

  37. stonewoody
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    She will be 18 next month. She is a beautiful young woman with RAGING hormones and sense of who she is and what she wants. ROCK ON Smiley…what a Babe.

  38. Ali

    miley is great and i Lher but wtf; how hard is it to wear underwear, cmon miley even a thong will do

  39. ian
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    damn i want to fuck that pussy!!

  40. ian
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    she is so sexy! I want to lick her pussy so bad!!!

  41. LaurenxLovesickk
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    At least she shaved.

  42. John
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    I’d eat it

  43. Sara
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    miley is the sexiest girl i have ever seen she is really hot and she got a nice ass down there i would love her down any kind of she is just down right hot i just want her sobad i want iwant her i really do did you see her tight cooch i love her

  44. Emily
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    It looks like she’s giving head to the microphone…

  45. Emily
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    Can anyone else see the hairs on her ass standing up? I’m serious look

  46. я тебя люблю
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    it was obviously accidental..ppl get a life she is a teenaged girl and she is doing what she loves-being a musician…do not be haters and idiots…besides she is sexy girl…i wish she was lesbian so i could have her, and save her from stupid men…lol

  47. Seeyoutintea
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    Why is her vagina so precious? She’s 18 and it’s still covered through her clothes? What’s so NSFW about this? Jesus I’ll be glad when her career ends up like Britney spears I just hope her vagina doesn’t hang down like a palm tree like hers. I wanna see it. We all do. Stop treating her like virgin Mary she’s been screwing since she’s been like 10 years old.

  48. Seeyoutintea
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    Oh and id totally F. T. SH. O. O. H.

  49. mike
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    I just think it’s sad that this once child star/hero has become a slut/whore and worst of all i cant believe her parents can sit by and let her do this to herself.they are bigger pieces of shit than her.

  50. ian
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    oh my god she is so hot, i want her!! i would fuck her pussy so hard!!!

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