Miley Cyrus Might Have Ripped Off An In-N-Out

You can always tell who’s a shitty celebrity when they have all the money in the world yet still expect, or straight up scam, free shit just because they’re famous. So with that in mind, here’s Miley Cyrus pulling into In-N-Out yesterday where, according to INFdaily, she supposedly scored free food by pretending she forgot her wallet even though she literally just bought gas a few minutes ago. Of course, that’s a pretty big accusation considering there are two very reasonable explanations for what might have happened here: 1.) She filled up her car by giving the attendant a bucktooth hummer along with any potential witnesses thanks to her chipmunk cheeks’ generous storage capacity. Or 2.) The dude at the drive-thru simply saw Miley Cyrus bleeding from the face and threw the food at her before everyone inside caught leprosy. Except now that I typed all that out, I don’t see how it wasn’t both. Both of that stuff happened.

Photos: INFdaily

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