BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Has A Dang Ol’ Bra Coverin’ Her Boobies!

Miley Cyrus showed up at LAX today sporting her $100,000 diamond engagement ring, but more surprisingly, she actually had a bra on thus insinuating that we’re looking at a new, mature Miley Cyrus whose side-yams are only for her husband (and daddy on holidays). Granted, she’s still wearing a sleeveless shirt per her people’s customs, notice the way she’s obstructed the view with a jacket. This signifies to blood relatives that she is no longer available for reproduction unless, of course, they best her fiance at the greased possum meet during the annual meth festival. However, I’ve observed over recent years that this formality can be surpassed provided Liam comes bearing a 24-pack of Mountain Dew. Regular, not that flavored shit, lest he will have committed a terrible faux pas that leaves him open for something called “cornholin’.” I’ve yet to ascertain its meaning.

Photos: INFdaily