Miley Cyrus Got Drunk Again

March 14th, 2011 // 145 Comments

Miley Cyrus just turned 18 in November which still makes her three years below the legal drinking age in California. So, of course, here she is stumbling ass-faced into Chateau Marmont at one in the morning on Saturday where she stayed for two hours before her people slipped her out the back. Although in her defense, I probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions that this was underage drinking. For all we know she just smoked some bad cream of tartar, and I told you to stop dealing to kids, McCormick. But, no, you had to have your cumin and ground it, too, you sons of bitches.

BILLY RAY: *knocks laptop to floor* Gotdammit! My baby girl’s drinkin’ again. Reginald!
REGINALD: Yes, Master Cyrus.
BILLY RAY: Fire up the show truck. I’m goin’ to Taco Bell.
REGINALD: Right away, sir. Shall I ready the Corn Pops?
BILLY RAY: No, not this time. This time, we’re going straight for the Toaster Strudels.
REGINALD: My word…

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. phil

    lulz :D

    • aya nakasone

      she is just being her self. people doesn’t have the rights to throw some damn thing on her. and besides she’s 18. it’s legal.. but she just have to put it on the right place, at the right time. . loving Miley Cyrus till the end.

      • Hemingway

        …are you as high as she is?

      • once upon a time a cowboy named ronald reagan forced all 50 states to raise their drinking age to 21 or they’d get no federal highway funds. this in turn reduced interstate accidents to zero and ended alcoholism among young adults. miley’s not drunk, this was filmed in a studio.

      • Elise

        ummm…no it’s NOT legal; she’s 18.

      • Snooki Lover

        In what the hell universe is “she is just being her self (sic)” a reply, a response, or an answer to “lulz” ?

        See that button that says “Reply” ? It means, “to reply”. It does not mean “press me so you can get your post higher up on the page than if you just made a normal comment.” Because that’s what your comment is: just a normal comment. Not a reply.

        And that goes for Pevalicious, too. NOT A FRICKIN’ REPLY y’baghead. Putting “And” as the first word doesn’t change that.

      • Paul

        Hey dumba$$ 18 is not legal drinking age in CA. Chateau Marmont should be fined for allowing a minor into a bar.

      • Kasey

        Since when was drinking at 18 legal? lol

      • yo

        it’s not legal because the law in california is that you have to be 21 FAIL

    • Pervalicious

      And look at the lady walking up on the photog. She looks like a real cock-blocker. I’m pretty sure I could score if not for that old lady.

    • blackhole

      Maybe she did get drunk, but there’s no real evidence of it in THESE pictures. I see no half-full glasses or bottles of booze anywhere. Maybe if this was a video where we could see if she was acting drunk, there would be a story, but otherwise, it’s just not there.

  2. asdf

    So what? Most people her age drink anyway. The legal drinking age in America is ridiculously high.

    • chels

      i think the “so what” is that she’s a dumbass for getting drunk in public when she’s constantly surrounded by paparazzi. if you’re underage and you wanna get shwasted, at least don’t be a total idiot about it.

      • asdf

        I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s been publicly “acting out” on purpose lately to drop her Disney Role Model image

    • Evil

      Shut up you drunk.

    • xanax in my beer

      It is ridiculously high. 18 is the legal age here. And nobody even waits that long.

    • Burt

      It’s 18 or 19 in Canada…I’d still call the cops if I was in a bar in LA and she walked in. Can’t stand teenagers, let alone a drunk one.

    • BIlly Ray

      She’s usually stays home an’ drinks out of of little brown jug, while singing that song…..”little brow jug you an’ me”….. XXX Just don’t know how she got out this time…. must’a jumped the fence, again…..

  3. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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  4. Matcher

    What… the… fuck is up with her outfit??

  5. AK

    There are certain things that need not be reported, due to the fact that everyone is already aware. “Miley Cyrus did [something illegal]!”, “Kim Kardashian did [something whoreish]“, and “Tom Cruise did [something gay]“, are all givens that we can skip over.

  6. Virginia

    After watching Miley Cyrus on SNL, I realized that she can really sing. I think she would be good material for a Broadway comedy.

    I hope she finds something to do that will keep her out of trouble. I don’t want to see her end up like two other young singers that have been in the news lately. I hope somebody can help her keep her feet on the ground. I like her.

  7. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    First! and I’d still hit it.

  8. pookiewookie

    Whoever is supplying her should be arrested.

  9. Who the hell is that dude in the background on the right.?

  10. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    what the fuck are you wearing trinket lady

    • Myclamisaninnie


      they both are covered in cheap, weird Gypsy jewelry. And, I see Miley turning in to Lohan, poor girl. She is toasted, in th epic. And her skin still looks good drunk! ha. Ahhh….. youth!

      • don

        If you mean good skin as in wow that blowfish has good skin I totally agree withyou, otherwise… I don’t know why people say she’s pretty, she’s kind of scary, maybe that’s only me.

  11. the captain


  12. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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  13. Myclamisaninnie


    WHAT IS UP WITH THE CHEAP, LOONY GYPSY TRINKETS AS JEWELRY, ALSO WHAT CRIMINAL CHARGE IS IT FOR DRUNK-DIALING WHILE WALKING? She needs to go live back at her Mama’s house, she is going to be a Lindsay Lohan in time.

  14. Myclamisaninnie

    Let me add I love the stocking and her boots. Cute on a young girl.

  15. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    wow she isn’t that cute after all

  16. Milo

    Fuck Miley, who is the chick in the white that looks a little like Rachel Bilson?

  17. What a boring disappointment. The least she could have done is made out with the other chick :(

  18. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    them boots are made for diggin’

  19. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    Lindsay? Is that you? Oh Miley, you guys look so similar now, I just thought you were Lindsay…

  20. Jasmine

    I Love a drunken Miley. Let’s start complaining about her when we see her cooch!!!

  21. Tyler

    Miley drunkenly sent her robot slave after the paparazzi!

  22. Peanutty

    That is not Miley, that is Hanna Montana. Jeez, don’t comment if you can’t tell the difference.

  23. MLVC

    too bad she was not vacationing in Japan last week

  24. Jay

    Look at her enablers. Young people in the entertainment industry don’t goes sideways all by themselves. They all get help from ‘adults’. ;-)

  25. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    She’s not drunk – she’s as high as a kite!!!
    Get a grip girl!!!

  26. Cock Dr

    Did she get dressed in the dark? That’s the only viable excuse in my book for combining blue plaid flannel & those hose.

  27. Miley's my bitch

    Where is her assistant with the ginormous tits? Why isn’t she in any of these pictures?

  28. How does that old saying go…? “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t force her to leave her wardrobe there?” I think that’s it.

  29. RoboZombie

    Drunken Hillbillies FTW!

  30. JohnnyHildo

    Chateau Marmosette aiding the career of another young actress…they did such an outstanding job with Lindsey

  31. Anna Wintour

    Did she get dressed in Bret Michael’s closet?

  32. Charlie Sheen's Machine

    She is child star. Her childhood was stolen from her. Her father is a narcissist who pimped out his kid when his own career floundered. Her mother slept with Bret Michael’s.

    Let the girl blow off some steam.

  33. Rooobz

    “She’s just being Miley’


  34. Peggy

    That’s quite an outfit!

  35. Joe Simpson

    You don’t my Jessica acting this way. Ha!

  36. Eric

    She only drinks because she heard it washes away the taste of mullet pubes.

  37. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    for gods sake…
    shes on the phone not doing ANYTHING wrong
    why can’t people be left alone these days

  38. Elliott

    I thought I recalled some quote where she said we’d never see her out partying in a club, drinking/smoking, etc, because that’s just not the type of person she is. This just goes to show you that dumb teenagers shouldn’t say stupid shit like that, because they have no idea what they really want to do. She’s a walking contradiction of everything she’s said. And if I saw her on the street in that outfit, I’d assume she’s the type that’d give me the ol’ handy j for just $10 a pop.

  39. dmbishop

    and in other news…
    The sun rose in the east this morning
    Charlie Sheen said something insane
    Kim Kardashian’s ass got bigger

  40. Meg

    We all knew that once Miley got her show and started to become popular, she would be the next Brittney Spears. This is what popularity does to you. Once they get the attention, they don’t want the attention to go away. Miley is a kid and we all make stupid mistakes when we are young, however she should be sit down and talked to by one of her parents even though she hates her father at the moment. All kids hate their parents when they try to take away their fun but its for their safety. Miley needs to learn to stop, its only making her reputation look bad. Sadly I used to love her, and now I lost all respect.

  41. reformed_druid

    Worst tribal tats ever.

  42. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    Lol, its big joke 18 year old isnt allowed to drink alcohol. Go usa.

  43. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    Lol, 21 year old to drink alcohol.. way to go america.

  44. sis

    you wanna try to tell me she’s drunk? her pupils are LARGE.

    • blackhole

      Of course they’re large… it’s at night. Yours would be about the same under those conditions.

      • J

        Blackhole- is that where your mind was during science class, hence the screenname? “Mileys” pupils were huge regardless of the amazingly bright amount of flashes going off. That indicates her pupils are unable to constrict, indicating either drugs or a organic disorder. Try again, BH, or just accept facts – your girl’s a druggie. Noah’s next.

  45. Note to parents, If you child knows what Chateau Marmont is, you have failed.

  46. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
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    She dresses like a slutty “Mervyns” mannequin.

  47. Miley Cyrus Drunk High Chateau Marmont
    Commented on this photo:

    Toasted and high!

  48. She’s the reincarnation of Lindsay Lohan (Brittney Spears informed me that the reincarnated person need not actually be dead).

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