Miley Cyrus Got Drunk Again

Miley Cyrus just turned 18 in November which still makes her three years below the legal drinking age in California. So, of course, here she is stumbling ass-faced into Chateau Marmont at one in the morning on Saturday where she stayed for two hours before her people slipped her out the back. Although in her defense, I probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions that this was underage drinking. For all we know she just smoked some bad cream of tartar, and I told you to stop dealing to kids, McCormick. But, no, you had to have your cumin and ground it, too, you sons of bitches.

BILLY RAY: *knocks laptop to floor* Gotdammit! My baby girl’s drinkin’ again. Reginald!
REGINALD: Yes, Master Cyrus.
BILLY RAY: Fire up the show truck. I’m goin’ to Taco Bell.
REGINALD: Right away, sir. Shall I ready the Corn Pops?
BILLY RAY: No, not this time. This time, we’re going straight for the Toaster Strudels.
REGINALD: My word…

Photos: Pacific Coast News