Miley Cyrus Did Naked Stuff Again

I’m sorry, nekkid stuff. She did nekkid stuff.

For those of you unaware, a nude cell phone photo of, allegedly, Miley Cyrus has hit the Internet and was supposedly taken while she was in Spain for the MTV EMAs. I say “allegedly” because 4chan has put together a complex diagram attempting to prove it’s her, which of course, means it’s not. Granted, she has a documented history with the sexting, I’m going to go ahead and call shenanigans on this one in light of the convenience of showing up one week after she’s 18, and oh I dunno, the lack of a face. However, in the unlikely event it is her, I can’t wait to watch her lawyers try to prove the photo is somehow less pornographic than any of Miley’s concerts since June 2009 when Billy Ray OK’d vagina diddle. “You know, like I said, y’all, Miley’s an artist, and she, uh, needs to express herself for daddy. I mean, the fans. The fans. Woo-eee. That was close.”

UPDATE: Gossip Cop’s not buying it either.

UPDATE: And it’s officially been confirmed it is NOT Miley Cyrus, but a 19-year-old impostor which makes the photo unquestionably legal. I’ll call that a draw.

Photos: Splash News, 4chan

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