1. cm

    Hmmm. I dont think her body is that nice!

  2. Grand Dragon

    Miley has more baby fat on her gut and face than that

  3. That’s probably her.

  4. cm

    Also not the same shirt.

  5. Cock Dr

    I dunno. Maybe. So what.
    Even if it is, having perky tits & being willing to show them can’t completely make up for that no talent hillbilly moon face.

  6. Deacon Jones


  7. That’s the best picture of Miley Ihave EVER SEEN!!! You can’t see her horse face …

    I don’t know if that’s her body. If it is, she has a nice figure, still doesn’t make up for the fact that kissing her would be like kissing Secretariat.

  8. Sure

    I’d hit that photo whatever the head looks like – of course if she opens her mouth to speak or sing its a deal breaker.

  9. QG

    For being an iPhone 4, that pic has terrible quality.

  10. eww

    This totally looks like a middle aged woman who has breast fed children with those tits. No way is this Miley, or any 18 year old.

  11. tim

    her hair is way too long and curly…fake..
    oh wait.. I don’t care…

  12. GravyLeg

    Easy to debunk… I know it isn’t her because I got an erection…

  13. freaky

    a) Not her (noot meaty enough(
    b) Big nipples are big.
    4) Where’s Bristol Palin’s nude shot?

  14. JD

    She should just release a “good” pic and do away with the needless speculation.

    I mean, it’s going to happen anyway.

  15. Righteous, dude

    It’s actually Sheryl Crow.

  16. glace neuf

    that chin is NOT miley’s – i’d buy sheryl crow. and i’d hit it, whoever it is…

  17. JD

    She needs to just release real pics and end all this needless speculation.

  18. dont get it

    shirt is longer in nude pic then in clothed pic.

  19. Putting Rough back in romance

    Pretty good. Who ever took that pic should play a teen on 90210. That’s not the eager beaver we all know and luv. Miley’s still tender, not that Ive looked that close mind you…

  20. Nina

    That’s not her. The girl in this picture doesn’t have cankles unlike Miley.

  21. Cakeflourz

    This girl is much thinner and more attractive than Miley.

    Carry on.

  22. jess

    that woman is in her 40′s. look at her neck.

  23. Logan

    Look at her neck!! Not her at all! Seriously??? No way…

  24. mitzania

    i dont think thats her.

  25. This girl is obviously looks thinner than Miley so look at her neck…LOL

  26. george

    Not her…….dont forget she has a just breathe tattoo under her boob

  27. nikki

    the shirt is different. the one in the nude photo is obivously longer and the hair is different. i am not saying this isn’t her or it is her… i’m just pointing out differences i see. good luck miley, i been where you are.. just worse because you are famous. im a big fan, but you are starting to let me down.

  28. Florence

    So I think it could be a toss up, but this looks pretty legit. I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out that these are real.

  29. MaxiBadd

    Buffalo Bill?

  30. Drew

    SHE HAS NAILPOLISH IN THE NUDES! Not in the pics before. FAAAKE.

  31. What she said

    You guys have obviously never played with real boobs before.

    And also, thick chick’s body is way better than Cyrus’s. Case closed.

  32. Maggot

    Damn that body is fine.

  33. T

    This is OBVIOUSLY not her. The fingers are too long, the visible jawline does not match her face. You think the phone looks the same? Oh I’m sorry, I assumed there was more than one IPhone in the world. The room looks the same? Hmm, don’t all rooms in the same hotel pretty much look the same? This is ridiculously faked.

  34. demi's1stfan

    loosers it’s not even miley scroowooooow who did this assholes fuck you

  35. Pimp

    Where can u find a better pic ?

  36. Pimp

    Where can u get a better pic pf this?

  37. zandorit

    I know MC. That is not her!
    Best wish’s

  38. Jonny Knows

    Although it is a very hot picture its not her. The girl has a tighter body then Miley and Miley also has a belly button ring, in this picture there is no belly button ring.

  39. megan

    umm i don’t think this is her.she has a short torso and longer she is not that thin

  40. thisGirl

    i laugh everytime i see this.. this is defiantly not her! ahahahahahaha

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