Miley Cyrus Did Naked Stuff Again

December 2nd, 2010 // 137 Comments

I’m sorry, nekkid stuff. She did nekkid stuff.

For those of you unaware, a nude cell phone photo of, allegedly, Miley Cyrus has hit the Internet and was supposedly taken while she was in Spain for the MTV EMAs. I say “allegedly” because 4chan has put together a complex diagram attempting to prove it’s her, which of course, means it’s not. Granted, she has a documented history with the sexting, I’m going to go ahead and call shenanigans on this one in light of the convenience of showing up one week after she’s 18, and oh I dunno, the lack of a face. However, in the unlikely event it is her, I can’t wait to watch her lawyers try to prove the photo is somehow less pornographic than any of Miley’s concerts since June 2009 when Billy Ray OK’d vagina diddle. “You know, like I said, y’all, Miley’s an artist, and she, uh, needs to express herself for daddy. I mean, the fans. The fans. Woo-eee. That was close.”

UPDATE: Gossip Cop’s not buying it either.

UPDATE: And it’s officially been confirmed it is NOT Miley Cyrus, but a 19-year-old impostor which makes the photo unquestionably legal. I’ll call that a draw.

Photos: Splash News, 4chan


  1. that didn’t take long…

  2. RoboZombie

    Gollum with hair.

  3. I Can't Handle the Truth!

    I doubt that’s her, but that is a hot pic.

  4. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Hmmm. I dont think her body is that nice!

  5. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    oh 4chan….

  6. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Grand Dragon
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    Miley has more baby fat on her gut and face than that

  7. Sizzle

    I don’t want to see that butterfaced no-talent bitch nekkid anyway.

  8. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    That’s probably her.

  9. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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  10. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Also not the same shirt.

  11. TJL

    There is a pic running around that looks at her older pics and compares what is in that head shot to them,

    That is the link with the pics. Decide for yourself

  12. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Cock Dr
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    I dunno. Maybe. So what.
    Even if it is, having perky tits & being willing to show them can’t completely make up for that no talent hillbilly moon face.

  13. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Deacon Jones
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  14. KV

    Was ???? No german comment ???? What happend to Wundergroin ??? Bitte, bitte auf Deutsch, das Thema war doch Perfekt dafür !!!! Mensch, du hast das ganz verpatscht !!! Danke ebenfalls.

    • Nice Boy

      That language should be condemned you war criminal.

      • Rob

        If the war in which you refer is WWII, I think it’s been long enough. Not only that, but Hitler didn’t INVENT the damned language, genius… so it kinda seems foolish to “condemn” it for what Hitler’s done, right? Think before you type, Your keyboard should be on a five second delay so it can be censored.

  15. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    That’s the best picture of Miley Ihave EVER SEEN!!! You can’t see her horse face …

    I don’t know if that’s her body. If it is, she has a nice figure, still doesn’t make up for the fact that kissing her would be like kissing Secretariat.

  16. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    I’d hit that photo whatever the head looks like – of course if she opens her mouth to speak or sing its a deal breaker.

  17. She looks like shit

    Good thing she made her millions early. Once little miss hot to trot hormones gets a boyfriend, she won’t be leaving her house. She’ll end up knocked up, unmarried, will have a kid out of wedlock (just like sarah palin’s kid; all backwoods sluts are doing that nowadays) and will disappear. Lucky us!

  18. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    For being an iPhone 4, that pic has terrible quality.

  19. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    This totally looks like a middle aged woman who has breast fed children with those tits. No way is this Miley, or any 18 year old.

  20. I don’t know if that’s Miley Cyrus or not, but if it is it’s the best frontal picture of her I’ve seen ever!!! You can’t see her face!!! Perfect!!!

    If that is her body, then she has a hot body but it still won’t make up for feeling like you are about to give Secretariat a kiss…

  21. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    her hair is way too long and curly…fake..
    oh wait.. I don’t care…

  22. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Easy to debunk… I know it isn’t her because I got an erection…

  23. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    a) Not her (noot meaty enough(
    b) Big nipples are big.
    4) Where’s Bristol Palin’s nude shot?

  24. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    She should just release a “good” pic and do away with the needless speculation.

    I mean, it’s going to happen anyway.

  25. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Righteous, dude
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    It’s actually Sheryl Crow.

  26. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    She is just being Miley’

  27. jay

    miss hillbilly has a tattoo under her titt that says ‘Just Breathe’ because she’ll forget to breathe without the reminder- so not her.



  29. McFeely Smackup

    Um..there’s a non-trivial problem with these photos.

    Sure they show up a week after she turned 18…but they were supposedly taken 2 weeks BEFORE she was 18.

    If you don’t see the problem with publishing the picture, then I’m sure some nice people will come explain it to you.

    • radio_babylon

      i for one would love for somebody to explain to me the *material* difference between 17-year-51-week-old titty and 18-year-1-week-old titty.

      • Drew

        There isn’t one, nor would a single person that reads this site actually give a damn either way. People just like to spew pointless technicalities because it makes them feel intelligent.

      • Chris Hansen

        Have a seat over there.

      • McFeely Smackup

        The *material* difference isn’t subtle. Posting photos of one can land you in prison for 15 to 30 years, the other is perfectly legal.

        It gets worse from there. Even looking at the website for an instant results in that photo being stored in your browser cache…now YOU’RE in possession of it.

        The really odd thing, is at 15 years old she’s perfectly legal to have hardcore S&M gangbangs with, but if you take a picture of her left tit before she’s 18, you’re a bad person and go to prison.

      • jk

        Chris Hanson IS THE MAN!!! I just wish all pedos would blow their brains out, al la South Park. We can dream………

  30. mike

    One problem she was still 17 when she went to MTV EMAs

    • and your point is???

      you dont think she’d do this when she was 17 almost 18??

      She was supposedly only 2 weeks shy of 18 anyway but it doesnt make a bit of difference.

      • McFeely Smackup

        I’d say the fact that two weeks is the difference between legal and child pornography makes a “bit of difference”.

  31. pooter

    Nope… jaw is too square, and if those titties are on an 18 YO, she def needs some new fake ones for Daddy

  32. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    glace neuf
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    that chin is NOT miley’s – i’d buy sheryl crow. and i’d hit it, whoever it is…

  33. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    She needs to just release real pics and end all this needless speculation.

  34. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    dont get it
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    shirt is longer in nude pic then in clothed pic.

  35. memem

    Not her. Her legs and abs never looked that tight.

  36. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Barney Frank
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    Fish the Pedophile strikes again. Leave the kid alone you fucking sicko.

  37. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Not her. That shirt is not the same one. Look how far down it comes on her ass in the naked picture. In the other pictures the back of the shirt is cut up so it doesnt come down as low. Simply not her for that reason and a slue of others.

  38. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Look at the back of the shirt and how low it hangs in the naked picture. compare it to the other pics, the shirt doesn’t come down nearly as low. This was set up by some asshole blogger that never has anything to talk about so he makes up shit like this. Its simply not her

  39. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    For the love of god, you’d have to be an idiot to think this was her.

    Miley’s tits are bigger than that, you can tell from bikini pictures.

    The shirt in the naked picture is a lot longer than the shirt Miley is wearing in the other pics. It doesnt come anywhere near her ass like it does in the naked picture.

    Miley’s hair isnt frazzled like that. Her hair is straight, even when wet. It’s a lot thicker too.


  40. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    Look at the shirt guys. It hangs lower in the naked pic than in the other pics. It isnt even the same shirt! Plus Miley’s boobs are bigger and you can tell that just from bikini pics. Miley is at least a C cup. The tits in question look more like tennis balls in socks.

  41. Ash Bones

    I’m beating off anyway just thinking about it

  42. anonym

    fuckin hobbit.

  43. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
    Putting Rough back in romance
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    Pretty good. Who ever took that pic should play a teen on 90210. That’s not the eager beaver we all know and luv. Miley’s still tender, not that Ive looked that close mind you…

  44. jodi


    - It’s her
    - It’s another young woman, wearing the exact same flannel shirt and finger-things, posing in the same hotel where she stayed in Madrid
    - It’s her, but she wasn’t showing the goods; the nudity was photoshopped in.

    In any case, the missing-tattoo dodge is bogus. Her tattoo is under the other breast, and that area isn’t visible in the pic.

    Conclusion: who fucking cares if it *is* her; everyone should take naked photos of themselves and post them to the internets. Nudity is not shameful or shocking.

  45. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    If not the same girl, it’s definitely the same hotel. I agree with 4chan on that much.

  46. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    That’s not her. The girl in this picture doesn’t have cankles unlike Miley.

  47. XS

    One more step towards the inevitable straight to DVD release of “Hannah Does Montana!”

  48. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    I don’t reckon it’s her, her legs aren’t that hot.

  49. Miley Cyrus Nude Photo
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    This girl is much thinner and more attractive than Miley.

    Carry on.

  50. anonymous

    that’s not her. miley NEVER conveniently cuts off her head in ANY of her pics. she’s not going to start now. her nudes are coming and she’ll be proud of them

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