Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking Bong

December 10th, 2010 // 147 Comments

Perhaps to take the edge off of having a naked impersonator, Miley Cyrus allowed herself to be recorded smoking a bong full of a salvia – a legal natural herb with psychedelic qualities. According to TMZ, the video was recorded just five days after her 18th birthday which doesn’t really matter because it’s not like she’s hiding the thing like Billy Ray taught her. “If them cops come, we ain’t kin, and you put that sheeit in my ‘special huntin’ cabin’ while I make my getaway. Daddy’s got priors.” What this video does prove is that cell phones are practically red Kryptonite to Miley Cyrus. You never know how she’s going to react. It’s amazing she doesn’t walk down the street and start jumping in front of strangers’ phones with a bag of coke and a dildo. You know, because she’s such a “mature artist” now. (Bird porn, anyone?)

WARNING: Video may be annoying as shit.

Photos: Splash News, Video: TMZ


  1. Syncros

    this is just a viral video for Frosted Flakes, stoner food of champions.

  2. milpool

    man this is as boring as watching a teenager get high!!!!

    • I was more disappointed in the weak hit she took. I didn’t really see her blow any smoke out or clear the bong at any point…

      • ItWillNeverBeLegalSorry

        Well, what did you expect from a teenager that has been created by Disney? ^_^ It’s probably not even real weed, but some synthetic smoking blend. lol.

        She OBVIOUSLY made this video so that it could be leaked and she could get some publicity. And now we are talking about it and giving it hits. So I am disappointed in myself! LOL, I gotta say, though, she is even more annoying when she is getting high than she is at other times. HER VOICE IS FUCKING KILLING ME!!!!! She sounds like a CONSTIPATED DUCK!!!!!

      • Hobble

        It says it’s not weed, it’s salvia.

  3. I can see something on the horizon. . . it looks like. . . It’s a Miley sex tape! LAND HOE!

    • nonminti

      She wants to do all things before turning adult and I think there are left not so much of what she didn’t do yet,she has some many relatives don’t they care? o_O :) well,then why should I…

  4. Jenn

    I kind of feel bad for her.. She’s got some really shit friends, obviously. If your friend’s famous, whyyy would you film her doing stuff like this? And then being like “Oh, my God, you need to do more, you’re not as messed up as you should be”…
    I’m not a big fan of Miley, but damn.

    • Ellie

      I completely agree!!

    • castallare


    • Kimberly

      I’m in agreement. Why the hell would you tape her. Because of course it’s going to leak, and fuck up her image.

    • nonminti

      I guess it’s not “shit friends”,they’re just not friends.She doesn’t have people who care for her.Sad :(

      • Agreed also. She really can’t have a normal teenage/young adult experience without fear of it being sold to the highest paying gossip rag. But Disney and her parents got their money, so oh well. Let’s all just watch this wax doll melt in the inferno.

    • jacksparrow

      i agree. but now that she’s over 18, i can safely say that i have plans for her mouth that involve long cylindrical things that are not bongs.

    • xxXSignificunTXxx

      Don’t blame the friends! She knew the whole time that they were filming. She also knew it would end up online. She probably told them to video it in teh first place. Her publicity needed a boost. She’ has played out the good girl thing, now if she doesn’t do teh pseudo-bad girl thing, her career will have nowhere to go! Haven’t you people figured out the formula yet? WAKE UP! IT’S ALL AN ACT WITH THESE TYPES!! ALL OF IT!! Yes, they have real feelings, but they sold the right to their own lives for fame and fortune. Now every move they make has to be calculated or they get shut down. Just look at Brittany Spears, you think she was crazy for shaving her head? Maybe a little, but she was just telling all of her “CREATORS” that they can go fuck off! So she did the most drastic thing she could think of. WHat did they do to pay her back? She lost her kids, almost lost her life, and got to live in hell for a while. You see, people in the powerful media, don’t like it when you fuck with their product. But it’s okay, they had another one in the making before Brittany ever lost her shit. And now, there is Kesha…..let the melting begin. FUCK HOLLYWOOD.

    • Aaron

      Totally agree! She being famous, should know better….she is so ‘mature’ now. OH I am smoking and doing strip teases which makes me all grown up….NOT!

    • Brooke

      No kidding! I bet the girl filming leaked the video… she’s just egging Miley on and laughing thinking about how much she’s going to sell it for. Clearly this is Miley’s first time with a bong since she doesn’t quite know what to do. I don’t like Miley at all, but here I kind of feel sorry for her. She thinks she so cool but she looks like such a loser… going on about her ex and then sputtering random shit….

    • bitingontinfoil

      Why would you DO IT WITH A CAMERA IN YOUR FACE?! She knows, the camera’s there, she looks INTO the camera, she TALKS into the camera. I didn’t see anyone twisting her arm.

  5. Sizzle

    Based on personal experience with salvia, she’d be doing a lot more than laughing. I don’t think there’s any salvia in that there smoking vessel.

    • Drew

      Maybe she’s developed a high tolerance for various drugs… I know I have :P

    • Deacon Jones

      Are we sure that’s salvia? I remember all that horse shit “legal drugs” in high school, herbal ecstasy, etc, they didn’t do shit.

      I think she’s smoking kind bud. And on another note, I never realized how fucking annoying her voice is. The SNL spoof is spot on.


      SALVIA comes or you can make your own in different percent of concentration. Personally 5% is more than enough for someone whom does not smoke weed very often. So there are different degrees of the buzz……so stick that in yer pipe and some it.

    • asdf

      See how little she held in it for? That’s probably why.

      • Kayla

        @Drew: This is clearly the first time she’s smoked Salvia, so she couldn’t have had a tolerance for it already.

        Like asdf said, she didn’t even hold it in (or clear the bong!), which basically defeats the purpose. With Salvia you’re supposed to take one big hit (or more, depending on the strength) and hold it in for as long as you can. If you do it right, you should be tripping face in under a minute.

        There’s no question they’re smoking Salvia, but Miley’s so stupid she manages to fuck up getting fucked up. Honestly, is anyone surprised?

  6. Miley is 18. She smokes from a bong. She’s doing what half of the 18 year old’s who go to college do. Smoke up, drink, and get laid. What’s the big deal? Besides, she’s a Disney graduate isn’t she? Don’t they all end up in the gutter at some point in their post Disney career?

  7. Boo Boo Muffin Butt

    Listening to Bush while smoking salvia would give anybody a bad trip.

  8. BK

    This is hilarious. Trainwreck.

  9. cm

    It’s so sad yet so entertaining watching her ass go downhill.

  10. cm

    She is so fucking DUMB.

  11. Twizlah

    I don’t know what is more annoying: Miley on Salvia or the fact that people actually still listen to Bush.

  12. cm

    Dante, you are defending someone?! What’s wrong with you? crazy.

  13. johnnypark

    I have to agree with Sizzle. She is waaaay too coherent to be tripping on Salvia. This is just a video of a girl pretending to be high.

  14. bubbles

    Who the hell still listens to Bush?

    • Cher X

      Dude, that’s exactly what I thought. What decade is Miley in there? Did she trip across the space-time continuum?

  15. RoboZombie

    That wasn’t salvia. Go to youtube and search for salvia videos…those people FREAK when they smoke that shit. They barely can control themselves and when it wears off they look like they don’t know where they’ve been for the last 5 minutes
    No, she just smoked some weed and her big ol’ pumpkin head spun around a bit.

    • Deacon Jones

      How the fuck is that stuff legal?

      And where can i get some?

      • Feiku

        Actually that could be salvia… when u don’t hit it right u have seconds of a trip n giggle like crazy… she didn’t get the full trip… she just got a minor high

      • RoboZombie

        Might actually be OK in that amount…some of those videos are freakin crazy…Like an 8 hour acid trip condensed into 5 minutes.

      • @ Deacon> No, the question is why should it be illegal?

    • @ Robo> It depends on the concentration of the salvia, the amount in the bowl, how long you hold it, and how used to it you are. When I do salvia I more or less don’t move, I just kinda sit there (or lay there if sitting seems too difficult)…of course in my head I’m usually swinging backward by my heels in some sort of machine that exists in an illusory shadow-realm populated by undefined entities that laugh at me…but that doesn’t mean I look like I’m freaking.

      Anyway, the point is people react differently depending on a whole lot of factors.

      • RoboZombie

        Wow…who knew? I’ll probably stay away from it all the same. I think i got all that crazy shit outta my system when I was younger and could handle it better.

    • Hobble

      It could be salvia. Not all salvia makes you freak out. There’s different concentrations. I’ve smoked some that did absolutely nothing but make the walls breath a little. The liquid salvia will mess with you though.

      • Deacon Jones

        Man, as an ex-…..everythinger, I’d like to try some and see how it stacks up.

        is it for sale online anywhere?

  16. SATAN

    She’s snorting and speaking in tongues, and oh yea, isn’t even hot. How embarrassing.

    And this is 100% exactly like the SNL girl’s impersonation of this vapid little hick-whore. Miley Cyrus is becoming a caricature of herself.

  17. DK

    Nice to know that she has friends who will sell her out to TMZ for a couple grand. She’s screwed. This news will cause her to take MORE drugs.

    And she is dumb for not telling her friend to put the camera away. But then again, she can buy and sell all the people in that room, and most of us commenting due to young influential kids and their parents money.

  18. Billy Ray Cyrus

    Look at how good my baby hits that bong. I taught her well. Now come and scrub daddies balls, will you sweetheart?

  19. castallare

    Frankly, there’s nothing I’m seeing here that I wasn’t doing at 18. (And I’m a college professor with a 2 year old daughter and a happy marriage now, so, I’m doin’ okay.) Sure, she’s got some shitty friends who are continuing to sell her out but, meh… part of being that age. I’m not seeing anything worry-worthy just yet, to be honest.
    There. I said it.
    Read: I don’t like her music; I think she’s annoying when she’s high; it’s sad how Disney uses their celebrities and kills their childhood; but, ultimately, she’s just sort of doing what everyone else her age is doing.

    • Deacon Jones

      Hear that FISH?!

      You’ve got college profs commenting on here. You should be proud.

      • doogleberg

        I’m calling bullshit…a college professor would use better grammar and punctuation. Don’t get too excited, Fish.

      • castallare

        Wow, really? You’re going to start a grammar argument with an English professor on a CELEBRITY COMMENT THREAD? Good Lord, there are some losers here.

        Also, TheSuperfish has been my daily dose of guilt-riddled indulgence for the last 6 years; I’m not about to give all that up just because I now have some weird authority over the minds of students.

    • Joe Blow

      I’ve never done drugs. That said, I don’t blame this kid for doing it. She probably needs to blow off some steam. She comes from a shitty household. Her parents suck.

  20. Danklin

    This is really going to make her get naked now. Her bad girl image is already here. Nothing left for her to do but show some skin. Give it a week if that. This little attention whore can’t live without being in the public eye.

  21. jojo

    Salvia huh? Suuuuuure it is. It’s just tabacky pappy. I swears it.

  22. Babes in rough land

    Her contrive plans to top her last antics are getting hotter and hotter. Them above pics are helping too. Keep em cumming Miley…

  23. That’s some of that Kentucky Bluegrass. Or whatever hillbilly state she’s from….

  24. poopsmith

    nice friends, do they leak everything they take of you?

  25. Danklin

    The last time i checked Salvia didnt make you laugh your ass off like an idiot. Then again the only one that thinks Miley is funny is Miley herself.

    • reptilianeworldorder

      The first time I smoked salvia I was about 18. I was driving (scary) and I didn’t hold it in very long at all. It made me laugh like an idiot in this weird, high-pitched laugh, and I could not speak in a regular voice. Yeah…this lasted for about 2 minutes, then I was just nauseus for a couple of hours. A few years later, I tried some potent stuff and held it in for about a minute. It was like something pushed me down backwards onto the bed and started slicing me up (not painful, but I could feel it). I then thought I went into another dimension where I knew that reality as I knew it was fake and eternity would be spent spinning out of control. It was like a giant slinky cut me up and God started slinging me around with it laughing at me. I know this sounds stupid, but it is true. It felt like it would never end. When I came down I was asking my boyfriend, “Are you real? Is this real?” I was so relieved to be “back.” My boyfriend told me I sat there with my arms up moving them around in big circles for about 2 minutes. I had no idea. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced! I have previously tripped on mushrooms and acid many times. On those drugs, I could still see my surroundings. Not salvia. If I had been driving, I would have wrecked immediately. No matter what drugs you have a tolerance for, if you try salvia, do it with someone else to “baby-sit” you until you know how it will affect you.

  26. hulio

    lol anyone else notice that this never shows her exhaling any smoke? if she actually took a hit then there would be some smoke in the air… and she’s not even high off of it… you’re supposed to hold saliva hits for as long as you can hold your breath and then once it hits you, you don’t just sit there and laugh lol i hate when people pretend to be high

  27. Glenn Beck

    salvia hits you like a freight truck, and then it kicks your ass into another dimension – either this is something else or she is doing it ALL WRONG

  28. Because of the boredom factor I couldn’t make it thru the entire video.
    However the first bit did make me long to knock off work early.
    Happy birthday moonface…….smoke something better next time.

  29. Anon

    DAMN! If Miley acts like a rabid chipmunk on weed, don’t want to see the carnage when she starts doing blow.

    WTF is she saying at the end of the video?

  30. Joe Blow

    Didn’t her mother just break up the family by sleeping with Bret Michaels? Why do I have this feeling that Rock of Love: Mother/Daughter edition is brewing.

  31. Pangulin

    What a bunch of baffoons…this is an outtake from “LOL”, in which Miley Cyrus smokes weed,gets french waxed and has sex! God damn but you all are gullible!
    Check the fact that the video was removed do to claims that it was copyrighted material by Warner Bros.! Peace Out!, Suckers!

  32. Didn’t watch the video, don’t care. If it was a bong of salvia, no one else should really care either (truth be told they really shouldn’t care no matter what it was, but with salvia they don’t even have a legal precedent).

  33. Miley Cyrus
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s not Miley, that’s young Fergie with duck lips.

  34. Breeze

    This video actually made studying for finals so much more enjoyable. Stay in school, kids.

  35. Monty83

    She may laugh like a horse, but I still definitely would.

  36. molly

    haha @ all the people here claiming it isn’t salvia
    when i did salvia, i just laid on the floor and laughed my ass off the whole time.
    my friends did the same thing.

    she used the shit, got sold out. big deal. every other kid her age is doing it anyway. it’s even legal. so why is this news lol

  37. Me

    Dude. She was high on something before she took that hit. Bad trip usually indicates Acid.
    Hope that loser who taped her made a lot of money. Because if anyone had taped me in my younger days – man I’d have some explaining to do.

    • molly

      or salvia. or mushrooms. lol

    • bribios

      Not true, I’ve had a couple friends who have had bad trips on salvia, and they were completely sober going in. It just varies from person to person, or it could have been she was smoking some that was fairly high strength.

  38. Slapkatyperry

    I wanna see this bitch trip balls on shrooms

  39. Salvia

    High kids !… ? It is me Salvia,I want my buzz back…..THE MOUSE just Tweeted me and he is pissed the Fvck off.

  40. Pedro

    Who cares. Pot should be legal anyway and the fact that Miley lives in California is just another person smoking pot. Even if it was not pot that she was smoking is becices the point. It is making a big thing out of nothing.

  41. Miley Cyrus
    Commented on this photo:

    She proceeded to embibe two enormous loads of semen. Party on, Miley.

  42. Bob Costas

    She warned you she couldn’t be tamed!

  43. Harriscandoit

    I do not see the big deal here. She is rich, young and famous. Living the celebrity lifestyle, hitting a bong is normal. If it was a crack pipe it would be newsworthy!

  44. McFeely Smackup

    Is there something in the video that claims it’s salvia?

    Cuz where I come from, if you’re hitting a bong, it’s assumed to be weed until proven otherwise…and nobody is going to believe otherwise.

    someone who watched the video will have to answer, I turned it off about 10 seconds in. Then I punched a cat, yelled racial slurs out the window, and ordered 200 Dominoes pizzas for the retirement home across the street…and I’m STILL angry!!!

  45. See Alice

    Miley , Has Vivid Video called you yet ?

  46. Miley Cyrus
    Commented on this photo:


  47. anonymous

    this vid would make a great anti-drug. miley went from zero to squealing like a pig faster than the fat guy on deliverance.

  48. Salvia

    Pot would be legal In California if the dumbasses would have drop the Fritos and went out and voted for it when they had the chance. Oh yea there was no half black guy backing it…..sorry.

  49. lauryn

    1.) miley cyrus clearly does not know how to hit a bong
    2.) since when does salvia make you speak in tounges?

    • E

      1) I’ll agree on this.
      2) I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it happen myself.. Trip-sat for my boyfriend on salvia and a few seconds after he took his hit, he was on the ground chanting gibberish.

      That being said, I’m not convinced that was salvia she was smoking; if she’d broken through, she wouldn’t have been that responsive. I’m not convinced she knows how to smoke properly to get an effect at all. She barely inhaled and exhaled immediately after.

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