Miley Cyrus’ Brother Is Dating A Schwarzenegger, Too, Now

“And now yer sissy can stay over Christmas night’n have squirrel cakes with us in the mornin’!”
“Could have just shared whores with dad, but nooo! I’ll be different, I thought, but he was right, he was right.”

Posted by Photo Boy

In what has to be scientific evidence that insatiable horniness is a genetic trait, not only is Patrick Schwarzenegger still putting his penis near Miley Cyrus, but now it seems his sister, Katherine Schwarznegger, is dating Braison Cyrus and let me just stop there. Braison? As in, I’ll take Preferred Short Rib Cooking Methods for $400, Alex? Christ, this family couldn’t be trashier if their patriarch publicly announced how proud he was of his daughter parading her labia around on national telev– Wait, he did that? You know what? Fuck this, these people deserve each other.

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Instagram