Miley Cyrus Don’t Need No Fancy Ol’ Bra To Go To Dang Ol’ Disneyland, It Ain’t No Hootenanny

Disney has put untold millions into Miley Cyrus’ pockets allowing her to live a sweet, care-free existence full of Pilates classes and cakes shaped like giant dicks. Pharaohs didn’t have it this good. So you’d just assume that when she visits her benefactor’s family-themed amusement park, she’d dress just a tad more modestly. Then again, you’d also be assuming she wasn’t raised by a man whose mullet impregnated a woman with angel wings tattooed on her back which she later used to seduce Bret Michaels behind a funnel cake stand, so basically this happened:

TIMMY: Dude, how was Disneyland?
TOMMY: Well, I saw the Genie from Aladdin, Goofy, Lightning McQueen. Oh, and Hannah Montana poked me in the eye with the pointy part of her boob.
TOMMY: Yeah. I think I want to do drugs now.
TIMMY: You’re 5.
TOMMY: Not on the inside anymore. Not on the inside…

Photos: Splash News

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