Miley Cyrus Don’t Need No Fancy Ol’ Bra To Go To Dang Ol’ Disneyland, It Ain’t No Hootenanny

The Superficial | May 7, 2012 - 11:30 am

Disney has put untold millions into Miley Cyrus’ pockets allowing her to live a sweet, care-free existence full of Pilates classes and cakes shaped like giant dicks. Pharaohs didn’t have it this good. So you’d just assume that when she visits her benefactor’s family-themed amusement park, she’d dress just a tad more modestly. Then again, you’d also be assuming she wasn’t raised by a man whose mullet impregnated a woman with angel wings tattooed on her back which she later used to seduce Bret Michaels behind a funnel cake stand, so basically this happened:

TIMMY: Dude, how was Disneyland?
TOMMY: Well, I saw the Genie from Aladdin, Goofy, Lightning McQueen. Oh, and Hannah Montana poked me in the eye with the pointy part of her boob.
TOMMY: Yeah. I think I want to do drugs now.
TIMMY: You’re 5.
TOMMY: Not on the inside anymore. Not on the inside…

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