This Is Just Miley Cyrus In A Bikini With A Friend, Friends Can’t Eye-Bang Each Other?

Miley Cyrus hasn’t even been engaged for two weeks and already she’s being accused of cheating on Liam Hemsworth with the dude in this photo. Except y’all need to chill because this is just her long-time friend Cheyne Thomas and everyone knows best friends get matching tattoos and stare longingly into each others ass and tits. I’ve seen newborn infants look less innocent than these two.

[Ed. Note: Apparently these two go everywhere together except I can’t remember ever seeing this dude in a single photo and I’ve seen more Miley Cyrus photos that anyone should ever look at. Then again, my attention is usually laser-focused on side-boob or vaginal mulletry, so I probably shouldn’t rule out he’s in every shot battling Mothra with a flamethrower. I can see that happening.]

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News