Miley Cyrus Finally Graduated To Just Some Ho You Put In Your Hip-Hop Video

August 2nd, 2013 // 26 Comments
Miley Cyrus Fire Big Sean
WATCH: Miley Cyrus In Big Sean's 'Fire'

I’ve honestly never heard of Big Sean before, but apparently he has the kind of pull where you can say, “Get me Miley Cyrus in my video but make sure that bitch don’t sing,” because here she is in his new video and that bitch don’t sing. Not to mention, at one point it looks she’s taking a dump on a giant flaming brick, so please know this question comes from a place of love and tolerance where racism dare not speak, but is Big Sean Obama’s son? Because that’s literally the only explanation I’m coming up with right now. Well, that or Miley Cyrus is a Kardashian which I probably shouldn’t rule out. You’re right.


  1. Her flat ass, no boobs, lesbian butch hair, wannabe thug hip hop artist, pretend slut, shtick is getting old.

    • JC

      Very old. My only comfort is that the audience for pop music is notoriously fickle and easily bored, so she’ll fade away soon enough. It’s not like this dumb hillbilly has Prince or Bowie levels of talent to legitimately reinvent herself for any length of time.

    • Tom

      All true, but those legs are well worth watching.

  2. They still make videos? What the hell channel do you watch them on? Let me check my TV Guide, right after I take my old man pills and yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

  3. Slappy Magoo

    So David Bowie & Grace Jones had an albino baby that likes to be bored and angry in slow motion?

  4. Truth hurts

    A lot like her – that song sucks dick.

  5. Wow…..boring.

    I wonder how much nipple tape they used to keep that “underboob” sweater from rising as she walked around.

  6. tlmck

    When did Justin Bieber get the troll doll hairstyle?

  7. Batu Khan

    She’s like a rottweiler who doesn’t get why everyone is petting the golden retriever but keeps trying no matter what.

  8. richie

    very hot!

  9. I’m not gonna watch that shit, but I can tell from the thumbnail that Miley’s body looks as sexy as ever. It’s her only saving grace at this point. She better not do something something stupid like, get pregnant.

  10. Miley really has very little to interest me other than nudity. Unless/until that happens, I’ll probably ignore her.

  11. guest

    RUN LIAM RUN…and is it me or does she look like one of those WWE Divas now?

  12. kery

    She has no talent and pretends to be fierce and rough, sorry we don´t buy it,

  13. Johnny Barbells

    …skinny chicks do absolutely nothing for me, at all …but …seriously, am i really the only one who thinks there’s something undeniably sexy about this lil’ bitch? really?

  14. teamJolie

    Since when is the body of a 14 year old boy and the hair of a 14 year old GAY boy SEXY on a girl? She acts like she is so hot…I’m embarassed for her

  15. So a black artists raps, doesn’t show his face at all but uses a white woman to coo and look passionately at the camera for 3 and a half minutes?
    Bitch please!
    I remember when blacks couldn’t use their face on album covers. This a throw back to those days and it is sad. I will never support Bg Sean. Fuck that sell out ni*****!
    And Ciara, WTF! Her face is so white out from the flash on her current album cover she look white. And don’t get me started on that hoe Niki Manaj.

  16. heroinstripper

    so many other hot hot women that could have been in this video and they chose a female who borders on androgyny (or is already there). And a little note for those that don’t know: when the video is nothing but slow motion, it usually means the object of the scene how no sense of music, flow, rhythm or grace of their own.

  17. Yup

    What a stupid dumbass. So, she wants to be a video tits & ass slut? Brainless move, Hannah Montana. Then again, she’s got no talent other than head down/ass up, so maybe this is her highest calling…

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