Miley Cyrus Hooked Up With.. Benji Madden?

November 4th, 2013 // 17 Comments
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They say when one love dies, Kris Jenner’s wings grow three times in size another wells up to replace it. Which brings us to the strange hooking up of Miley Cyrus and Benji Madden, a man who I just assumed had died years ago from all that sex he had with Paris Hilton. The same Paris Hilton who recently dressed up as Miley Cyrus which doesn’t make any of this weird. The Daily Mail reports:

Miley, who looked ‘amazing’ in her Lil Kim outfit, was introduced to Benji through a friend at Adam Lambert’s Halloween Party Powered by CIROC, says the source.
‘Soon they were flirting and talking very closely. Then they shared a kiss. They left Bootsy Bellows together around 1 am,’ an eyewitness who was at the event tells MailOnline.
‘They tried to be discreet by sharing a car with some other friends but it was clear they were leaving as a couple.’

So in the past week, Miley Cyrus has partied with Lindsay Lohan and started banging a Madden twin because those are decisions made by people with an upward career trajectory who will never be reduced to posing in pumpkin patches. I’d ask if she’s going to bang Wilmer Valderrama next, but I just remembered Miley Cyrus can legally drink in three weeks, and Fez don’t do grandmas. You tell that shit to 8th period French.

And because break-ups should be a competition, here’s what Liam Hemsworth moved onto:

Eiza Gonzalez Lingerie GQ

But, hey, Benji has cool tats, right? That’s like art on your arm. Forever! (h/t Egotastic)

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  1. Stoddenporno

    We will have a Miley porno by Christmas … well, not so bad as a Stodden porno

  2. That is one UGLY man!!!.

  3. I always thought he was gay, I guess this answers my question…

  4. crb

    This will all end well.

  5. Dude—is Miley okay with that hat?

  6. Smapdi

    Who am I supposed to pity more, Cyrus or Madden? Oh right, neither, I pity all of us for the mental images that coupling creates.

  7. cc

    Take enough molly…

  8. From Liam to this? That’s a definite drop-off..

  9. CatSummers

    I always thought Benji was a nice guy…. Miley’s only just out of her teens and out of her head drunk. Benji looks like a dirty old man. Sure hope his Z list is worth it – YUK!

  10. Melissa

    I just have to say that the featured image is Joel, not Benji.

  11. Wow

    Eiza González ni al caso, se ve bien en esa foto pero ha de ser photoshop, o cómo te explicas que una anoréxica se vea atractiva. Y ya no anda con él, o a ver dónde hay más fotos de ellos juntos?

  12. Jimmie

    So, the only problem is the picture is of a different Madden…Joel. The one that’s married to Nicole Richie. I have no idea who is in the van with her, but whoever is desperate enough to be I feel sorry for.

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