Miles Teller’s Girlfriend Brought Her Boobs to A Beach and Other News


Blac Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against the dumbest, brokest Kardashian. Whether or not we have to keep reading about their idiotic squabbling is still up in the air. [US Weekly]

Anyone who gets up and arms about something that George Lopez says is questionable in my book from the start. [PageSix]

Star tried to spin a cheating scandal with Ashton Kutcher by showing pictures of him and his cousin getting on a plane. UGHHH people are boring. [TooFab]

Remember when Christina Aguilera used to dress like a chick who worked at the mall? Those were simpler times… [GoFugYourself]

How long do you think before Ben Affleck screws this up? [Celebitchy]

This legal battle between that mumbling pile of scarves and his former management group continues to get more complicated. [Perez]

Lindsay Lohan skipped her brothers wedding presumably so that she could finish off her drugs before leaving Greece. [Radar]

Wait… When did Katy Perry get fat? [DrunkStepfather]

The Joker got shot by police while getting a BJ from Harley Quinn… I’m serious. [EveningStandard]