Mila Kunis poses for BlackBook

December 2nd, 2009 // 69 Comments

Here’s Mila Kunis in the latest issue of BlackBook where she talks about her expanding film career and more importantly how she’s not going to marry Macaulay Culkin who I’m guessing read this then shrugged into a pile of Home Alone money and apathy because Michael Jackson touched his penis.

Photos: BlackBook

  1. Blah


  2. Jason


  3. 3rd. I don’t see the attraction myself. The ginger girl from the 70′s show was much more attractive.

  4. Blah

    Ok #2, you are frist indeed. You win.

  5. asdf

    Skinny bitch is skinny.

  6. Fifth?


  7. Matt-Zilla

    those eyes of hers….. man
    i’d walk through fire/dookie/jonasshow for that girl

  8. Matt-Zilla

    those eyes of hers….. man
    i’d walk through fire/dookie/jonasshow for that girl

  9. Jason

    Damn you blah, damn you i say.

  10. frothy

    She’s hot.

  11. JiggaJay

    She is so EFFFFin HOT. Why the hell is she with the Home Alone kid?????

  12. JiggaJay

    She is so EFFFFin HOT. Why the hell is she with the Home Alone kid?????

  13. boobsmagee

    she is so hot. seriously. and she speaks fluent Russian… remember her on Punked?? Sooooooo hot. Wannnnt to touch the hineeeeyyyyy!!!

  14. kenortega

    Why is it that cunts like Mila get into relationships with losers like Kevin McCallister???

  15. Cristina

    Awe, ya loobloo mayee ruskiye. Go, fellow Slavs, go!

  16. Cristina

    She’s actually ukranian. Go mila!

  17. V

    She’s super hot and i totally feel the urge to fap everytime I see the Griffins, but I don’t get the dark Angelina Jolie-y look. I prefer the funny, natural Mila Kunis.

  18. PurplePuppy

    I would bang the livin’ hell out of that. Over and over and over then I’d have her make me a grilled cheese sandwich.

  19. chopper

    completely HOT !

  20. Jammy

    I’d like to see Mila’s kunis!

  21. Drew

    What is this 2001?

    Irrelevant celebrity is irrelevant.

  22. JiggaJay

    I would destroy her juicy meat wallet!!

  23. She's already married

    Uh, she’s not going to marry Macauley Culkin because SHE’S ALREADY MARRIED! She got married earlier this year, dude…

  24. Kimberly

    She’s no doubt pretty and has a tight little body,
    but she has those exotic looks that either looks really stunning or really weird and alien-like. (Compare Pic 9 to Pic 3)

  25. wacker

    She has a new movie comming out soon. That dress she wore when she got punked was a see through and is worth watching again if you get the right show. Plus she beats up on Aston pretty hard. Don’t mess with that Russian girl. (UKR)

  26. Champ

    very hot.

  27. Photoshop Police

    she’s 26 and FINALLY doesn’t look like jailbait any more.

  28. memyselfandi

    fucking beautiful

  29. em

    I don’t have a dick, but if i did, i stick it in her….. all the time… 24/7…… was that kind of vulgar coming from a chick?

  30. 30?

    Thirty ??? who cares!

    those eyes, do it 24/7

  31. Jail

    No one should be allowed to be this beautiful.

    It’s girls like Mila that make me wonder how anyone can actually find girls like Jessica Simpson hot.

  32. confused

    ummm I think she has a run in her stocking

  33. Eric

    lookin a bit rough Mila

  34. you gay guys are missing out on enjoying this

  35. Sass

    she’s so freaking gorgeous. i love her face. GO MILA!

  36. not enough photoshop

  37. ashleeey.

    HOLY CRAP. I didnt even recognize her! She looks GREAT.

  38. SB

    she’s fuckin smoooookin

  39. ada

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  40. I love Mila, but this was just blah for me.

  41. Her face is really pretty and her body is not half bad she just has to gain a few pounds…

  42. mcmaxxycakes

    Dude, she’s a fucking babe.

  43. frisc0


  44. Call me crazy but I don’t think child abuse is a laughing matter, even if the victim is an adult now.

  45. Bob

    WHOA! This is what Meg looks like now?

  46. I was looking at the Zombieland poster, and thought Emma Stone was Mila.

  47. branty

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