Mila Kunis is sweet baby Jesus hot

April 11th, 2008 // 122 Comments

I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers/Weight Watchers enthusiasts but this is how you show up for a premiere: By looking SH-BANGIN’! This is Mila Kunis at the premiere of her new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I gotta admit I never was much of a fan during her time on That 70′s show. I was all about the Laura Prepon Amazonian goodness. Maybe it’s because Mila’s character dated Ashton Kutcher and therefore, by association, I wanted her to get hit in the face with a large jungle cat. But now? Get that cheetah out of the slingshot; Daddy likes.

NOTE: Included pics of Mila with Kristen Bell because I’m practically Mother Teresa over here. I get confused for her a lot and especially at the nudie bar. People are always, “Oh, hey, yo, are you that Mother Teresa lady?” And I’m all, “Ha ha, no, good citizen.” Then they punch me in the face and tell me to stop smuggling free wings in my shirt. Ah, like peas in a pod, the two of us.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. 240

    I love her piercing eyes. I am sure its b/c of make up and contacts but damn they look good.

  2. 240

    I love her piercing eyes. I am sure its b/c of make up and contacts but damn they look good.

  3. lucky

    Well I’ve been told I look like a taller Mila Kunis (as she looks now not the crappy 70′s show look) with bigger boobs and a nicer ass, just as slim, but more toned. Green eyes, long dark hair and perfect features. Yeah life is good.

    Well I’m off to go fuck my husband, now where did I put my lace thong and see through bustier… under the edible body lotion, of course.

    Yeah life is damn good for him too, because well on top of how I look I’m also damn good in the sack. It’s a good thing we have lots of mirrors because with a girl like me and a super hot athlete (hubby) naked happy hour looks fucking amazing.

  4. Ted from LA

    Send photos.

  5. Cheech

    She’s been hot since season one of “That 70′s Show”. All she’s missing is the dirty sanchez mustache, provided by yours truly, and she’s be a 10. Till then, she’s pushing 9.5.

  6. ldsqtbea

    she is very very pretty but, ive never liked a girl that parts their hair down the middle … thats just me tho … also, she is wearing a little too much make up for my liking (foundation) nonetheless, she is very pretty :-D

  7. Ted from LA

    Are you Randal’s cousin?

  8. Al

    It’s pretty cool how her eyes are two different colors. She’s very pretty.

  9. Lucky

    oh by the way. my hubby is black as night and hung like a horse. I give him anything he wants including my perfect ass, which he just had. Life is great!!
    I just thought I would let you know. ;)

  10. Juaqin Ingles

    She’s starting to look like a woman now. Well from the front anyway. I’d have to tape her mouth shut though.

  11. Juaqin Ingles

    #48 There are still F.A.F. women in ATL. The rest of the south is one giant Waffle House though.

  12. Not impressed

    She looks a little bruised. How old is she anyway? Her skin is already starting to go.

  13. She'sit

    She’s the mold that every woman should be cast from.

  14. Ted from LA

    Why does she have that big dot on her forehead? Is she Indian?

  15. Ted from LA

    Cancel that. I just sneezed while I was eating a hot fudge sundae. My bad.

  16. Sparqi

    Ukrainian Jewish women = Often quite hot. I banged one for a couple of years in college. She could suck a golfball through a garden hose. Ah, memories….

    Seriously Fish; you’re just figuring out that Mila’s hot? Seen this picture before? It’s enough to make your tongue hard.

  17. mel

    reshaped eyebrows and smaller nose

  18. Anal Fistula

    you missed the story dude…kristin bell is the hottie here

  19. fake boobs

    What happened to her tits?

  20. Lucky's husband

    She’s not kidding about me, but all she ever does is lay there and stares into the mirrored ceiling chanting “I’m so pretty, so pretty, so pretty” It’s like fucking a dead fish. Which incidently is what she looks like

  21. Lucky's husband

    She’s not kidding about me, but all she ever does is lay there and stares into the mirrored ceiling chanting “I’m so pretty, so pretty, so pretty” It’s like fucking a dead fish. Which incidently is what she looks like

  22. Lucky's Father

    She don’t do that with me son


    I bet she’s a screamer. Boing!

  24. Princess

    OK seriously i dont know if its just me.. but if you look at the close ups her eyes are fucking creepy. They’re totally out of focus: one pupil looks up and the other kinda looks down. It’s like one eye looks the other way- so not hot…

  25. Ted

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  26. perea


  27. ldsqtbea

    nope … not cousins … not related lol … im curious to ask tho, why would you think that ??? lol

  28. Seymour Butz

    Nice to see that Mila has finally grown up.

    She started out on that 70s show as a very cute girl, but as she got older she just started looking… not quite right… like most girls/women do at that point in their lives. Now she’s gotten past that phase, and hot damn was it worth the wait.

  29. korina_jebediah

    I sooo liked her…
    until i noticed that she looks like a brunette elisha dusku(pretty sure tha’ts not how you spell it)
    she’s like a mix between angelina(already said) elisha,catherine zeta-johnes and the girl with the coconut bustier behind her
    maybe it’s because of those crazy beautiful(but indeed crazy) eyes
    like a chameleon
    damn, she even starts to look like kristin bell
    crazy eyed too
    kind of

  30. korina_jebediah

    dont you love when they morph??

    yep, me neither

  31. ixz

    #23. Sure, Kim doesn’t look starved, but her face looks like a man. If I fucked Kim I’d have to put a bag over her head because personally I don’t dig chicks that look like trannies… but that’s me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    Mila is fucking hot IMO. And she really doesn’t look emaciated she’s just a skinny person (but not stick skinny). mmmmmmm. Too bad she’s straight.

  32. kay

    I always thought she was pretty and still is. For some reason though she looks very different .. iuno maybe some plastic surgery done or maybe the fact she’s tryna do that Angelina Jolie pose or something.. still very pretty though .. love her eyes!

  33. Alex

    Whoa she’s definitely had some work done. She looks completely different.

  34. Quinn

    I agree with PP ^^ she has had somthing changed on her face. Nice face for sure!
    her posture is nasty!
    Looks like hunching over bleachclondBell and almost knocking her over.

  35. Ted from LA

    You just seemed very positive like our boy Randal. He really believes in the power of positive thinking. I have a new theory, but it’s not a positive one. Anyone who gets in an argument on the internet about how fat or thin they are is a total fucking loser. I’m 6’5 and weigh 221 pounds and have six pack abs. Fuck no I’m not 6’5 and I don’t weight 221 pounds. Do you get the point? Now shut the fuck up about how much you weigh and how tall you are. I’ll post this for all the dumbfucks on the Kimmy thread too. My job is done here

  36. Quinn

    where is Randal btw?

  37. Ted from LA

    I think he is getting in touch with his inner hairy man this weekend and is beating on some bongos in the woods of northern Vermont. Cumbiya.

  38. ldsqtbea

    funny that you were able to pick up that im a positive person from one comment lol … i like to think that i am :-D and like randal, i believe in the power of positive thinking but i also believe in action and taking responsibility for your actions … anywho, i still stand behind my first comment: shes pretty but i dont like her parting her hair down the middle and a little less make up would make her look a lot better

  39. TJ

    She looks like she will be a hag when she turns 40. Guess we should fuck her now.

  40. bootlips

    I love black women. There’s something about flared nostrils, bootlips, crap colored skin, nappy hair, and simian features that drives me crazy.

  41. Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    She has a condition called heterochromia which causes the eyes to be two different colours.
    And I’d say she’s had fat injected into her cheeks to plump them out as she’s gotten skinnier. Maybe botox, since there’s no hint of a smile in any of the pix? Oh, and she’s Li-Lo orange.
    She looks like she’s in her late 30′s.

  42. jealous

    can you tell it’s a very jealous girl above me? her name should be “im fat and bitter”. Jesus, relax lady.

  43. Aerialgreen

    @25: yeah, there was a time that I’d say the same thing, yet now Laura Prepon is out as a Scientology loon, and thus, she is dead to me…. and not in the still warm body necrophiliac sexy way, but as in bare bones dead. Now Milla is the new goal.

    Oh, and you can thank Danny Masterson, a born family $cieno, for the Prepon brainwash stunt.

  44. Rut Roh

    You need to stop watching Nascar if you don’t see how hot this chic is. Get off the Wal-Mart scooter, put down the fried chicken and step away from the cookie….This lady be mega hella hot….No more fatties.

  45. pontia


  46. Stupid People

    She is beautiful, and I doubt she has had any work done to her face. At most, Botox. Just because she doesn’t have fake tits and fake ass and fake lips doesn’t mean that she is not gorgeous.

    People like to flatter themselves by associating themselves with a celebrity that has maybe one trait in common, such as a large gluteus (or something else), and get so offended when someone who has the opposite of that trait is actually beautiful.

    Mila Kunis has a natural beauty and an annoying voice that makes her money. I hope she never gets surgery, because like someone commented earlier, she is one of the few actresses that is actually beautiful today.

  47. cognac

    ted from la is one of those little penis guys that like woman that are shaped like boys stop with the kim bashing she’s hot

  48. Muppet Bitch

    I want to stick my penis in her mouth so she can’t talk with that funny muppet voice of hers.

  49. Beyonce

    she;s nothing special, most Greek girls are ugly as sin so compared to them Mila is pretty I guess

  50. PeterG.

    No she doesn’t look anything like Angelina. Are you drinking on a Sunday?

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