Mila Kunis is sweet baby Jesus hot

April 11th, 2008 // 122 Comments

I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers/Weight Watchers enthusiasts but this is how you show up for a premiere: By looking SH-BANGIN’! This is Mila Kunis at the premiere of her new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I gotta admit I never was much of a fan during her time on That 70′s show. I was all about the Laura Prepon Amazonian goodness. Maybe it’s because Mila’s character dated Ashton Kutcher and therefore, by association, I wanted her to get hit in the face with a large jungle cat. But now? Get that cheetah out of the slingshot; Daddy likes.

NOTE: Included pics of Mila with Kristen Bell because I’m practically Mother Teresa over here. I get confused for her a lot and especially at the nudie bar. People are always, “Oh, hey, yo, are you that Mother Teresa lady?” And I’m all, “Ha ha, no, good citizen.” Then they punch me in the face and tell me to stop smuggling free wings in my shirt. Ah, like peas in a pod, the two of us.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. debagger

    Game Over.

  2. princessxooxox

    fourth!!! shes soo hot shes the vioce from family guy hilarious

  3. princessxooxox

    well i guess second haha she has amazing eyes… on of the only women in todays age that is actually pretty… angelina should take some tips… that womans dirt

  4. Nikki

    She looks amazing… Classy & funny

  5. buttmonkey

    I would kill a school bus full of nuns and children for the chance at a threeway with those two. Maybe even two school buses.

  6. steve

    she is gorgeous and reasonably classy.

    I like how Meg on Family guy is always mad out to be ugly. While Mila, meg’s voice, is so supppppper supppper hot.

  7. she looks like a younger sister of angelina jolie w/ slightly exotic features

  8. Rick

    I’ll have to save up if I’m gonna cover her forehead.

    p.s. I’m not gonna save up.

  9. restingonlaurels

    has anyone seen the “punk’d” she was featured in? most idiotic premise for a prank i have ever seen, the russian lady’s dog stuck in a sewer. it was interesting listening to her speak russian with her, though. that was the only episode of that rubbish i saw.

  10. Ruby

    Although usually she looks amazing, here she looks like she has too much make-up on. She doesn’t need all that caked-on crap on her naturally beautiful face. But as a straight girl she doesn’t do it for me. You know who does? That Lana-chick from Smallville. Man, I would totally go lesbo for her.

  11. greeklvr

    Ahh, yumm,,
    love them greeks..


  12. Bigheadmike

    Mother of Pearl she is looking fantastic.

  13. dude

    vapid cunt.

    I’m drunk already! Happy Friday!

  14. carlogo

    Soooo hot, until you realize she dates McCauley Culkin. Seriously? She’s tarnished. Time to take out the trash, you hot Russian Jew!

  15. Ladies, now this is worth going lesbian for

  16. Grace

    I’ve always thought she was beautiful. Of course, I’ve loved the fact that she’s Eastern European. Ukrainians, Serbians, Romanians, and all other -ians, are really really hot.

  17. nero

    cunt licking good!

  18. Trevor

    hey you guys she played angelina jolie as a little girl in the movie gia, so already many many years ago did someone make the comparison

  19. alwaysclassy

    She’s way gorgeous but everytime I see her all I can think is “McCauley Culkin? Seriously? Wtf??” ………..

  20. restingonlaurels

    aww grace you’re too kind! i’m blushing.

  21. Donkey Ass

    Kristen Bell looks scared of her.

  22. combustion8

    her face is hot, she lacks an ass though.

  23. Puzzled

    She looks hungry! Give her a hamburger. She’s too skinny, and her eyes are too big. She’s like a little match girl. Kim Kardashian, at least, doesn’t look starved.

  24. woodhorse

    See the outfit made of lamp parts, pom-poms, a duster and pith helmet? That’s how it’s done Katie/Jordan Price. Now give Grandma back her support hose and patio cover.

  25. nipolian

    Laura Prepon is still the hotter one of the two.

  26. Ted Mosby

    I’m fapping to Meg as we speak.

  27. The only way she could look hotter is laying on her back, screaming “I LOVE you, Drippy Dick McGee” while I take a massive dump on her face.

  28. catcherbug

    She’s ok. Looks a little too goth for me.

  29. jules

    @23 “Kim Kardashian, at least, doesn’t look starved. ”

    of course she doesn’t look starved, she uses those thighs of hers to store food for when she’s out of the house.

    and your fat homegirl couldn’t be more embarrassed that she’s so fat, that’s why she’s covering up the cottage cheese on her ass.

  30. PunkA

    Isn’t she with McCauley Culkin? Yeah, she is pretty messed up in the head.

  31. lila

    She has always been hot, even before that stupid movie she is in now came out!!! Thanks for the pics though…

  32. Billy

    Thank goodness! I’m already tired of seeing porky and her fans. oink oink!

    Seriously, when are Kardashian’s chubby chasers going to get a clue?

  33. Ted from LA

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall? How about Forgetting I’m Married or Forgetting My Name or Forgetting to Eat. NOW FISH, this is the way to leave us hanging on the weekend. If you put up one last Paris or BritShit post after this, I’ll kick you right square in the nuts and punch you in your abs of steel. Out.

  34. jane

    she’s hot until she opens her mouth.

  35. Ted from LA

    Kim Kardashian couldn’t lick this woman’s ass. However, if she tries to, I want to see the photos… for personal reasons.

  36. Nathiest

    You obviously didn’t watch the last few seasons of That 70′s Show did you? Mila was too fine! That girl was smoken hot! If you didn’t notice back then that the girl is hot you must be a bind gay.

    Mila Kunis is hot WAY Hotter then Kristen crosseye Bell.

  37. rc

    Uh she’s not all that fantastical looking. she’s pretty, i like her, she looks cute but she ain’t got nothing on Kim Kardashian in the body or looks department.

  38. Ted from LA

    She doesn’t look starved? It doesn’t look like she’s missed a meal or snack since the Carter Administration.

  39. Voracious

    I am not into skinny chicks, but she is just divine. If I had to be skinny, I’d want her body.

  40. Caligula

    Katie Price’s tits are more real than Bell’s smile.

  41. Drundel

    She has always been cute, but I think she needs to go up a cup size.

  42. Sophomore_Cheese

    her nose looks smaller……

  43. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    She looks so beautiful! I’ve always loved her, and I think it’s ironic how ugly Meg’s supposed to be while Mila that’s voicing her is so stunning! But yeah, that Bell bleached blonde…wow, she looks like a horse beside Mila. Mila has those beautiful exotic features, wow. Who said blondes are more attractive? BULLSHIT.

  44. Joe C

    Mmmm. She turned out real nice.

  45. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hey Kool-Aid, Mila Kunis is hot!!

    Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh.

  46. what a loser

    Die Superfish, die. I hate when you say chicks who aren’t even hot are ‘soo amazingly hot’. You have no taste, raise your standards with women a little. You must live in a place where all women are ugly cows. This chick isn’t hot at all, she’s cute at best.

  47. wtf? you're tasteless

    Are you fucking crazy? Comparing this average chick to the hottest woman in the world, Kim Kardashian? You have no fucking taste at all!!! This chick isn’t even on the league of Kim Kardashian, not even close. This chick is on the league of the average chicks you see walking down the street.

  48. Rut Roh

    This lady is hot.
    What’s with all the “cry me a river” fat chic lovers?
    It’s called most of THE SOUTH. Take some fried chicken and head towards Georgia and Florida. Fat whores like Kim K are a dime a dozen. Beautiful women are what I like to see, which is why I stay the fuck out of the South. I’ve been avoiding the whales in most of Britain and America, but it seems there may be a few hotties left.

  49. debagger

    Hey #47, ever heard of a Thesaurus?

  50. Fishfucker

    No ass, no tits, she’s like 4 feet tall and overrated as hell. She’s the the gay ideal of a perfect woman: ‘Cute’, non overtly woman-shaped, great for catwalks and magazine covers (closeups to the face only, never to the rack) and fashion-savvy. A living fucking Barbie doll to play dress-up with.

    Too bad men don’t want to play dress-up with no fucking dolls, fish. Straight men, I mean.

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