Mila Kunis needs to break up with Macaulay Culkin TODAY

October 14th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Mila Kunis showed up looking super cleavagey at the Hollywood premiere of Max Payne last night, and seriously, it’s time like this I would do anything to switch shoes with Macaulay Culkin. Even if that means at one point Michael Jackson got me drunk with Corey Feldman on a Ferris Wheel. If Mila Kunis is the end result, I’ll pour the Jesus Juice myself and throw in the Home Alone face: “AHHHHHH!” Who doesn’t love that?


  1. woof

    She’s so pretty

  2. luciddreamer

    Not first. Oh so close.

  3. Bubba Gump

    what da hell bubba didn’t even know she was dating that kid

  4. jeremy

    Yes, she has looked very pretty of late.

  5. TheBigDonkey

    She was amazingly hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  6. If you think there is anything going on with Macaulay other than a trade off (rich life for a beard) you gotta be kiddin yourself.

  7. Fernando Valenzuela

    exactly what tits are you referring to?..all I see is a couple of bug bites….

  8. Yup

    sooo gorgeous
    fuck the stereotypical blonde ditz
    exotic – nothing beats it

  9. ali

    mila kunis…real exotic.

  10. booyaka

    she’s a short ugly midget

  11. Butter Voice Kunis

    Nice tits.

  12. Shel

    ewww, still with Macaulay?? Come on, she can do MUCH better than that.

  13. In a few shots she could almost pass for Kirsten Kreuk. That’s a compliment for Mila.

  14. Old Jewish Guy

    Oy vey!

  15. Ralph

    Come on Superficial Writer…They are only breasts…every woman has them and her face is sort of dumb looking. Raise your standards.

  16. Kay

    She’s pretty enough to not require huge, silicone tits

  17. Danny

    Yeah, these photos don’t do her justice, really. She was extremely hot in that Sarah Marshall movie.

  18. Mo

    I don’t know if she’s one I’d classify as “ZOMGSOPRETTY”. I mean, SOMETHING there, of course. But… eh.

  19. Tom

    I don’t know what it is, but she’s been lookin’ pretty busted lately. She used to be MUCH hotter than this… I definitely think she got some work done.

  20. Andrew

    I got a chance to talk to Mila in a conference call the other day for Max Payne and she’s a total ditz, completely unprofessional and laid back, but not in a good way. Don’t expect her drama career to last long

  21. theonewhoknows

    She was great when she was PUNKED. Good job Ashton

  22. Groucho

    She’s hot. She’s like the Mini-Me version of Angelina Jolie.

  23. Putz Balzac

    Okay, IMHO there are some fantastic writers writin’ for Superfish , for FREE~~!!!!

    Yeah, she’s hot. Look at them eyes!

  24. Groucho

    She’s hot. She’s just like a Mini-Me version of Angelina Jolie.

  25. Cornelius

    Angelina Jolie’s ugly.

    And so is this midget. So overrated. Besides, looks like the Russian that she is.

    I see hotter brunettes every single day.

  26. Did anyone noticed that she has one green eye and one blue eye?? she looks like the mexican actress Barbara Mori… shes gorgeous.

  27. 1moreidiotintheworld

    “Super cleavagey”???? She looks like she is stuck in perpetual early puberty. Nice spray-on tan though………

  28. Kim

    She is gorgeous, but needs to lay off the spray tan. She is starting to look a little oompa-loompa-y. She has a great skin tone already, no need to do that.

  29. ummm...yeah

    What fuckin cleavage?
    Fish, you fuckin suck dick! I used to like this fuckin site but now….it fuckin sucks shit!
    I wish the ORIGINAL FISH came back, cause these assholes they have writing now suck fuckin shit!!!!!!

  30. Kahlee

    Jesus calm down Superfish, shes pretty, but nothing to get molested over.

  31. Concience_Found

    it amazes me how casting people can pick the kids that are going to be super hot like mila.

  32. undulating torso

    I saw Macaulay Culkin at a Borders booksigning, it was weird, he was surrounded by these sketchy characters who looked like they stepped out of a Harmony Korine film — gay Asian guys with eye makeup, white trash sluts trying to get his attention, etc. What I remember is that they were all tiny, like barely over five feet. As if tall people are forbidden from being Macaulay fans. Myself, I don’t even know what he does. But if Mila is dating him, it’s guaranteed that she’s an airhead or druggie or both. He is a freakshow.

  33. Sport

    very pretty.

  34. Googolygoo

    Her face is looking busted lately. Look at pic #3– it looks like she’s had putty inserted under her skin. Almost troll-like. She used to be gorgeous, now she looks– odd.

  35. boo

    Somehow this dress reminds me of something Pam Anderson would wear.

  36. Insert name here

    Mila is gorgeous. She isn’t fake and over done. She does need to match her foundation to the rest of her body though. If you’re going to do the spray tan, which is better for your body then sitting in the sun or in a tanning bed, then make sure you do something about your face as well. Or don’t get a spray tan, that’s a solution. Regardless, she is beautiful. And her boobs are the perfect size for her. You don’t need giant saggy titties to be noticed.

  37. Vince Lombardi

    Not remotely “pretty.” She looks just like her whiny voice sounds. And she really needs a makeup assistant. She’s got so much shine on her forehead and face, she’s being recruited for a “new reflective material for safety vests.”

  38. Vince Lombardi

    Altho I would cast her as a young Angelina Jolie in “The Young Angelina Jolie Story” – and by “young,” I mean 11 – before she got boobs.

  39. Tough Tony

    I’d destroy it on a daily basis.

  40. EXACTLY: no time to waste, girl.
    (land of FAKERS!!)

  41. She’s just so freaking hot.

  42. thighhighs

    Simply gorgeous!

  43. Dirty Hairy

    I’d like to torture her for a few hours then finish it off with a golden shower

  44. I don’t think these pics are very good, compared to other recent ones. She’s wearing a sack. The hair up doesn’t seem to work, either.

  45. MilaCuntis

    # 34 thats what meth does…….then OOOPS you have to hide the fact that your face is falling off for some event you have to attend ! hhahha

    Oh and she is Alliance…..she sucks, her and Party Monster Culkin….

  46. In some of those pics, she has the EXACT glassy eyed expression Britney Spears had for a while there….

    And Lohan..

    And me..

  47. LUX

    @Cornelius # 25: woah, your life must be so glamorous.

    I don’t know who she’s or what she’s done but she’s gorgeous. Not everybody is into stereotypical, over-processed blonde bimboes…

  48. justtheobvious

    Where is a wardrobe malfunction when we NEED one?

  49. 80'sChild

    #22 I have to agree

    #26 I knew something about her eyes was fucked up but didn’t really take that good of a look….trippy…

    #46 I’d be one glassy eyed bitch too if I had to call that wisp of a male species my “man”

    How fucking sad…truly

  50. liyana

    so trying to look like Angelina Jolie

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