Mila Kunis needs to be seen more, heard less

October 31st, 2007 // 100 Comments

Mila Kunis attended the Family Guy 100th Episode party in Los Angeles Monday night. As the voice of Meg on the show, Mila is sadly heard but never seen. Which goes against the tried and true maxim for women to do just the opposite. I’m willing to let it slide though. Family Guy is hilarious. I mean, did you see that episode with the random 80′s pop culture reference? You know which one I’m talking about. Where Peter has the non sequitur flashblack. I guess you had to be there. And stoned. And also a cook at Applebee’s, but not for long, because you’re totally going back to college and finishing that degree.

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  1. giggity goo

    I can’t get enough of Quagmire.

  2. Cate

    I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in hollywood…
    that being said, she looks kinda awful here. I liked it when she had lighter skin.

  3. @49 & 42 Thanks for covering for me Troll

    Happy Halloween FRIST

  4. RENEE Z....

    Her hair looks like shit here too; all frizzy and scraggly. And the voice….oh boy. But other than that she’s a pretty girl.

  5. One of Jimbo's many trolls

    Any time ol boy

  6. Just a jiggle 'ho

    @27: Who did and made you queen bitch?

  7. Ayeee Ooooo

    Ok, is it just me or does it look like she got some sort of plastic surgery done to lift her eyes? They look stretched back and up…

  8. @56
    Who did what?

  9. gotmilk?

    56, if you’ve ever been on here before today, you would know who FRIST is. No one died and made her queen bitch, she’s always had that position. No offense, of course.

  10. Jus' Stupid

    @27 Frist, Who died and made you queen Biatch

  11. Jus' Stupid

    ‘been on here many times before, but it doesn’t give her the reason to down any other posters. Being stupid is a reason to dog them though…

  12. Texas Tranny

    I’m just the queen.

  13. Jus' Stupid

    62, you aren’t the only one ;)

  14. wow, she looks way better now

  15. tavie

    non sequetor

  16. tavie

    I’m wrong

  17. gotmilk?

    61, the main objective is the trash celebrities, but trashing other posters comes in a close second.

  18. Joe C

    How do you pronounce her name?

    Is it “mee-la” or “My-la”?

  19. Sorry, did I offend somebody? No offense.

  20. gotmilk gets me at least

  21. new post!

    new post frist

  22. funnierthanyall

    family guy is a great show. seth m, alex b, seth g, mila k, theyre all funny and all do a wonderful job. its too bad that most of the adult humor and references goes way over the heads of todays audience, which has resulted in them dumbing it down for you in their recent seasons.

  23. Danklin24

    Thats what you need in this site, more Mila, less Britney. Great start to the day. Although Britney’s pictures do remind me its halloween.

  24. Dick Richards

    #72. Exuses, exuses, excuses. Go back and watch the first season. Just as pointless as the newer ones. I admit, the writing was better but, oh, yeah. Plots don’t hold audiences captivated. Endless jokes hold peoples attention. Ever look to see who’s writing those shows? It’s a completely different person ever goddamn episode. What you typed was drivel. Bullshit. Complete nonsense.

  25. funnierthanyall

    sure thing dick dicks. so sorry i insulted you.

  26. lulu

    she has no ass!!! XD

  27. Dick Richards (Atheist. Racist. Sodomite.)

    #75! “Dick-Dicks”. You got it! Prize for you? My cock, in your asshole.

  28. spanky

    Home alone kid is slammin that big time

  29. Grace

    #68 It’s “Mee-la”

  30. Casey

    Chris could never come back again, and I wouldn’t care, but I like the show itself. Chris is written for the people who like nothing but bathroom humor, which is a shame, because Seth Green is actually pretty funny.

  31. MeanJean

    I’ve always thought of Mila Kunis as a poor man’s Rachel Bilson.

  32. MeanJean

    And the Family Guy is a poor man’s Simpsons

  33. wrong

    YOURE ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KING OF THE HILL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. korina jebediah

    the first pic is awful
    the rest: what an adorable creature!
    looking good, and well, yeah, she couldnt be perfect (talking bout the acne marks)
    i agree with some comments saying theres something going on with her eyes, they look a bit different, like badly positionated, otherwise uniqe,shes got one eye hazel or gray and one green
    how cool is that?

  35. korina jebediah

    she reminds me more of katie melua than rachel bilson
    (katie melua=canadian singer)

  36. Danklin24

    OURE ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KING OF THE HILL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you’re thinking of KOTH.

  37. Danklin24

    #76 where can you possibly see her ass?

  38. Bob

    You can tell she’s wearing a ton of makeup to cover up her acne though.

  39. ugly …
    like all ukranian jews ¬¬
    sorry but thats true!

  40. sorry

    you’re stupid, just like all inbred hicks
    sorry but its true!;)

    sorry but your full of shit
    her eyes are beautiful, im pretty sure she looks better than you… if you are an expert on ukranian jews you prob live in a basement.

  41. Shallow Val

    Family Guy fucking RULES!!!! I like Mila Kunis, even if she is the ASSLESS wonder. The girl is a Sinatra (for the latinos “Sin-Atras” meaning no rear)

  42. LayDeeBug

    60 – Frist is a Queen in my book.


    And I mean that from teh bottom of my round bottom. (luv ya comments, Frist)

  43. LayDeeBug

    BTW, for the Family Guy haters, watch the DVD’s with the commentaries on and you’ll fucking laugh your asses off. I don’t usually like to use this phrase, but “Trust Me” you won’t be sorry.

  44. LayDeeBug

    PS, you’ve got to watch the episode “Peter’s Got Woods” with James Woods in it, and he also does the commentary. Holy hell, that’s funny.

  45. jacknasty

    she is cute and pretty, but I prefered Lacey Charbet (Gretchen Wieners) as the original Meg

  46. selina

    she is pretty in this dress, i like the color, her ptotos on a site called are also very beautiful.

  47. Oh yeah. Meg’s voice used to be different. More high pitched.


  48. Chris could never come back again, and I wouldn’t care, but I like the show itself. Chris is written for the people who like nothing but bathroom humor, which is a shame

  49. It is good!
    I think he’s just dumb or high enough to have let the truth slip to impress his crush Jimmy Kimmel.

  50. Darcie

    She’s Ukrainian, that is her natural skin color.

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