Mila Kunis needs to be seen more, heard less

October 31st, 2007 // 100 Comments

Mila Kunis attended the Family Guy 100th Episode party in Los Angeles Monday night. As the voice of Meg on the show, Mila is sadly heard but never seen. Which goes against the tried and true maxim for women to do just the opposite. I’m willing to let it slide though. Family Guy is hilarious. I mean, did you see that episode with the random 80′s pop culture reference? You know which one I’m talking about. Where Peter has the non sequitur flashblack. I guess you had to be there. And stoned. And also a cook at Applebee’s, but not for long, because you’re totally going back to college and finishing that degree.

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  1. Binky

    She’s Meg ?
    I’m beginning to understand Stewie !

  2. Binky

    ( At least she’s not getting a big head about it)

  3. me

    She was also Jackie on That 70′s Show

  4. Roflcer of the Lawl

    I bet she’s totally naked under that thing. She should walk around with Megs penis hat.

  5. I want her. I want her long time.

  6. Craig

    God damn! She got hotter since That 70s Show.

  7. marme

    I love that dress it looks perfect with the the backround!! wow good job!

  8. Grace

    I’ve always thought she was super hot. I don’t like her looking so tan though. I liked when she was a pale little slav!

  9. Screaming Meat Nugget

    GIGGITY GIGGITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tess

    She was only 14 years old when That 70′s show first aired! I think she’s very cute. And she was also great in Aerosmith’s mv “Jaded”.

  11. I think she hit the wall. She was so hot on Kilborn a few years ago.

  12. tastypotato

    She needs to do some porn

  13. blackpixie

    @12 Why would you want her ruined like that?

  14. Smoje

    I love her so much, it’s very gorgeous, I know her thanks to That 70′ Show, lovely face and a sweet eyes…

  15. LazyCnt

    Nice, needs to lose the fake tan though, makes her look trashy.

    How the hell did family guy make 100 episodes its fucking trash, it got canceled twice, when the episodes were half decent and yet series 4 & 5 are complete cack and it still goes on, i can only assume 11 year old kids are keeping it going cause i can’t understand who else could watch this and find it amusing.

  16. Eddy

    @ #15
    i agree with the first part…

    i disagree with the second part…
    family guy is awesome, you need to have a stupid sense of humor…which i excel at…

  17. LazyCnt

    I like to think i do. I like most of the first 3 series just can’t stand most (not all) of the ones after that.

  18. I already banged her.

  19. Texas Tranny

    You must get stoned and watch them. I always do a few bongs before the show and I love it, so funny.
    That 70′s Show is almost exactly how I grew up, I was so sad to see it go.

  20. doomhammer

    What happened to her face? It looks live asphault under the makeup?

  21. i love this show.. new writer is coming in..

  22. The way you look into the cameras is extremely horny. If I didn’t knew you better I would say you were a PORNO-actress who loves the girls!!

  23. Ript1&0

    Godddamn, my ex always tried to get me to watch that retarded show with him.

    I didn’t get it. Of course, one can’t say I wasn’t high enough…

  24. Nicole

    She looks like Nelly Furtado!!! Shes so pretty and I love her voice……..

  25. Lola

    that’s not mila kunis you idiots.

  26. Britney Crotch Juice

    anyone else notice that little stewie is aiming to pop a cork in her bum..see pic 5 and 6

  27. Wow. Did everybody just get stupider since the last time I was on? These are the weirdest comments EVER.

    #25 Yes, that IS Mila Kunis
    #24 That’s nice that you like Nelly, has nothing to do with Mila, but…
    #22 What the…
    #15 I believe that is her normal skin color, and I don’t think she could ever look “trashy”
    #3 Captain Obvious strikes again!
    #4 ?? Ok that was kinda funny
    #18 & 4 generic

    The rest of you are ok I guess

  28. gotmilk?

    the show used to be good, now they just drag out one joke for WAY too long.

    is she still with mcauley culkin? that never made sense to me. she’s way too hot for him. plus i’d never want something put into my vagina that may or may not have been in michael jackson’s ass.

  29. Lolaisretarded

    so who is that #25? really, i’d love to know who you think this is, seeing as we’re all idiots.

  30. JollyJumjuck

    #28 – No shit. I can’t believe McAuley’s tapping that.

  31. havoc

    The Family Guy Rocks!


  32. Quagmire

    Family Guy is brilliant!

  33. RENEE Z....

    I always thought she was pretty, but I don’t think she looks very good here. And her skin looks like crap (not talking about the tan, talking about the acne; she had peachs n cream skin before).

  34. kay

    THANK YOU for also not finding Family Guy funny.

  35. DD


  36. my comment

    The dress is fugly as hell. What next? Shoulder pads?

  37. Ript1&0

    YES!!!!! YES!!!!! It’s Halloweeeeen!!!!! Happy Halloween people!!!

    I’m dressed like a cave woman. Finally I get to dress how I want for one day.

  38. LazyCnt

    #25 not gonna turn this into a slanging contest but i was simply stating my opinion that i prefer her with a more natural skin color (whatever takes your fancy) check out the IMDB pics on her, to see her (in my opinion only) looking much nicer.

  39. BunnyButt

    Aw, 36, the dress isn’t THAT bad. Change the color, style and fabric and it might be okay.

  40. BunnyButt

    37, I’m dressed as a witch, but a lot of people would say that isn’t really a costume for me.

  41. Dick Richards

    Family Guy is over-rated. Horribly overrated. Some of the jokes are funny, but, shit, there is absolutely no plot to any of the episodes. Just joke, after joke, after punchline. It gets old, fast. I’ve read that Family Guy steals material too. In fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to debunking the show. F-Guy’s an easy laugh. It takes no brain power to find that show funny. Fools aren’t creating the show, but, they design it for stupid people.

  42. Jimbo says:
    Am I first?

  43. Texas Tranny

    I’m dressed in one of my maid’s uniforms.

  44. Yep you are first Jimbo!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  45. Please try to get some weight. You’re a bit too skinnie, for figuring as PORN-STAR!! Try to copy the kim kardashian-look and you will see!!

  46. lentista

    WHERE’S RON ???????????????

  47. Pastafarian

    Family guy sucks. Period.

  48. LazyCnt


    how is the chicken fight funny?

    The company baseball game & Lois getting addicted to gambling were a couple of obvious rip offs(the Simpsons), there’s also a lot of contradictions to previous episodes.

    I take back my ‘trashy’ comment after checking all the pics out, i agree with #9, my bad.

  49. Thanks Frist
    Happy Halloween to you as well. You are as sweet as candy!!

  50. PunkA

    Isn’t she with Macauley Culkin? Yeah, THAT Macauley Culkin. I think she said he is some sort of genius, which means that she has the brain power of a rodent. Which is funny, because she sort of looks like one in these photos. Acorn, anyone?

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