Mila Kunis makes pay phones look sexy

September 16th, 2008 // 98 Comments

These are shots of Mila Kunis on the set of her new movie Extract. I posted these because I realized I’ve been writing a lot about Sarah Palin and absolutely nothing about Mila Kunis. Allow me: What in the hell? I’d like to apologize for causing this tragedy which is, no doubt, the greatest our nation has ever faced. (Not counting Spider-man 3.)


  1. #50…exSqueeze me?? Who in the double fuck do you think you are???? You are the mole on my back. (don’t worry, pretty sure it’s not cancerous -yet)

  2. frist go take another sip at that jonhny walker sweety….

  3. Upset? I have been laughing my ass off. You have been the best comic relief I have seen around here in a long time. You are not quite as funny as DanYELL, but you are a close second..

  4. minniememe

    closest thing rough daddy will ever have to a gang bang

  5. irrk moles nasty,,,get that thing remove!

  6. ronr

    Very pretty. Who is she? Plus her skirt needs to be a little shorter (and her heels a little higher)

  7. any other mother jokes jimbo? genius!

  8. FRIST, You have some Johnny Walker and you are not sharing? Pass it over here!!!

  9. actually jimbo youre smart, you have brains you never used. lol

  10. you 3 wins!!!! now its time for roughness to depart…. hahaha

  11. @48 Minniememe, I don’t think they would even do it out of pitty. It is going to cost RD some money. He will have to save his lunch money for a long time before he gets any tail..

  12. Sorry, I’m not bogarting, but I’m alone and it’s only vodka anyway

    Hey rough daddy…your mom drinks johnny walker…that’s why she home schools you so shitty..

  13. Awwww…we scared the 12 year old away :(

  14. I am sure she send him down to the corner liquor store with a note that says “I aint got no more Johnny”

    And RD, Thanks, I have tons more..

  15. Where’s Mike? I gotta pick on somebody, it’s full moon……

  16. It must be Rough Daddy’s supper time. His mother has a big plate of Tuna Helper waiting for him.

  17. mad true on spiderman 3 being a tragedy
    ……. i’m still not over it

  18. minniememe

    I was gonna say Ravioli’s

  19. Vince Lombardi

    I knew that had to be a movie set. Pay phones are an urban myth. They were all eaten by dinosaurs.

  20. Minniememe, Do you think she just give it to him in the can?

  21. FUCK IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET??????????????

    At least give me a new post. I’m all alone today. I’m fucking off for the first time in ages, and BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fine!!! I’ll get some tuna helper and a catapult and k won’t finish that thought..

  22. No new post. The Fish dude just pushed the Megan Fox post back to the top.

    What are you doing tonight? How come you never emailed me today??

  23. minniememe

    I think he gets everything in the can. heh… can…

  24. I did twice, I just don’t log in to my email when I’m busy, sorry Jim

  25. He has to bob for his dinner???

  26. minniememe

    LOL #76 … and he packs his fudge for dessert

    i hear my friend jack daniels calling me! shit!

  27. Are you going to share??

  28. minniememe

    got a full bottle, pass the glasses

  29. Ted from LA

    That’s IT!!! I’m selling all of my stock in AIG in the morning and investing in pay phones.

  30. Mike Hawk

    I hate McAuley(?) Caulkin

  31. bar room hero

    She’s hot, but her voice is ANNOYING….

  32. Good stuff from the cranky gal of the 70′s


  33. anonymous

    her face looks like its melting…and she’s only 25…wolf, wolf, another 5 yrs and we’re looking at pamela anderson face stack with crayola

  34. gina

    man. that girl is so freaking cute….


  36. HorribleJudgment

    Mila Kunis looks good. and rough daddy, I’m guessing you call yourself that because you’re rather rough to look at. The “daddy” part…I don’t know, since in order to be a daddy you have to first have sex, and I cannot imagine a woman willing to have sex with you. Just telling it like I see it. But yeah, Kunis looks good.

  37. cureholder

    One of the sexiest women on the planet . . . but I have a rule against following Macauley Culkin.

    Maybe just one exception . . .

  38. godiva

    rough daddy must be so fucking hot. i bet he can get any fat chick out there.

  39. HorribleJudgment

    No godiva…sadly I don’t think he can even get the fat chicks. Or the uggos either. Poor guy.

  40. Bobbooby

    What the fuck is a payphone? haha sorry there’s no such thing here in Dallas Texas at lest non where I live. Everyone has cellphones even the bums.

  41. can i get a hoot hoot

    I can’t believe Macauley Caulkin is tapping that

  42. ShittyPiss

    Anybody got pics of her brown eye? Just curious.

  43. You guys are dumb

    Looks like a movie set to me. That is why there is a pay phone

  44. joejoe

    …gotta laugh at all the youngsters out there goin’…”whoa, whoa, whoa….theres’s a machine out there that you put money into..and then it lets you make a call??…wtf?…

  45. Ass

    what a bunch of idiots you guys are.
    also, i’d fuck her tell my dick fell off.

  46. Racer X

    If she gained 15 lbs. she’d be perfect.

  47. She’s a pretty girl. Wonder what her racial background is. By that I mean what she’s all mixed up with. I missed “hangin out” with “That 70s Show.” The other one, “That 80s Show,” sucked for the little time it existed though.

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