Mila Kunis makes pay phones look sexy

September 16th, 2008 // 98 Comments

These are shots of Mila Kunis on the set of her new movie Extract. I posted these because I realized I’ve been writing a lot about Sarah Palin and absolutely nothing about Mila Kunis. Allow me: What in the hell? I’d like to apologize for causing this tragedy which is, no doubt, the greatest our nation has ever faced. (Not counting Spider-man 3.)


  1. Niclas

    Sexy :)

  2. shes ok, I just saw a couple of girls same or hotter on 19 and broadway a few minutes ago…

  3. Do they even have pay phones any more??

  4. How much did they spit on you rough daddy??

  5. “The sophisticated jimbo” you do live in a rural area….

  6. @2 who gives a shit what you saw looking out of your bed room window? If you are going to post on here. Come up with something better than that shit. What the hell is “I just saw a couple of girls same or hotter” Go ask your mom to help you with this..

  7. au contrare retard! you ever had bitches catapult toward you in your life? nah didnt think so

  8. “your mom” now youre bitting off the dumbest chick on superficial=Frist

  9. keep typing “jimbo” someday youll type something intelligent..

  10. minniememe

    rough daddy go suck yer old man off some more

    Mila Kunis is fucking HOTTTT. She’s more woman than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get.

  11. Rough Daddy, I live just out side of Los Angeles you retarded inbred. Have you ever left your county? Let me guess, you live in West Virginia? Does you mother turn tricks for the coal miners?

  12. hahahah@11are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion? good lord!

  13. What the fuck are you talking about? Did you copy that from someone else? Again your retarded come back does not fit. Keep working on it and maybe you will come up with a good one in a day or so..

  14. ~Jimbo,miniememe, frist, belongs on the short yellow bus~

  15. joedaddy

    Settle down you 2. Lets get back to the point, which is how fuckable that mouth looks.

  16. minniememe

    #14, that’s sofa king pitiful

  17. Alli

    See people with natural beauty don’t have to TRY to get noticed, unless like that Heidi whore.

  18. sure shes attractive, so is the nearest broad on the street…i mean for someone whos wearing short shorts she sure looks plain,,,,

  19. Alli

    See people with natural beauty don’t have to TRY to get noticed, unless like that Heidi whore.

  20. DrNecropolis

    @ Jimbo
    I thought the exact same thing! I live just outside of DC and I haven’t seen a payphone anywhere but in a Metro Station (subway) or ariport in like 5 years, about the same time a call hit 50 cents.

  21. Hey tricky frist? speechless ?

  22. payphones are all over nyc,,,is there a better city? nahhhh

  23. Mia

    I wish these ugly pregancy tops would just go away. What woman with a nice body wants to wear a maternity top? And by the way, Mila is very pretty and has a nice figure.

  24. @18 “Broad” There is an attractive term for a female. I am sure you get all the ladies with that one. Did you find a stack of your grandpa Playboy’s?

  25. Slut

    Ha Ha…..go spank Stewie!

  26. @20 You like them cold and stiff? talk to Rough Daddy, his mother is more than accomidating..

  27. its accommodating moron get it right!!!!

  28. @22

    yea, there are plenty of nicer cities. Ones with less:

    trash, smog, thugs, muslims, shitty street corner vendors, illegals, crime, traffic, concrete & taxes. You must never have been anywhere besides there and your birthplace of Newark.

    Wow. You just got your ass handed to you Guido.

    Ill bet we could find you:

    - Doing Cocaine in the public restroom at a beach
    - Saying “forget about it” when it does not apply
    - Acting out what you “would do” to Carmen Electra at a family restaurant
    - Talking about how you respect Usher
    - Turning up the Bass in an Excursion while passing a crowd of people.
    - Crying outside an Excursion while being searched by the police.
    - Asking “Do you know who I am?” in an attempt to bluff your way out of a fight.
    - Calling a girl a bitch because she doesn’t like being groped by a stranger.
    - Watching “Growing up Gotti” as a group.
    - Driving at pace with a girl, who is angrily walking down the side of the road, trying to apologize to her over techno music
    - In a BMW with blue neon lights glowing from the bottom while speeding down the 495.
    - Drinking Coors light on a 25′ boat while blaring the “Boys are back in town” by Thin Lizzy.
    - Quoting Scarface ad nauseam
    - Explaining to a mason how the working man is a sucker before taking his daughter out on a date.
    - Pretty much embarrassing Italian-Americans & all human beings everywhere.

    Right? Thats what I thought.

    That was too easy and took all of 3 seconds.

  29. rough daddy, is that what your mom calls you when you eat her out every night. You are one sick fuck.

    To everyone else, I’m sorry, I am not normally that disgusting, just can’t stand that “dude”

    On a lighter note, I do believe it is time for PICKLE DANCE!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what I’m saying anymore..

  30. Wow you can spell. I was wondering if you would notice. You fuck everything else up that you post. It is good to know your mother is “accommodating”

  31. #28 thats what you call a melting pot,,,keep your rural areas…sure ive been to other cities, i always return for the same reason everyone is trying to rush in here…case close!

  32. @28, Mike, that was perfect!! Thanks

  33. venomhed

    Girl is fucking ugly! Nice toothpick legs. Looks like dog shit.

  34. lol really jimbo? that was a bait? are you sure?

  35. Blowup Doll Lover

    She looks ordinary compared to my blowup doll.

  36. jimbo&frist =pathetic

  37. hmmm...

    she doesn’t have a cell phone? wow, she is keeping it real…

  38. putting this = that is retarded..

  39. she has a very pretty face, and prabably nice tear drop tities, and a thight heiny, but nothing to write home about….

  40. Yes I am sure and make sure you use spell check before you reply. It would also be nice you had a grammar check. “That was a bait”? Try again you dumb shit!!

  41. #28 preconceive bias vs my city….

  42. @36 That wasn’t even funny when you used it yesterday. Try again pussy!!

  43. lol @ jimbo cataloging my every move…”pussy” jimbo=keybroad toughie

  44. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! DODDAMN I’M Bored!!!

  45. @41 Did your mom tell you how to spell preconceive? She must be standing right behind you..

  46. You know how I can tell you and frist have a small mind jimbo? youre getting upset at a blog!!! again pathetic…

  47. minniememe

    how can they get upset at a fucktard… it’s pity, fool. pity. like anyone who’d have sex with you: out of pity.

  48. hahahah my blog bitches,,,they dont realize i have them occupied, and own….

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