Mila Kunis makes me wish I was an upside-down horse

March 22nd, 2010 // 82 Comments

Here’s Mila Kunis in the April 2010 issue of GQ and for those of you wondering how she can be so goddamn hot, I figured it out: It’s God’s way of repaying Macaulay Culkin for letting Michael Jackson touch his penis.

Seriously, that has to be it.

Photos: GQ

  1. Que

    Que is nice east euro skinny.

  2. b

    upside down horse? I don’t get it

  3. Trousers

    Normally, people ride horses rightside up. If it were upside down, beastialitorz.

    and good god shes hot

  4. She is GORGEOUS. Now lets wait for the idiots to talk about her “big earlobes” again like they did last time she was posted on this site. You know, because earlobes are a REALLY big deal.

  5. so hot

    so hot

  6. horrible earlobes!!

    well why do you think her ears are covered in every picture?

  7. lisa

    love her, so hot/beautiful


    Very pretty, very thin.

  9. Sport

    gorgeous, always liked her.

  10. Randal


    you are unequivocally, empirically beautiful. Don’t listen to anyone so jealous of your amazing success (in so many arenas!) that they would dare to knock your earlobes, for they are succulent drops of dew waiting for the morning sun!

    May you be at peace and harmony with all that you touch,


  11. dude

    Notice that curiously, her earlobes are covered in every single pic

  12. pimp

    i’d suck on her asshole immediately after she shit…

  13. Taz

    Very hot

  14. Gigs

    I’m waiting for some idiot to say “looks like she has a bit of cellulite.” Why are people so critical of some of the hottest chicks on this site? Any guy out there who does not think this girl is hot and would not lick her asshole clean after a fresh dump is clearly playing for the other team….not that theres anything wrong with that.

  15. Obama

    She makes Megan Fox look like a piece of garbage.

  16. Parker

    I’m sure that somewhere in the bible it says having anal sex with Mila Kunis is the same as saying a hail mary.

    Hail Mila full of penis, blessed is thy hot little butt. Now that I have filled thy bottom with joy, go forth and maketh me a sandwich. Let it be full of turkey and swiss cheese. Thou can addeth a slice of tomato while you’re at it. Amen.

  17. Richard McBeef

    ghey if you wouldn’t ruin that.

  18. Real

    The reason she’s so hot is because god had to find some way of compensating for her voice….a sound like dying meerkats dragging their teeth down a chalkboard. Also the word “strident” comes to mind.

  19. Jen

    Parker #9, LMAO

  20. bribios

    Heard her speaking Russian on family guy, that crap was actually hot when she says it.

    Mila seems like she’d be a pretty cool chick to know, unlike most hot celebrities these days.

  21. Right Said Fred

    Oh bliss! Bliss and Heaven! It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal. Like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now!

    As I slooshied I knew such lovely pictures!

  22. Josh

    Never seen so many positive comments about a person on this blog before. Shame i have to be the one to ruin it and say i really don’t see much in her. At all.

    Also, The lazy eye in pic 3 is comedy gold.

  23. radio_babylon

    #17: MEGAN FOX makes Megan Fox look like a piece of garbage.

  24. ROSEY

    sorry to join you #24, but way too much eyeliner too. But that’s prob not her doing her own makeup…

  25. Liz

    Jesus Christ, she’s unbelievably gorgeous and I think what makes her somewhat superior to the other supposed Hollywood beauties is that she has an incredible sense of humor. She makes me proud to be a lady… who likes other ladies.

  26. gotmilk?

    really 26, eyeliner?

    Randal, as usual, that was way over the top, more so than usual though.

  27. PooPooCachoo

    Mila = Hot
    Mila getting porked by Home Alone Dracula boy Macaulay Culkin = gross

  28. Ego

    She makes me happy in my pants!
    She will be mine…


  29. B

    Her and Jessica Alba are the 2 most perfect women alive. Truly. Not one thing wrong with either one of them. Freaking PERFECT!!!!!!!

  30. Matrim

    @5> Wait…she has ears?

  31. So fucking gorgeous. I love her.
    The fact that she’s the voice of Meg and bangs Maculay Culkin makes me like her even more for some reason.

  32. uh,no

    toothpick legs are in?

  33. Giorgio!

    Gorgeous girl, anyone who denies this is either blind or really jealous!

  34. Tek

    You can never go wrong with Mila. She is epic cuteness AND she can look scorching hot whenever she feels like it. Can’t beat that combination.

  35. bar room hero

    She’s hot, but her voice sounds like nails on a chalk board to me.

    duct tape.

  36. Gil

    Would eat the scabies offa her labia…….nothing special tho, I enjoy me some scabies

  37. Danielo

    MILA YOU ARE MY LOVE!!!!!!!!
    Estas hermosa mujerrrr….WOOOWWWW I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Jackie

    Sexy girl but why do magazines always have to pose people in such stupid positions? Like in picture two, was the purpose behind that stance supposed to make her look like she’s shouting “Sassy Pants!” in a high pitched squeal?

  39. jamie

    I never noticed the lazy eye before.

  40. joeblow

    instant erection.

  41. gen


    She’s Ukrainian. There’s a difference… except only Ukrainians care. But seriously, she’s like our national treasure, so don’t you dare try to lump her in with Russians. Russian girls can’t turn out this fucking perfect. only Ukrainian girls can.

  42. She is incredibly hot. Thin, but still. Soooo beautiful, and I noticed the ears thing on ‘that ’70s show’…who cares. One single imperfection. The voice is rockin’ – not cutesy. She doesn’t front.

    BUT: Mackauley (sp?)? He’s been tainted (literally and figuratively) by MJ.
    If they have any sexual activity at all, it’s him sitting in the corner choking into a rubber while she poses for him. Or so I’m hoping.

  43. meme

    she’s gorgeous but holy wonky eye in the 3rd picture. Is that a photoshop mess or a bad lazy eye?

  44. lazy8s

    I want to rub my penis against those giant earlobes

  45. You can never go wrong with Mila. She is epic cuteness AND she can look scorching hot whenever she feels like it.

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