Mila Kunis is still so hot and other news

February 23rd, 2010 // 59 Comments

- Beyonce and Jay-Z are like old people. [PopEater]

- Lindsay Lohan’s The Sun interviews explained. [Lainey Gossip]

- Gary Busey’s crazy army just increased by one. [Dlisted]

- Brooke Burke’s nipples don’t look confused to me. Compared to Britney. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart, Claire Danes and Yoda in Sunglasses. [Huffington Post]

- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart come out of the closet. Or she’s helping him out. I don’t really care. [TheFABlife]

- Whitney Houston is back! To giving shitty performances again. [The Blemish]

- Leonardo DiCaprio still kneels before the Cameron cock. [StarPulse]

- Joe Simpson calls John Mayer to hear more of this “sexual napalm” business. [ICYDK]

- JWoww might be the new Kim Kardashian? But has she been peed on? — Ha! I’m kidding. Of course she has. [BettyConfidential]

- Hilary Duff’s engagement ring cost $1 million and it was worth it. (For at least 3-5 minutes.) [Socialite Life]

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  1. lulz

    Elbows to pointy/10

  2. Andrew

    ummm…wtf happened to her cleavage? it looks like someone just paint brushed some lines in.

  3. t-gunn

    F**K she is gorgeous

    agree with #2 where did her boobs go …

  4. Lain

    I actually like her two different eyes.

  5. jlylec

    she is SOOO fucking gorgeous…i can’t believe that whack-job fuck-stick scientologist mccauley caulkin is fucking her. jesus christ. what the fuck is wrong with this world?

  6. jlylec

    she is too skinny though…just finished looking at pics and notice that…and what’s up with those pointy elbows? get your shit together girl.

  7. dammmit


    Great! Now I just see her weird eyes and that massive pupil! Ruined forever =(

  8. mer

    Beautiful, but on her decline.

  9. timmy the dying boy

    Please stop linking to DrunkenStepfather. That place blows big time.

  10. Wacker

    Wait til you nerds see her new movie!! Wack time

  11. 4thelulz

    she can do so much better than the dude she is with now.

  12. Wacko Jacko

    She must love all the money Michael Jackson paid to Mac to keep quiet. It’s amazing that Mac likes girls at all. She could (and will eventually) do so much better than MJ’s former chew toy.

  13. Jack Butt

    I really like this broad, she got some great gams I say :)

  14. Sport

    she’s gorgeous.

  15. Love Ms. Kunis. She hasn’t had a ton of great film work outside of Sarah Marshall, so hopefully Aronofsky can help her out by putting her in a solid movie.

  16. tailspin

    She is a classic beauty. Elbows? Eyes? You virgins are hilarious.

  17. judy

    I agree with you #16… you know someone is gorgeous when you have to scour them for some kind, any kind of flaw. What, praytell, does the peanut gallery look like themselves? And who do they hold up to be the pinnacle of perfection? Probably some average looking celebrity they look like who makes them feel better about themselves.

  18. T09

    I have a massive girl crush on her

  19. I asked myself that after I saw her on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I think she just grew into herself, and became sexy ass woman. Haha. Her voice annoys me a little, but she’s still a hot babe?

  20. Hi Guy’s,
    She hasn’t had a ton of great film work outside of Sarah Marshall, so hopefully Aronofsky can help her out by putting her in a solid movie.

  21. Lea

    mmm another sexy confident jewish woman

  22. Ally

    Beautiful! She also knows how to be classy unlike Christina Hendriks *ahem*

  23. she’s skinny! well, beautiful but skinny.

  24. What are Mila Kunis’ physical flaws she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I can not find a single flaw on her. Thanks

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  25. I like 4-th photo – shes gorgeous!!!

  26. She looks a bit tired on this photos i think

  27. Irene

    lol @ all the douchebags nit-picking at stupid things, desperately looking for flaws.

  28. She is looking really very beautiful. This black costume has added charm to her.

  29. Gil

    Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman sex scene in “Black Swan”

  30. captain america

    ………a porn-movie proposel is coming her way(HUSTLER).
    or erotic picturesPLAYBOY)?

  31. oooaaahhh

    not for crackers!

  32. papaROUGHzzi

    Irkk I see a string of hair out of place…

  33. Lenny

    Back in my days, you would know a hot gal like this would have hair hanging out of her pussy, long black and thick.

  34. gen

    Yea, go Ukrainian girls!

    She is perfect. She really is.

  35. Toolboy

    I bet it smells like lilac, Butterfly dreams and unicorn breath….or like Macaulay Culkin’s unwashed chain smoking hippie penis. Definitely one of those two..

  36. Emily

    Did anyone else think the writer meant Kirk Cameron? lol

  37. kpatra

    they really did an amateur job with the photoshopping in pic#1.

    about the macauley caulkin/MJ stuff, y’all are lame.

  38. required

    those shadow looking things on her chest in pic 1?

  39. stinkdaddy

    @4, 7:

    I judge you guys to be massive queers based on your ability to nitpick her eyeballs rather than tend the OMGMILAKUNISMYBONER issue like the rest of us.

  40. Al Jaffee

    Time for more snappy answers to stupid questions.

    Q: “ummm…wtf happened to ‘s cleavage?”

    A: Cocaine.

    Thank you, this has been another edition of snappy answers to stupid questions.

  41. not impressed

    She should be ashmamed of herself for doing a voice on that disgusting cartoon ” (jewish) Family Guy”
    She is boney as well.


  43. Ego

    eyeballs? elbows? too skinny?
    Lame, all of you haters know that If she said “Get the fuck out of my way”, you’d cream your pants. oh wait, that would require you freaks to leave the house and meet a chick other than sit on a computer and masturbate.

  44. stayathomemom

    This girl is a goddess, perfection. She has grown into womanhood beautifully. I can’t believe the people that nitpick her and other beautiful women. It really says a lot about you.

  45. Zee

    @45 Really? I don’t think I recall seeing any women nitpick Mila Kunis. She’s crazy hot, and she deserves it…nuff said.

    But really, what IS up with her chest in pic #1?

  46. Toolboy

    You got us. We got nothing on this beauty, she is divine. We tried to cut her down by proxy. We failed and we are totally lame for the attempt. Totally.
    But you, you did not take the easy route and lob a shot at her only obvious fault, her boyfriend. For that, I stand on my chair and proudly begin a slow clap in honor of you and your witty zinger on whomever photo-shopped Pic#1..Brav-fucking-O.

  47. sharkbite01

    I would chew off my own left nut just for one sniff of her panties!

    Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want to see her in Transformers 3 instead of Megan Fox?

  48. Anon

    @ #8 – Declining? What the fuck is wrong with you?! She’s twenty six!

  49. Blech

    LOVED her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    LOVE her on Family Guy.

    I’m a girl, with a little Ukrainian blood in me, and I don’t hate on awesome people. Mila Kunis is awesome and very lovely! My husband and I are fans (not to be taken in any other way than we love her on-screen, thanks).

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