Mila Kunis is seriously hot 24/7

May 30th, 2008 // 95 Comments

natural beauty (adj.) – 1: The morning light through a bottle of beer. 2: Mila Kunis no matter what the fuck she’s doing. I mean, here she is pumping gas today and now I get aroused whenever someone mentions Exxon. 3: Polar opposite of Heidi Montag.


  1. The Regulator

    Ukrainian girls always have been, and always will be the best!

  2. mr. mojo rising

    pumping her own gas into a dirty car, wearing an American Poet T-shirt….


  3. Danklin24

    What a smokin’ hottie she is. Those eyes are fucking beautiful.

  4. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Weird you compared her to Montag I was just thinking the same thing. There will be some idiots who think Montag is hot and that this girl is not.

  5. Malkin_is_a_vapid_cunt

    ha ha ha….#25 and 27 nailed it

  6. tig

    #50 –

    I even looked that word up….and I still mis-spelled it. Crap!

  7. i love her
    shes so beautiful.

  8. billabong021

    #1 – Rofl

  9. Ted from LA

    With pants like that, shouldn’t she be changing the oil in that car too?

  10. Mississippi

    She’s definitely grown up since That 70′s show! I barely recognized her!
    She’s GORGEOUS!!! And she may be wearing make up and spent an hour on her hair, but she doesn’t look like plastic! And there’s nothing wrong with a little upkeep :-) I’m sure she’d look hot stripped of make up and just waking up in the morning! She’s flawless!!! And I’ve seen her feet too LOL She’s a perfect 10!

  11. She looks good, but if you click the link I just provided, your suspicions will be aroused. I say there has probably been a lot of makeup and photo-shopping here.

  12. BaldingBritney

    More mila, less horseface. or do Mila’s rep’s pay less than Hiedi’s fish?

  13. Payolla

    Here’s how it works

    Montags poeple pay the fish to feature and talk about them as much as possible. Probably some sort of slding scale based ont he number of times she is mentioned or shown. That’s why you get 2, 3 posts a day on this skank and even links to them in posts about other people, such as above.

    Then the clever writers call them douchebags and fame whores so they can keep they impression of this still being a celebrity bashing site.

    See these two don’t care if it’s fake bad publicity or that they get slammed relentlessly on here, they just want the publicity, period. And the Fsih gives it to them in spades, for a nice fee of course. And of course making us all a part of the fame machine for two people we all seem to despise.

    Tell me I’m wrong Fish.

  14. alex

    man where u can find most of the beautest mixes in the whole planet
    in fakin united states if america
    omg thats totaly hardcore jew ukranian !
    anyway i think its some era of cute brunete girls , back in 90′s anyone should say that that girl got something

  15. Thomas

    Give that beautiful SC a bath for the love of God.


    She’s from Moscow originally, I think, which accounts for the slightly exotic eyes.

  17. christine

    shes a pretty girl … but 2nd the chick who said a lot of work went into that … nobodies hair naturally does that

  18. mindyOLA

    she’s beatiful…..and hey she didnt even have to get pissed on to get famous!

  19. dave

    I am a filmmaking student in NY. Last week my teacher asked us to write about racism in film. I had to write about The OC.
    After watching a number of episodes however, I realized the peculiar thing that nonjewish people were being presented negatively!

    Somebody in Yahoo Answers once said what is people’s obsession with Jews? Well, the show The OC (as are many many Hollywood productions) produced by a Jew, and written by a Jew, Josh Schwartz . I did not know except that the show itself is obsessed by its own jewishness. There are literally hundreds of references to being jewish and even several episodes that essentially could be called Jewish101. They read from jewish literature (extended scenes involving Summer and Seth), talk incessantly about Chrismukkah (e.g. “”this would be no ordinary Bar Mitzvah, this would be… a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-Vahkah!” or Sandy: “Valentine’s Day is not a holiday. Rosh Hashanna, that’s a holiday”.)

    The show revolves around the Jewish father and his Jewish son. I understand they’re trying to fight Jewish stereotypes (the nose, the stinginess, corrupt business practices, etc, etc). So they make the father the exact opposite, the moral center of the story. He is handsome, extremely generous, humanitarian, even adopts a nonjewish person, and does not have any major flaws. The nonjewish mother is a pale-looking woman who is often fatigued, depressed, and an alcoholic. Her father is a tyrannical corrupt businessman. Ryan, the adopted, is an ex-con, violent, unstable, etc. His brother is another ex-con, so is his mother. Ryan’s girlfriend Marissa is an alcoholic and quite unstable. Her mother sleeps around. You get the point, right? The only other major nonjewish character who does not have a major flaw is the Jewish boy’s girlfriend–duh!–and it is she who essentially wants to become jewish hence the jewish101 episodes! Pure accident? Or deliberate attempt by producer and Jewish lobby’s incessant influence to make nonjews look morally corrupt and depraved! The War on Christmas by the Jewish lobby (Chrismukkah) advanced by The OC with millions of viewers!

    BTW, I found a “brown” character but he was the gardener, for the nonjews. Double racism. Brown people are gardeners and who employs them? nonjews of course!

    summary: Is there a problem into slowly turning a popular show into jewish101? Yes, it’s dishonest, and deceptive. Is something wrong with being jewish or show that are honest about it from begining: No. Is there a problem with intentionally making the nonjewish characthers in a film look inferior and morally defective while making jews look superior? Yes, that’s racism and as bad as the opposite!

    I got an A in my paper, because I referenced every single statement I made (it was 20 pages long), and it’s based on evidence. Shame on you Schwartz and Jewish Lobby. You must have learned from Hitler’s Triumph of the Will how damaging propaganda is.

  20. Rachel

    I love her and do think she’s gorgeous. But to be fair, she is wearing a full face of make up, and her hair is done. I’m sure she’s a natural beauty, but she’s not exactly au natural right here.

  21. Very good Fish. More of this please.

  22. tig


    Exactly on the nose. Fish won’t respond. And neither will Defamer, Perez, or Gawker, etc.

  23. Oh shiat! I don’t know who Mila Kunis is but I love* her. She needs to marry* me pronto. Note she wears no panties under Dickies pants. My kinda girl.

    PS: Love + marriage = lust and fukc it’s time to step up to this Mila!

  24. Kate

    Dear God, this is wonderful.

  25. Niska

    I cant believe she’s been dating Macauly Culkin (home alone, yes) for 6 years!!

  26. kelly

    beauty is a noun, not adj

  27. The Master

    #71 – Film Making in the 2000′s for Douches

    The NY film school that you are going to must really be for Numbskulls.

    You should quit ASAP, buy your own portable movie cam, write and copyright your own stories, use acting students to star in them, post them on the Internet, find all the other film dweeb sites on the web, make DVD copies of your movie, and ferret out your own sponsors, producers, and package your own film bundles.

    DON”T mail them to all of the Jewish Suits in Hollywood for representation. You don’t need them in the digital age!

    The Jews only rule the Hollywood film media, not the World’s or the Next Generation of professional film makers that get their contacts from the film dweebs sites. Furthermore, you could even bust all the stereotypes and make the Jews in your film the landscaper/gardner/handymen.

    Good Luck, and don’t give up. The Suits in Hollywood don’t understand the Web or how to use it, so, as you can see, you don’t need them to make contacts or get ad sponsors.

    Don’t forget to invest in a good web site statical tracking software, so you can give the ad companies and your investors useful data to back up the Big Bucks that you are going to be requesting from them.

    See this information is a lot better than anything you would be exposed to at any NY film school from old has beens that are just trying to steal your ideas or make you do stupid little assignments to keep their jobs and your money by keeping you busy.

    In other words, Buster, dump the NY film school and just get some real life exp. and make your own way.

    Right now you are wasting your time, money, and energy on studying the content of douchebag shows like the OC. What kind of school would have you write about the OC anyway, and then give you an A. The Regents at your school should all be shot. I took a sales class in college once and they had us watch ‘Death of a Salesman,” which was also very depressing and a stupid assignment, but nothing compares with having to watch the OC for a grade.

    Keep us posted on your career.

  28. yo

    She likes to smoke herb and give head. This hoe is a winner.

  29. yo

    She likes to smoke herb and give head. This hoe is a winner.

  30. dave

    #79 -

    I get it, cut out the Jewish middleman. And, along came the sizzorman and snipped off his nose.

  31. Erica

    I love her. She’s amazigly gorgeous. I’m liking her t-shirt too. I love the classic stuff. I’m wearing my Led Zeppelin shirt at the moment. I appreciated that music more ad more every day. Anyways, enough of the music talk. I like her, she’s gorgeous, talented, ect.

  32. So. # 71 and #79.
    Personally I’m still having a few problems with ‘freefall collapse speed.’
    Then. Like, I Google ‘The Dancing Israelis’ and ‘Urban Moving Systems’ and I wonder – where did this Dominic Suter guy go all of a sudden ?
    Didn’t he realize, back in September 2001 – he still had a lot of people’s furniture locked up ? That type of thing ? Comments ?
    (Off topic ? Oh. Meg – Stewie likes you)

  33. winner


  34. grammar police

    ‘natural beauty’ is a noun. ‘naturally beautiful’ would be an adjective.


  36. Ted from LA

    What kind of grammar is it when you tell someone to “shut the fuck up?”

  37. Oivay

    Yeah the average idiotic american is unaware that the largest lobby in congress in the Jewish lobby. The only foreign county that really matters is Israel. What did that wretched country ever do for us?????????????

    I will await for an answer…(forever)…

    Antisemitism. What is the word for hating blacks or Germans or Orientals or…?

  38. no, not hot

    She’s cute, but she’s not hot. And she’s fat.

  39. gen

    Does anybody know what pants she’s wearing? I like them.

  40. grammar police

    88 – That’s an imperative. Anything else I can help you with? Really: don’t be afraid of grammar, even though you’re from LA. Soon enough you lot might have a President who can think in complete sentences, and then your mass patriotic fervour for stupidity might have to end…

  41. #63 – AAHHH! That site! Did they get Locklear mixed up with Jocelyn Wildenstein? I knew she was rough, but…anyway, some of those gals just look cute with no make-up. Nothing startling, just cuddly. Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Silverstone (not a flattering pic, though), they look pretty natural (not counting surgery). Then there’s Jennifer Lopez, who looks bad no matter what you do.

    #69 – My hair does that when it feels like it.

    Anyway, I want to ooze all over Mila Kunis.

  42. I disagree about her being fat. I dont think that is fat at all. She is definitely cute.

  43. jason

    I wish people would stare at her face a solid minute before they call her hot, cuz dude, shes not. Just enlarge and stare, a troll doll comes to mind.

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