Mila Kunis is seriously hot 24/7

May 30th, 2008 // 95 Comments

natural beauty (adj.) – 1: The morning light through a bottle of beer. 2: Mila Kunis no matter what the fuck she’s doing. I mean, here she is pumping gas today and now I get aroused whenever someone mentions Exxon. 3: Polar opposite of Heidi Montag.


  1. hitler

    Blow Job Eyes

  2. jane


  3. chemist

    Id Shit on her chest

  4. Zany

    She looks pretty hot…


  5. Zany

    She looks pretty hot…


  6. Zee Brat

    Attractive and talented. What more could you ask for. Oh and she has a real job! (Im looking at you Heidi.)

  7. Lauren

    no amount of surgery could ever make heidi even 1/2 that gorgeous. bitch should be jealous… of her beauty and carreer. you know, because mila actually has one.

  8. veggi

    Smart move. That story about lying cheating stealing fire-setting attempted-murder-of-your-own-child nigs needed to be bounced from the top of the page asap. We’ve all got cable, we can all watch Animal Planet if we want to, we don’t need to see it here.

  9. stungun

    she’s awesome! family guy voice/70s/jim morrison t shirt!

  10. EuroNeckPain

    Cute girl. Don’t know her. Will search the Internet.

  11. ZoomBoy

    Ever heard of a car wash?

  12. cookiepuss

    she’s hot until she opens her mouth

  13. The Grim Reaper

    A Jim Morrison t shirt?


  14. House

    I’d fill her gas tank.

  15. Sheva

    She sure is cute. I don’t listen to her in real life. I’d make her talk that Rusky stuff in bed. Cuz it doesn’t matter what she says.

    That’s cute for ya.

  16. I have it on good word that, unlike the aformentioned Ms. Montag, Ms. Kunis does not enjoy Cleveland steamers

  17. big teeth

    So very nice.. tell those idiots over on the Kim Kardashian thread to stop wasting their lives looking at photos of that fat skank.. the view over here is much better..

  18. booulion

    Who the hell is she???

  19. Tim

    there aren’t enough hours in a day for how hot she is. it’s more like “hot 168/52″

  20. Glenn Quagmire

    u 18 yet Meg? alllright!

  21. Superevil

    Yea she’s cute and all but she’s also had macaulay culkin’s schlong in her mouth so no thanks.

  22. shanipie

    I’ve always thought she was very very good looking
    but I do wish she would gain about 4 pounds on her hiney, 2 pounds on each cheek. I’m not talking all huge and fake looking like Kim’s…just a lil something to grab ya know.

  23. michael

    hottest girl ever

  24. Kim---errr, I mean "Joe"

    She’s too skinny. I prefer girls with big beautiful bodies, especially when they keep the hiney covered and wear LOTS of makeup:

    Homer: Close your eyes, Marge.
    [Homer fires the make-up gun, which appears to be a shotgun with some containers of liquid attached, into Marge's face. After the cloud of dust vanishes, she ends up with way too much on]
    Homer: Now you’re ready for a night on the town. [holds up a mirror]
    Marge: [gasps] Homer! You’ve got it set on “whore”!

  25. Rachel

    She looks great, but definitely not natural. She’s wearing a ton of makeup. She spent an hour making her hair look like that. She is pretty excited that you think her look is effortless, though.

  26. Marclar

    She is a hottie……anyone else notice the guy in the background digging up his nose

  27. Pork and Beans

    You know whats even hotter. She can pump her own gas.

  28. monkeyfightclub

    i would love to dissapoint her sexually

  29. NY Ted

    Any hot chick young enough to be my daughter who wears a “Jim Morrison” T-Shirt…can share my beer and bed!

    “Well, I just got into town about an hour ago
    Took a look around, see which way the wind blow
    Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows”

  30. Glenn Quagmire

    yeah I’d dissapoint her sexually all night long! Giggity! She can pump my gas too #27! I don’t know what I’m saying now that made no sense

  31. Harry

    Wow, she is starting to resemble a younger Angelina Jolie. But doing the thang with Macaulay Culkin definitely takes her down a notch.

  32. Ted Mosby

    I’d fill up her tank.

    Though she needs to wash the car first.

  33. m

    damn she’s hot. love her hair. yeah, I’m a girl

  34. Bob

    Someone needs to write “WASH ME!!” on the hood of that car. Jeebus.

  35. snarky

    I agree with #12; she’s pretty… until she opens her mouth; yeech. But she is a cutie & pretty; waaaay more attractive than plastic girl Heidi Montard. Women can spot a fake a mile away, but unfortunately I think guys would see Heidi and think, oh, she’s a natural beauty (unless they already knew who she was)…or maybe its just serious denial and the desire to believe in the fantasy.

  36. frito

    What a cutie

  37. frito

    What a cutie

  38. Igottabemeeee

    #32 beat me to it. I love Family Guy and Seth McFarland, so she gets a pass. However, every time I picture her doing the deed with McAuley Caulkin it just creeps me out. That guy always comes across like a closetted child molester. Michael Jackson strikes again!

  39. Dude

    she should use her natural beauty to kill heidi montag…


  40. :]

    She reminds me of a smaller Adriana Lima.

  41. She does that effortlessly hot thing so well. If I was a girl I would envy-hate her with the fury of a thousand suns.

  42. icepick method

    I always hated her on that 70′s show, has she gotten hotter or is it because she’s not talking?

  43. Yeah, my future ex-wife looks good, huh?

    But I’m going to punish her for not grabbing me a can of ROCKSTAR while she was at the gas station. Her punishment will be….hmm….I won’t give her any sex for at least 2 hours!!!! Yeah, I’m a jerk, I know, but you gotta keep a bitch in line or they run wild!


  44. Sarah

    Definitely very very hot. I’ve thought she was hot since “That 70s Show” and very funny too. Love her.

  45. Yo

    Her face is FUGLY

  46. tig

    ‘…Polar opposite of Heidi Montag…’

    Then stop featuring and talking about the black hole called Heidi.

    Jesus, Superficial…you’re just exasperating the situation, to the point I think you maybe on MTV’s payroll.

  47. tig

    ‘…Polar opposite of Heidi Montag…’

    Then stop featuring and talking about the black hole called Heidi.

    Jesus, Superficial…you’re just exasperating the situation, to the point I think you maybe on MTV’s payroll.

  48. ToTellTheTruth

    Sure she used to be hot when she FIRST came out, but now she’s just as average as any other Hollywood bitch.

    Moving on..

  49. areles

    hi, #48. i think you mean “exacerbating”.

    i do wholeheartedly agree with your point, though.

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