Mila Kunis gets cleavagey

September 18th, 2008 // 72 Comments


I’m The Superficial Writer, and I approve this cleavage.



  1. lulu

    she’s so cute :)


    First, to see them boobies


    First, to see them boobies

  4. Crazy Old Bitch

    Yeah, and Tom Cruise is an ass rammed faggot.

  5. Motorboat

    From picture 1… I’d love to motorboat those things!

  6. She’s sexy no matter what she’s doing. Now I said that there’ll be some ugly ass photo of her popping up showing her taking a shit in an alley. Nah, she’d still be hot.

  7. iseefakethings

    So did her plastic surgeon. (approve it)

  8. Bob Loblaw

    I’d motorboat those juggz in a New York minute!

  9. BackToNormal

    After that Justin in underwear = gay marriage post it is nice to see we are back to what matters: Fine looking females that are ready to breed. YEA! YEA! YEA!

  10. surlywench

    So I’m assuming she was flat chested before and just “grew” boobs?

    Wow…will the infatuation with fake tits ever cease? Soon they will be an American standard – a right of passage that all girls must undergo to look “attractive”.

    Real tits are far more attractive, especially the small perky one’s.

  11. Right Fury

    I had no idea those were hiding under there. Nice!

  12. BudAshes

    You didn’t realize there was silicone hiding under there?

  13. #10 is Right

    Damn…I just checked some back post on Mila (the one with no ass) and damn look what praying to God can do. She grew boobs from outta nowhere. Religion must be very important to her.

  14. haroof

    Real or fake who gives a shit?

    She looks fucking hot as hell.

  15. since when boobs of any kind, real or fake, bad? do they LOOK fake or badly done? heeeell NO! do fake tits feel the same, maybe not, but you’re never gonna know how mila’s feel so stfu and enjoy the view! lol

  16. superfluous

    Mila Kunis wasn’t pretty at all in that’s 70 show. At some point i even wondered what were the producers smoking to cast her for the role.

    Remember Rachel Miner (Macaulay’s ex wife)? She used to be ugly and now she’s quite stunning.

    What’s the deal? Macaulay got an army of plastic surgeons hidden in his closet?

  17. Joe C

    She looks pretty damn good.

  18. Ray Romero

    I would have been first but my hands were busy and then I had to clean my keyboard and monitor

  19. veggi

    I thought she was adorable in That 70′s Show- and she still is..

    Wonder if she ever saw Ashton naked..

  20. Vol

    Obama is an Oreo…and ain’t no cookie can be my President!!

  21. Cam

    Mila was riduculously young when she started doing “That 70′s Show”… No wonder she didn’t look as hot. She was kinda in that awkard stage… Now, she’s smokin’.

  22. Tuck

    I would definitely do her, and then hit her with a shovel.

  23. havoc

    NICE and HAWT……


  24. The Bisexual

    #20- Shove it.

  25. Big Ro

    I dont remember her ever looking so HOT!

  26. veggi

    Yeah!! What 24 said!!

  27. JesusLovesFakeBoobs

    Are you a girl? Is the toaster in your kitchen bigger than your boobs? Do you hear your dog whisper “Mommie where is your chest?”. I can help. I am a plastic surgeon and I want to insert balloons in your body where your nipples used to be. You want it. You know it. Call me.

  28. frankinSloth

    Can’t believe this the kid from Home Alone’s steady Slam piece….
    Lucky bastard…..

    She’s hot for sure….

    I don’t remember her having that nice of a rack until recently… hmmmm…. mysterious isn’t it.

  29. veggi

    Where the fuck is FRIST!!!

  30. mike

    Why is there always some jackass in every thread saying “FIRST” . First off , who cares. More often than not, their not even first.

  31. Ted from LA


  32. Heeeeeeey Ted from LA

    I thought you were finally getting your overexposed stupid ass off this site? Sad to have you back.

  33. Jimboooo!

    So /freaking/ hot.

  34. Hell no. Im back and out of the closet bitches!!!

    Just like everyone in LA. Gay and loving the pole down the throat and up the butt!

  35. lloyd johnson

    Those last two pics of her getting out of an EG civic should be inspiration to all teenage ricers everywhere!

  36. they aren't implants

    She’s super hot and I think in this case she is simply wearing a padded push up bra. They don’t look like implants and it’s not her style. She’s had tiny ones for years but a padded push up bra can do a lot… think paris hilton. Many girls wear padded bras. If I put one on I go from a full B to D, that’s just the magic of bras.

  37. debagger

    Hell yes. HELL FUCKING YES!

  38. lloyd johnson

    I wish I were a magic bra…

  39. nipolian

    #16 – The only things that Macaulay Culkin has hiding in his closet are all those skeletons shaped like MJ’s little dick.

  40. Fat Chicks Suck

    Super hot. If you think otherwise then you are an idiot.

  41. #20 is an ass hat!!!

    my name says it all.

  42. not first!

    Yeah, she is really hot, but too bad she is doing that loser from Home Alone.

  43. Randal

    You turned heads in That 70′s Show and still continue to do so because of your wits and talent. The voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy is top notch, certainly better than some of the other voices we’ve come to hear on TV.

    Love the bracelets.


  44. Some dude

    Yet more evidence that Jewish women are the true superior race. Good lord she is hot.

  45. bar room hero

    She’s so hot, too bad her voice is SOOOO annoying….

    That’s what duct tape is for….

  46. lloyd johnson

    jewish girls have hairy crotches.

  47. bar room hero

    @47, yea but I would LOVE to whistle through her wheat field!

  48. supersex

    who the fuck is this bitch anyways?

  49. lloyd johnson

    j/k but both jewish girls I had were super hot with natural bushes.

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