Mila Kunis > Hayden Panettiere

September 21st, 2009 // 77 Comments

It must’ve been unbelievably awkward last night for Hayden Panettiere to arrive at the Emmys and see my current obsession Mila Kunis looking better in pretty much every way possible. But, to Hayden’s credit, she handled herself with exemplary midget poise and grace. Although my sources/hidden camera tell me she got shitfaced afterward and woke up next to Smurfette. Or maybe that only happened in my head – twice. And again now: Touch her toadstools!

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  1. rthawker


  2. immune

    ummm, mila has looked better than hayden every day of the week and twice on thursday for a looooong time now!

  3. Eva

    Mila is so lovely!

  4. Loren

    Mila Kunis? Um… have you heard her talk? I’m guessing not.

  5. immune

    however, she has a very unfortunate choice of mate (jackson’s “catcher”).

  6. A hypocritical very ugly man


    • Briitani

      Its from wearing long dangly/hoop earrings lol. shes been wearing them just about every day since shes 15. I know that because i’ve watched thats’ 70s show since it came out lol

  7. jlylec

    hottest girl in the world. hands down.

  8. dammit

    #6. UGH Thanks for ruining her. Everyone says I look like her except I have more in the boob department and I have really petite elf like ears. Oh well the rest of her is awesome, the only celeb I know of with my eye color.

  9. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    me want fucky fucky

  10. cestji

    #8… pic?

  11. Megan Fox

    Mila Kunis is absolutely stunning…..and why are people all about Megan Fox right now?? Mila is far more beautiful than that biotch…I just don’t get it.

  12. Sport

    Mila is hot – why is she with that asshat from the Home Alone flicks?

  13. mr. corrector

    @dammit: i believe the petite elf like ears you speak of are vulkan ear. you’ve got vulkan ears.

  14. kaylia

    mila kunis is better any day. fyi to whomever said she has the same eye colour, kunis has complete heterochromia.. that means her eyes are 2 seperate colours… fail

  15. Dread not

    Would love to see Mila Kunis, Fran Drescher and Maggie Wheeler (played Janice on TV show Friends) join the cast of, Heroes. They could play “sirens”, and corner the cheerleader. They form a sound triangle of death around, Hayden Pantsareoverthere. All three alternately talking and laughing as loud and fast as they can, until Hayden’s head explodes from the sonic death wave in a Scanner-esque fashion. The cheerleader dies and the world turns to shit. And just when it looks like all is lost, a cheerleader squad shows up, consisitng of, Meagn Fox, Christina Milian, Devon Aoki, Kristin Kreuk, and Sophie Monk.

    Let smack down begin! Sirens versus Cheerleaders!

  16. Uncle Paul

    Mila is so cute. I want to marry her. Even though she a has a flat ass

  17. bi chick

    @ Dread not YOU ARE MY HERO

  18. bi chick

    @dammit Kate Bosworth has one blue eye and one brown one, it’s much more noticeable; Mila’s blue/green combination is more subtle, I’m sorry to say I never even noticed

    But why do they look amber in these pics? Did she wear colored contacts to the Emmys?

    @kaylia how do you know @dammit doesn’t have the same unique eye color? if she said Mila is the only celeb with the same as her, that would make sense…

  19. sam hain

    Yummy… Mila has aged nicely. Is Heyden old enough to wish for a lesbian scene between these two, yet?

  20. V

    that is unfair to poor little Hayden. I mean, posting her pictures near those beloning to teh hotness named Mila Kunis, is quite harsh.
    She’d be more comfortable compared to, I dunno, a Cabbage Patch doll?

  21. Hayden is starting to look like Hilary Clinton.

  22. Tg

    Hayden’s round face is disgusting. What a fatty.

    On top of that, the dirty little whore smokes & fucks like a streetwalker. Apparently she’s not that good in bed, at least that’s what her customers say.

    Once Heroes is over, this little bitch’ll be on her back on every casting couch in the valley. How do you think she got her role in Heroes, anyway?

  23. Scoobie Doo

    Hayden is this close to aging in Dog years. Why is she in such a hurry to look 40?

  24. E-rock

    Wow, Mila is just a vision of beauty, pure and simple. GORGEOUS. Love the makeup and dress too, but the shoes look a little klunky? Everything else is just perfection! Keep it up Mila, you show those wannabe’s (Megan Fox, Jessica Beil, Jessica Alba) how its done. ;o)

  25. j

    Pop ups bad…

  26. illy

    you guys are so mean! they both look good! cept for mila’s dress. not feeling the witch look.

  27. gotmilk?

    mila is gorgeous. hayden looks like her usual fat troll.

  28. Those earlobes are a bit distracting. And why in the hell would you put heavy earrings on to stretch them out even further? See a plastic surgeon this instant and get those fixed.

  29. Moi

    Umm Mila is all of 2 inches taller than Hayden. So they both handled themselves with exemplary midget poise and grace.

  30. Jimboooo!

    Dear God. Both so hot.

  31. Nameless

    Mila is definitely a hottie. Gets prettier and prettier as she gets older.

  32. whatthehell

    Did Hayden drive over in a convertible?

  33. Steve O

    “4. Loren – September 21, 2009 10:31 AM

    Mila Kunis? Um… have you heard her talk? I’m guessing not.”

    Oh shut the fuck up. Did you really say ‘have you heard her TALK’? That’s just asinine on so many levels. No one gives a fuck if her voice tends to annoy you. And if thats the only thing you can latch onto and bitch about, well, I’d say shes doing pretty good. Oh, and next time at least TRY not to act like a jealous cunt.


    Mila is beautiful, and even more importantly she does NOT annoy me like a lot of other celebrities do.

    However, her nose has changed considerably over the years, and I think the ‘more beautiful with age’ comments should be ‘more beautiful since nose job’.

  35. dammit

    #18. Well my eyes are the same color I forgot she had too different eye colors, mine are the color she has here,amber: or gold-green-brown.

    #13 my ears have zero pointyness to them, so maybe elf like is not the right term. I just have small ears with a little lobe. Sorry english is not my first language.

  36. Jail

    It’s really just dark hair vs light hair and brunettes pretty much win every time. The most beautiful women in the world are all dark haired.

  37. brunette

    #36. TRUTH

  38. tohell

    Dammit (#8), here’s my number: 415-222-4235.

  39. boogedy

    #11 Megan Fox looks like porn star hotness to the max (yeah I said, ‘to the max’), but she’s mainstream. Mila is just a F O X, fox. Seriously, think about it.

  40. Gando

    They both look pretty allright to me.

  41. otto

    @14, the fact that she said she’s the only celeb that has her eye color kinda tips me off to the fact that she knows mila has two different eye colors. dumbass. fail.

  42. Rhialto

    They both started to act around 1994.They’re a close match.Hayden Panettiere is 6 years younger though.

  43. Nero

    But the most important question remains.Which of them is the hottest bang?!

  44. Darth

    They’re both size gnome.Are there any leprechauns who can answer us this question?

  45. Danny DeVito

    43. Nero – September 21, 2009 5:07 PM.

    I’m familiar with both of them but after ten beers it’s hard to remember.

  46. kayak

    Mila is so genuinely pretty. Megan Fox is all plastic-surgery and dye-jobs and mugging for the camera… Mila was just simply born a beautiful girl. Plus she is really funny, and clever.

  47. shorty

    i think mila’s prettier and FUNNY, and i love that shes natural. like megan fox has had a bazillion surgeries and crap but not mila! and mila can actually act…always a plus for an actress.

  48. shorty13

    i think mila’s prettier and FUNNY, and i love that shes natural. like megan fox has had a bazillion surgeries and crap but not mila! and mila can actually act…always a plus for an actress.

  49. shorty13

    i think mila’s prettier and FUNNY, and i love that shes natural. like megan fox has had a bazillion surgeries and crap but not mila! and mila can actually act…always a plus for an actress.

  50. daws

    Mila is stunning. Smoldering eyes.

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