Mila Kunis was born with no ass

June 8th, 2007 // 150 Comments

mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_09-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_10-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_11-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_12-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_13-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_14-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_15-thumb.jpg mila_kunis_filming_hawaii_shorts_16-thumb.jpg


  1. michelle

    I’d rather have her ass than a big ass. She’s adorable.

  2. How could you not feel sorry for this face:

  3. cosmetologist

    She needs to get one of those new Brazilian Butt Lifts.

    They put the same silicone giant-sized implants, like they used for Pam Anderson’s boobs, in her butt cheeks. Then she can go show everyone what she’s got.

    This need to be done real soon, like this weekend. It will get rid of the terrible pain that she must have when sits sits down on her bonny ass.

  4. Sicilian Donkey Lover

    I always wanted a small ass, so after seeing your pix of Mila, I went out and bought a Miniature Sicilian Donkey.

  5. MissAntithesis

    Big asses are God’s way of making up for a flat chest.

    But it would seem that Mila just got gypped.

  6. mefirst

    hey leave her alone. so she has a flat hiney/ so what? at least she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t act like a tramp.

  7. who the hell said that” her body looks nice?” that was some bullshit! I mean, damn she’s just stick, and fucking bones! No ass, no breast, damn, it’ll be just like fucking a little boy!

  8. jbird

    I have noticed for sometime that American white girls do not have very attractive bottoms. They are either small and flat or wide and flat, but ALWAYS flat. Interesting. BUT this poor female — Gee I wonder what happened to her?

  9. I don’t know…I think she has a fantastic body…she always looks good…

  10. I have noticed for some time that you are a cunt. What happened to you?

  11. Jenna Black

    Yeah lets see the fat slab who wrote this article. I get sick of seeing these web sites where the ugly writers make fun of perfectly good looking women. You are the scum bags making the Nicole Richie’s! she looks great and has a perfectly shaped butt!

  12. Lenny Lee

    After all of those years on “That 70′s Show” you figured this out? Brillient!

  13. I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m a filthy racist. Also, I ramble on about total BS because I really am quite unaware of my surroundings. Maybe women of all colors are born with sweet asses and it was grossly ignorant of me to claim that one ethnicity is barren of fine bottoms, but I like my stupidity. The funniest thing about my earlier comment was the distinction of “American” white girls. After smoking my daily crack I decided that white people in Europe and America are two different races even though white people are still moving back and forth between those two continents.

  14. can you tell me what the fuck do that have to do with MS. FLATBACK? If she has no ass, she has no ass! I’ve seen black women, with no ass! so…’s not a racial issue! it’s the case of the chick with no ass! I think that’s why america is turning gayer, and gayer, becasuse men, would rather fuck a girl that looks like a boy! no breast, no ass, of course her pussy is going to be fat, because she’s has nothing else to take away from that!

  15. DJ

    I would do her!!!!!
    Good pictures of this fine hottie:

  16. Lucija

    I think that Mila Kunis is beautiful, with taht face nobody cares what here ass looks like

  17. Well if I have to chooses between a bottom that made like an ironing board or a bottom which one could lay plates on, I’d go for the first option: haven’t go that much room in my appartment anyway.

  18. BLAH

    if you’re only looking at the bottom half of her body you can’t tell which is front and which is back

  19. Adriana Lima is just perfect

    But its a fact!

    Americans has no asses!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Adri is just perfect]

    But is anyone say she is ugly..that person must be crazy.

    She only dont have but, like all american people

  21. Kunis Groupie

    You have this so wrong.

    Mila Kunis definitely has an ass. It’s just small, sweet, and tight, which is a good thing… a VERY good thing!

    It’s so small that it would be difficult to find the hole, but I guarantee you, I would find it, and the challenge of finding such a tiny little hole in such tiny little buns would make the experience all the more exciting.

    I don’t ever use this term lightly, but Mila Kunis is a “goddess!”

  22. bri_fari

    the girl is euro poon what bout her minimal junk know her beavz well maintained and im sure it smells sweet and her kneecaps are A grade.they dont have rugburn like other skeezy hollyweird yotches i wont name.ide take her on a backroads tour of the big island anyday.

  23. Lola

    #76, You are a “STUPID FUCKING RACIST” with no brains and probably a small Dick, that`s why you hate Black people!!
    Also,#33 I think that apart from Genetics that is just how it goes it most cases, cause I have an aunt & two cousins with the same scenario “BIG BOOBS & NO ASS”!

  24. Tessa

    Oh my God, I`ve heard of a Belly ring but is that a “Back ring” that Mila Has? Euuuwww!

  25. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Squats and lunges hun, squats and lunges.

  26. Karla

    #7, the fact that she’s tiny does not matter. Most latin women are small, there yet, a lot of them have a butt, your height or bone structure has nothing to do with it. I have tiny women with a natural booty, I have seen big women with no ass. It’s just heritage. About Mila, she has a cute face, but nothing for a body, no curves, no ass, no tits…

  27. Karla

    I meant, “I HAVE SEEN tiny women…” not ” I have women…” LOL.

  28. Emily

    Ummmm hello no white people have butts. all flat and yes even the wide butts (which u consider ‘big’) is still not a butt! damn u people are dumb

  29. JackieRocks

    Come on people. The girl is gorgeous. So she’s not dragging around a J.Lo-esque ass (and thank god for that). Deal with it.

    This picture may help with the dealing…

  30. uirane

    she is o hot idont know why people are sayind bad things about her i think she is cute and very hot i love her so much

  31. gina

    i loooove mila kunis she is sooo pretty and i love her body! i feel bad for her cuz she has to be criticized! honestly, how many people do you know that are as naturally beautiful as her? she is GORGEOUS and an awesome actress.. i hate how our society these days (male esp) expects all women to be born with perfect bodies.. thats just not reality…

  32. RoD

    Eh, you hardly ever see a chick with a model perfect figure with any real deffinition persay. Nevertheless, she’s a beaut.

  33. Ryan

    what is wrong with a girl with no ass? it is all good as long as they do not have a dick!

  34. kd

    #130. YES. Thanks for the link. I’d tap that any day or night. In fact, I just did.

  35. Mike

    I’d still say she’s awesome … she was one of the most perfect characters in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 10 times hotter than Kristin Bell :P

  36. JMH

    I love Mila…..i think she has an amazing ass…..she is so hot….her small ass would not stop me from putting me face between her legs for hours…..and her feet, OMG!!!, i would lick her from head to toe and more…..

    i luv u Mila!!!!!!

  37. Robby

    I happen to love small asses like hers her ass is perfect she is fine the way she is.

  38. Robby

    I happen to love small asses like hers her ass is perfect she is fine the way she is.

  39. person

    that’s gross….she’s very overrated i think.

  40. unknown

    If I get a chance I will only fuck her face, because fucking her in any other way will be like fucking a wall.

  41. opinion

    Whos the fucking idiot who said her ass is rounder than Alba’s?? Alba’s ass i just plain distracting its so gorgeous, adding to her already curvaceous physique. Mila has no curves, with the exception of her upper body, from then on its a straight line down to her feet. She’s good looking – but fucking that would be like hitting the back of a wooden plank.

  42. It’s hard to understand why people’s attention is focused on oompa loompa Hayden and alien princess Rihanna, when girls like Mila Kunis exist.

  43. karly

    Not everyone can have an ass the size of new york city so how about leaving the girl alone she pretty she dont have too have a huge ass to be attracted


  45. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

  46. Dead

    HAIL MILA!!!!!

  47. PoopOnU

    I would like to squat over her and take a massive shit on her face.

  48. katherine

    you cant even see the back of her… how would you u know if she has an ass or not? honesly, your the biggest dumbass ive ever met and she prettier than anybody else youve ever met ya dumbfuck

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