Mila Kunis: ‘People Can Lose Weight If They Want To’ (I’ll Be Under My Desk)

August 10th, 2011 // 269 Comments

If you read the comments here or generally interact with at least one to one and a half women, you know they all secretly hate each other, particularly ones more attractive than them. So I don’t see anyway Mila Kunis doesn’t die at the end of the day by being sucked into a vortex of nails and heels after this interview with British Glamour goes as wide as its about to. Via The Marquee Blog:

“I don’t think I ever fully realized what a human body is capable of doing,” she says. “But I think I was also, in a beautiful way, incredibly naïve. I believed I could do anything. I never for one moment thought I couldn’t do it. I believe in hard work. In self-drive and self-worth.”
Don’t get her wrong – she’s a “huge foodie,” she says, adding that she “loves food.”
“But when people say ‘I can’t lose weight,’ no, no, no, you can,” Kunis emphasizes. “Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it.”

What’s fucked up, is Mila Kunis did nothing wrong except tell the truth, yet I can already hear the claws being sharpened and ready to type, “Stupid Hollywood cunt. What does she know?” instead of asking the important questions like, Why is terrible, processed food available so cheap? Who lobbies to make that happen? How come I work two jobs to make ends meet yet don’t have time or money to buy/prepare fresh food? Why are McRibs allowed to be so delicious yet no one will tell me what they’re made of? However, in all honesty, had this been Gwyneth Paltrow, I’d help you burn her goddamn house down. “Whoops! Just protesting the government, sorry about that. You know London. Ahahaha! Very good, very good.”

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  1. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    But I’d still bend her over my Bag-O-Chips, and fuck’r silly….

  2. Lisa

    The girl is just trying to give everyone a little hope and motivation and she gets slammed for being self-righteous and arrogant. She never mentioned anything about looking like a stick thin celebrity, all she said is that it is possible for anyone to lose weight.

    • I don’t see her getting slammed at all – what she said is exactly what “Biggest Loser” has been promoting for the past few years, and no one’s calling them self-righteous and arrogant. It’s all in how you put it across, and as the Fish mentioned, she wasn’t condescending the way Gwyneth is programmed to be.

  3. Kara

    I run 50 mile races for shits and giggles and I completely agree with her “you can make your body do anything if you want it” Let me tell you, your body doesn’t want to run for 10 hours, but if your mind does, then it happens.

    Also, do you know what an ultramarathoner eats? Answer: whatever the fuck she wants. Think about it fatties. Think about it.

    • I used to not be to run to the end of my st, before getting a cramp. I was thin, but had zero endurance. Then I read an article in Oxygen mag about a girl who lost a ton of weight and started running and I thought “if someone who’s 200 lbs can do it, why can’t I?” That summer, I literally ran for 30 sec and walked 5 min, until I could run 5 k w/o stopping. Now I frequently run 5-7k a few times a week, no prob and can run 15 k. You’re right, our bodies don’t want to do these things naturally, but if you have the will and you want it bad enough, you can transform your health and your body and there really is no excuse to be a fatlardbutt.

  4. Gigi

    just wait until you hit 40.

    • Girl wonder

      Not true. That’s just more excuses. I am 42 and I am thinner now than the day I got married. I’ve had two kids. I don’t exercise. I just cut my portions sizes down and the weight came off. It was so easy. I eat whatever I want just not as much as I want. I am so happy now.

  5. Gus

    It’s a problem with math in the general population. Two thirds of Americans are overweight, and most of them claim to have the genetic defect in metabolism that affects 1 in 100,000 people.

  6. Xenobia4

    I kinda wanna differ. I only consume 1200 – 1400 calories a day, eat healthy (lots of fruits, vegetables and fish) do hardcore cardio daily and I still considered myself “overweight”. My true BMI (where they sit you in a tub filled with water and calculate your muscle vs. body fat) is healthy, but I weigh 180lbs at 5’10. I’ve worked my ass off trying to get down to that 140-dream-weight, but it just doesn’t seem to want to happen.

    I’d love to look like this Hollywood starlets, but my build doesn’t wanna let me do that, no matter how much I kick it into high gear. Losing weight isn’t nearly as easy for a lot of us. I don’t even eat fast food, candy bars, drink soda or eat fried foods – and haven’t since I was 12. If normal overweight people did half the shit I do, they’d be tiny!

    • dontlooknow

      Yeah, but remember, Mila is a midget.

    • Carrie

      Xeno, 5’10″ and 180 doesn’t sound big. I’m 6′, we carry weight far better than those shorter than us. I imagine you’re far more svelte than you think you are—being stick-thin and tall is built into people’s genes. Ever wonder why there are hideous runway models? Because there’s only a small percentage of the population that can be 6′ and a size 0. And most of them are anorexic with a coke habit.
      Embrace your curves, girl. I got down to a scary weight after my divorce (size 3, I was disgusting) and now that I’ve gained that weight back plus a little, I have boobs and an ass. It’s fucking awesome.

      • welldoneson

        it’s easy to have “boobs and an ass”, it’s the part where there’s 20 pounds of flab hanging off each one that is disgusting. it’s simply easier to be fat than slim.

    • Elsie

      You may be eating too little calories.. if you don’t consume enough, your body breaks down and your metabolism slows down. Do you feel tired a lot? Do you eat protein at each meal? I’m 5’10 too and 180 isn’t big to me, but I can get how you’d want to lose weight.. don’t go too low though.

      Are you hungry a lot? Do you eat 3 meals plus snacks between? I recommend not strictly counting calories, but eating frequently to keep your metabolism up (it goes into starvation mode when you don’t eat for long periods of time…and holds onto weight..weird..huh). Eat protein at each meal… Don’t skip on some healthy whole grain carbs too..

      I speak from experience is all… :)

      • Elsie

        Also recommend getting your thyroid tested.. that can prohibit weight loss… it really does make it harder to lose weight… but not always the case.

  7. marceelf

    Well I guess if you can teach yourself to fuck the Home Alone kid. You CAN make your body do anything!

  8. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    Ukrainians are stupid but Kuntis is Jewish so she is right!

  9. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    Losing weight is very hard if you are a fat fuck American. Eat less and exercise more cunts.

  10. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
    Curious Troll
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    I love this dress! She is simply breathtaking.

  11. The Listener

    Mila’s answer is oversimplifying the matter of weight gain and weight loss. If losing weight were that easy for everyone, then why are there so many obese individuals in the world? Is she really saying if you’re overweight, it’s because you’re lazy and lack self-control? I’m sure the millions of people around the world struggling with weight issues and diets and exercise plans that fail would disagree with her. Not to mention females and some males with eating disorders might take offense to the concept that their weight problems are because they are not motivated to lose the weight. If the solution to obesity were as simple as she makes it, there would be far fewer obese people in the world. She really IS naive.

    • Fritz

      Well, there were never any fat people in Auschwitz……I’m just saying.

      • Jade

        @Fritz: the fat people in Auschwitz died before they got thin. You’re right though, everyone (barring those with thyroid problems and movement impairing health issues) can lose weight. The problem is that even those that set their mind to it often have the wrong information.

    • I've got a crush on the GW

      Of course it’s not easy! That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You need motivation, self-control, and education! There are plenty of diet plans that fail because they don’t work, what works is a nutritional diet and exercise. You need education about how the body works, and more specifically, about how your own body works. You change your lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise more, and when things stall, change it up.

  12. Sarah

    Right, because all women are jealous, insecure hags. Thanks for that generalization

  13. Meg

    Women are here to do more than look good for your pleasure
    your opinion that anybody can lose weight is not true. people process sugar differently & respond to it like a drug: withdrawal and addiction. it’s not bullshit-it’s science.

  14. Muckseen

    She’s right, I don’t disagree with that at all.

    What I do find questionable though is the fact that Hollywood doesn’t exactly endorse a healthy body type. Being healthy is awesome and something we should all strive for, but the image projected by Hollywood isn’t something which is achievable by everyone or healthy for everyone, and that, I think, is where the distinction is. Mila is very right, but we have to remember that being skinny is not necessarily the same as being healthy.

  15. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    actually women i know tend to love her because she’s A) funny B) hot C) honest. or maybe that’s just me. anyways, i agree with her 100 percent.

  16. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    Stupid Hollywood cunt….jkjk

  17. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    and to the other comments, it how about spending more of your money on fruits and veggies instead of smart phones, ipads, etc. you make a choice to eat shit or to eat right. it’s no excuse to say healthy food is too expensive.

  18. Ruth


  19. SumSum

    Like I’ve always said, I’ll worry about losing extra weight when my face isn’t so pretty…

  20. Hick

    Ha, Ha, Ha……..all of you idiots that go to the gym. I live on a farm, get up at 4:40am, and work my butt off all day long. I don’t need any stinking metro sexual gym in the city. I’ve got washboard abs just from my farm work. All of you fatties need to go out and buy a pig, and then you’ll know, why waste time and money at a gym. I’m so sick of seeing fat, young American women at the supermarket loading up their carts full of chips and pizza then saying they can’t lose weight. All of you fatties need to take up smoking cigarettes, and stop all of your pigging out. Mila’s right anyone can lose weight, if they really want to, it’s just a matter of how bad do you want too.

    • It’s true. My dad was a baker his entire life – worked like a fucking dog six nights a week and ate whatever the hell he wanted to. Did that ever have to change when he retired, though!

    • Carrie

      All of my uncles are farmers and at 50 and 60, they’re in better shape than 95% of people in this nation. Hick, unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of working in such an environment. I started gaining weight when I stopped bartending in a busy sports bar 5 nights a week. But what you say is true–the elitist attitude of “Well, I’ll just take some hydroxycut and get a McDouble at the drive-thru because I can’t be bothered with getting out of my car” is disgusting. If someone has a health issue that prevents them from losing weight, that’s one thing. If someone is lazy and complains about being fat, then Darwinism should kick in.

    • I wonder if the chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars had anything to do with Kunis loosing weight. All the weight she lost, she put back on anyway. Thats not loosing when you gain it all back. Is it?

  21. duder

    calories in > caloric expenditure: gain weight
    calories in < caloric expenditure: lose weight

    There, now no one needs to ever buy a diet book again. It's a matter of competing desires. Sure, all fat asses "want" to be thin, but they want food more. No one wants to feel hungry all the time. But if you want to be healthy more than you want to be full, you'll lose weight. I'm happy being slightly chubby: I get to eat what I want, exercise moderately, and not worry too much about life. But I don't pretend that I ought to be a twig because I want it so much and just can't figure out how. I know exactly what to if I want to drop the 20 pounds, and sure that would be nice in theory. But I like eating more. My choice. In other words, people can say any ole' shit, but what they do will tell you what they really desire and who they truly are.

    Mila calls it right, as usual.

  22. Mandy

    Then why aren’t her boobs bigger?
    I agree that lots of people who say they can’t lose weight actually CAN – but come on. This reasoning is beyond stupid. “Your body can do whatever you want it to!” No.

    • Ever heard of Bruce Lee? Paddy Doyle? Seen a performance by Shaolin monks? Strongman competition? It may take an extraordinary amount of time, effort and dedication, but the human body is a truly incredible machine.

      • Mandy

        So your penis can get bigger just be wishing and hoping? Yes, some people’s bodies are capable of incredible things. But a blank statement of “Your body can do whatever you want it to” is ridiculous.

      • No, but I keep pulling on it daily, just in case.

  23. Blech

    Almost every one of these fucks who say “it’s haaaaaard” and “I caaaan’t” has no problem guzzling down gallons of beer.

    • Carrie

      +1. If I notice I’m gaining weight, I cut out booze and string cheese (string cheese is my addiction). People have no idea of the calories they suck down in a night out on the town.

      • fatmoocow

        I think thats why many people who say they watch what they eat and only eat a certain number of calories per day cant loose weight because they often dont take into proper account the number of calories they consume each day in the form of drinks be it alcohol, smoothies, milkshakes, juices or the various different types of high calories drinks you can get from places like starbucks or any other anything else they may drink … Some people may be surprised if they added up all the calories in the different drinks they may consume in a day for example high calories drink at star bucks:

        Peppermint White Hot Chocolate with whole milk and whipped cream. Damage: 730 (690 with 2% milk) calories venti, 27 (22 with 2% milk) grams total fat in venti.

        Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream. Damage: 700 (680 with 2% milk) calories venti, 26 (23 with 2% milk) grams total fat.

        3. Mint Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Creme with chocolate whipped cream. Damage: 680 calories, 21 grams total fat (same calorie and total fat count for the venti whole milk, 2% milk and nonfat options according to

        Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee with whipped cream. Damage: 660 calories, 19 grams total fat (same calorie and total fat count for the venti whole milk, 2% milk and nonfat options according to

        Tazo Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Crème with whipped cream. Damage: 650 calories, 15 grams total fat (same calorie and total fat count for the venti whole milk, 2% milk and nonfat options according to

        Iced White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream. Damage: 630 (610 with 2% milk) calories, 27 (24 with 2% milk) grams total fat.

        If you want to lose weight you have to take into account everything that you consume in the day…

      • Carrie

        Exactly, fatmoocow. I cut out Starbucks and their amazing pumpkin lattes two years ago. I still crave them when it gets cold (luckily, I live in Texas so that doesn’t happen much), but now I drink cinnamon hot tea instead. I bartended for a decade and to listen to those women bitch about their weight as they sucked back 16oz margaritas was almost more than I could handle. And then when the South Beach diet hit big, they’d come in and order vodka-sodas, which still have right at 100 calories a piece. Throw back 5 of those and it’s like you’ve added an extra meal.

      • kimmykimkim

        @Carrie: I live in Texas too! So, obviously, we know each other!

  24. JWP

    I have to say that while she is technically correct, she’s missing some important realities. It would be very easy to lose lots of weight and be model-actress-thin if that were part of your job and you had lots of time and financial resources to make it happen. (And it doesn’t hurt to be in your 20s while you are doing it.) It is a lot harder if you are over 35, have a serious full time job that requires brain power, have children to care for, a house to keep up and not enough money to pay for fancy trainers and gyms. It is hard to starve yourself when you have to actually think each day to make your living and when you hav to be mentally present for your chuildren. Trust me, I know from experience. I work very, very, very hard to maintain a healthy weight, and I think it is kind of lame for someone in Mila Kunis’ position to be throwing around this kind of talk about how anyone can lost weight like it’s so easy to do. It’s not easy at all for most real people.

  25. amy

    Oh and Fish, while I agree that people can lose weight if they really want to, I think it’s pretty shitty to accuse all women of being catty. I’ve never hated another woman because she was smarter, prettier, or happy…or anything of the sort. In fact, I like hanging out with people who have it together. Remember, the more competetive sex is male. That should tell you something.

  26. Aggie

    I’m tired of people claiming women hate other women. I can get along perfectly fine with other women. So can all my friends. I work in an almost entirely female office and everything runs smoothly.
    It’s not other women that are assholes, it’s people in general. I’m sure if the women ragging on other chicks here thought about it they’d realize they meet as many men they don’t like as they do women.

    • Brooke

      I think guys don’t realize they do the same thing women do, just for different reasons. My husband thinks I’m a bitch sometimes because I see these little teeny bopper idols with no talent and fake tits and nose jobs going on TV trying to be rolemodels for kids, and I make fun of them, and he says I’m being catty. But he does the SAME THING to men– he’s a musician, so if he’s watching a music countdown and some really ugly male singer talks about his new album, he will make many comments, saying the guy has no talent and is ugly as shit. Same thing! But if I point it out, he says “it’s different”. Oh, okay. Maybe it’s different because he’s jealous the musicians make more than he does, and I’m just annoyed that talentless plastic dolls make me hear their shitty music on the radio at super markets.

  27. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    she’s annoying…

  28. Brooke

    I am typically a catty female when it comes to celebrity women, but I can’t hate Mila Kunis. I kind of did at first because she has taken part in two shows I can’t stand (That Seventies Show, Family Guy), but other than those two annoying shows she seems pretty cool and geeky.

    As an aside, I only really hate women who are “beautiful” when they have been using plastic surgery to get ahead. In high school I never hated anyone for being pretty, but as an adult I’ve met some women who clearly had augmentations but acted like it was all natural, and that they were naturally pretty, and acted as if they were humble about their “natural good looks”. That drives me nuts. You can’t be humble about big eyes, large breasts, and a perfect nose when you shelled out 80,000 bucks for your “natural good looks”. I’ll be pretty disappointed if I ever find out that Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis, who I think are beautiful, ever had plastic surgery.

    • cheese

      Both had subtle nose jobs. Ah well.
      But a question- how is augmented beauty deserving of hate, but not ‘natural’ beauty which is artificially enhanced by a number of ways (spanx, makeup, etc.)

    • amy

      I had a boob job. I did it because I had a flat-ass chest and it made me feel better about myself. I was already in a relationship and he was fine with me before. Why am I a bad person or not as pretty or “fake”? It sure as hell feels real, and I look awesome. I guarantee you wear makeup, curl your hair, pluck your eyebrows, wear push-up bras, spanx, etc. etc. etc. So because I have extra money I’m a bad person? If guys had a safe way to make their penis bigger, I guarantee they’d do it in a heart-beat–look at viagra sales. Get over yourself and your insecurities. Be a little more open. And give guys a little credit–they know when things are real or not.

  29. Can I hate her for being a vapid, abrasive, know-it-all bitch? Sure can.

    I can agree with her statement, people can lose weight if they really put their mind to it but it does not come easy to just anyone.
    Of course it is a 100x easier for a celebrity who can afford their own personal trainer on their ass constantly and personal chef to aide their every dietary need to lose and help maintain weight.
    For us regular people, it takes much longer and a great deal of hard work.

    “beautifully naive”? Give me a break. No wonder her head is so big, it’s full of air.

  30. the one

    …….at which university she studied to conclude this?

  31. Tom

    The funny thing is that she’ll probably be one of those obnoxiously loud 250lb Jewish women in a decade.

  32. gumption

    DAMN! We are a weight obsessed country that is for sure. Look at us go at this comment. What is sad is we are also the fattest nation. The problem is clearly a serious psychopathology part of which is we are told
    “we’re number one!” but Americans are really number 500lbs. The physical manifestation of how sick and twisted this country is what some may call poetic justice.

    • Visiting from Belarus 2 years ago Lorisa, the bubba of Andrewsha Kuznetsov made this kind of a statement about Americans. ” I have never seen so many fat people in my life.” We have the food and drug administration to thank for a large part of that. A lot of our food is loaded with pig fat and they allow this. It’s in ice cream. You have a bowl of ice cream and you are eating a shit load of pig fat. Unless it is 100% natural ice cream. That cheese sauce we put on chips I will tell you how it’s made. They make it right here in Green Bay, WI. Starts with a 5 gallon bucket of corn oil. Dump that into the batch. Next a huge block of lard. So big you have to carry it on your shoulder. Bigger than a microwave oven to give you an Idea. Dump that into the batch and lastly the cheese. A 5 lb block of chedar cheese. We are consuming fat every kind of which way. Without our knowledge or consent. Not to worry though as we will all be loosing weight in the not to distant future As the price of food is going to go through the roof. Not to mention Senate bill 510 Google that once: SB510 it already passed but due to some Congressional regulations it got defunked. It is sure to be passed. Then you can stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
      Want to loose weight. (Reference London England WW2) The Germans bombed out all of the bridges. The people had no food. The Americans dropped organic seeds. Explained to the Londoners how to sprout and eat them. When the seige was lifted the people looked emaciated. However upon medical exam they were extremely healthy. SB510 will make it ilegal for Americans to own organic seed. There will be no more farmers markets. You will not be allowed to have a garden in your yard. These laws will be given over to Homeland Security to regulate.
      Eating sprouts is like eating grass. Sept they are highly nutritional. California is not producing food any more. ( no water) Eat seed sprouts and you will loose weight. It’s the most inexpencive way to eat healthy. One pound of seed will produce a 30 day supply of food for one adult. Average price for one pound of organic buckwheat $8.00

  33. Leslie

    I do more or less agree with Mila on that statement. I don’t currently have a job (I’m a full-time student), so my boyfriend is our only source of income at the moment. However, I only buy fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats & never have anything in the freezer besides frozen meats & vegetables, and never anything labeled “low fat” or “diet.” I try to cook every night, and none of it is processed. I bake meats, never fry. It doesn’t take a luxurious million dollar income to eat healthily. I take the time out every week to plan my meals & calculate how much it will cost me for that week. It takes dedication and organization, but it CAN be done on a tight budget. My boyfriend and I eat better than most people we know that have two steady incomes, and I pride myself on that. It would be super easy to just go out and spend eight dollars on Taco Bell, definitely more easy than cooking a balanced and fresh meal every night, but I’d rather be healthy and cooking for an hour or two every night & taking pleasure in a GOOD meal I worked hard on, than be morbidly obese and sitting on my ass eating mystery meat in a burrito that someone else “made” for my lazy ass. Money is no excuse; most vegetables and fruits are relatively cheap. Homemade lentil/vegetable soup does wonders for the body, and it doesn’t even cost what a Number 9 might. My mother has Parkinson’s and had two children and she looks better than most people my age (mid-twenties). It’s all about taking care of yourself and not being a lazy ass, but being American, that has become difficult; we are quite used to being catered to.

    I don’t exactly work out. But, you’d be surprised by how many calories one can burn by getting up relatively early, vaccuming, doing a few loads of laundry, walking the dog, cooking, washing dishes by hand, and running a few errands (that is, if you park far enough away from the entrance & actually WALK more than five feet). As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised to know that generally speaking, a person that normally cooks their own meals typically eats less than someone who had food made for them. I don’t need a gym or a personal chef to stay healthy & therefore, happy with my body, and financially, we’re struggling!

    But, I do have French heritage. Anyone familiar with the French Paradox Myth? It’s not that much of a mystery; it’s called SELF-CONTROL.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Get a job

      • Leslie

        Fuck you, asshole. I didn’t realize you knew my life & my situation. I am currently working towards my B.A. in English-Literature with a French minor. I also have to commute up to four hours a day for classes. Nobody is willing to hire me because I am not able to work for them as they need, and I don’t blame them. And oh yeah, this whole living in America while the economy is shot to hell and back is also a factor. Struggling for a year or two is worth it if it means I get a good, hard-earned education that I’m proud of & can use to better my life & that of my future students, and my boyfriend agrees. You know, because he’s NOT an asshole like you.

  34. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Dear Fish!
    You got me right so I shall repent and admit to my wrongdoing:
    What an intelligent and insightful woman Mila Kunis is!
    She must have been thinking for weeks to prepare herself for this UK interview (because in the UK many men and women are overweight), she certainly did say it out of concern to them, not because she wanted to provoke and create some hype for her non attention whore persona at expenseof other people’s feelings ).
    Now that I humbled myself as someone Russian and same age as her I will admit that she is so much more attractive than me.
    That’s why, I guess I am not fucking Justin Timberlake or Macaley Culkin.
    Because the guy I am actually fucking just can’t happen to be more attractive, more educated, decent, more bright and better off than those two. And this kind, sweet, polite soul produces rage in me out of her incredible acting talent, integrity and the way she romantically kisses her lover (and all her american fans) goodnight (after she takes out her glass eye out and puts it in a cup on a night table)

  35. bahlder

    Must be hard to be skinny as fuck your whole life and be so judgmental. Will this bitch shut the fuck up already.

  36. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    Photographer should’ve told her she dropped something.

  37. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    MY OH MY! The Ukranian Tila Tequila has arrived!

  38. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    Justin looks so happy in all the photos!

  39. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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  40. Jason

    Yes fat people are for the most part lazy. However what these hollywood types forget is that they pay a small army of people to “help” them look good. People at the gym, people to cook their food and agents that give them incentive (money,projects) to look this way. Its easy to look good when you have 20 hours a day to concentrate on your looks. About 2% of the people in north america have that luxury. If you actually have to work 10 to 15 hours a day it becomes much more difficult. She is an ignorant, stupid young rich girl who honestly has never worked in the real world a day in her life. I guarantee anybody can look amazing if you were in her shoes (time,money)

  41. Lee

    I’m a girl, and I’m also a scientist, and I totally agree with Mila and The Superficial. You can lose weight if you want to…although it is a lot harder if you have an underlying condition, such as hypothyroidism, that you don’t know about that makes it hard to lose weight until it has been treated.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      how can you be a scientist and “a girl” at the same time?

      • Frank Burns

        Wears a bikini under a lab coat – simple.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        No I mean, who refers to themselves as” a girl ” after they are done with school and got their degree in a science? I guess you must at least write a thesis and do research work for some years to call yourself that, best option is when you actually create something new, develop a new paradigm/innovation for it to be able to be referred to as scientific work. And all this schooling and research a person is at least in late twenties still hasn’t got enough maturity /brain to identify themselves as a woman/female

  42. Noel

    fat people that say they only eat 1200 calories a day and exercise constantly are lying fat people.

    • Elsie

      Eating 1200 calories is unrealistic for most people unless you are 4 feet tall and can actually slow your metabolism and keep you heavy.. and too tired to lift your head with the lack of energy you are giving yourself. WITH exercise is just asking for problems.. EAT MORE FOOD… LESS JUNK… stop counting calories. It’s not all the calories from fruit and vegetables making you fat, it’s the cake, donuts, crackers, cookies, pies, sugar, etc.

  43. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
    Commented on this photo:

    its true!!! i used to be one of those fat b*tches that would give “anything” to lose weight.. well guess what.. its a lotta WORK and DEDICATION. ur not gonna lose all ur weight in a week. its a long term commitment. and after 7 months, im down 55 lbs cuz I stuck to my plan, and I disciplined myself.


  44. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    ur fat

  45. Elsie

    Sure.. everyone “can” lose weight, but sometimes it isn’t practical or simple. Some health issues and mandatory medications make it very hard.. some people are naturally more slim and others are genetically prone to hold onto more weight. Lots and LOTS of people have eating disorders tied to strong emotions… It’s not simple, but it can happen. I get how it’s annoying to see someone who doesn’t have a weight problem tell people it’s easy to lose weight sorta thing lol. A big big big component is education… All the easily available and cheap foods are crap and all the organic healthy food costs a limb!

    • Jade

      @Elsie: you don’t need organic health foods to get slim. That’s just a marketing fad. Those “organic” foods are processed and packaged too.
      A good way to start is by increasing vegetables and protein (lean beef, eggs, chicken, fish, lentils, I can go on and on…) and lessen the white carbohydrates (don’t skip on them entirely, just don’t make them the bulk of your meal.) By ‘white’ carbs I mean bread, white rice, pasta, couscous. Drink tea or water instead of soda’s and coffee and you’ll even save some money.

      I got slim this way and I work out 3 times a week, only 20 minutes per session. I have a very busy life and I don’t have genetics on my side either. Just willpower. I do my workouts at home so I don’t waste money at the gym. To say that healthy living means expensive living is just another (poor) excuse. Everyone can do it (except those with mentioned health problems) as long as they have the right info.

  46. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    ‘Dat Ass’

  47. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    fkinggg love mila kunis

  48. Mila Kunis Weight Loss Glamour
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    Lookout behind you! The inmates are loose.
    Looks like she wants some cream in her coffee.
    Handle that p#$$y Timberflake.. it tastes like a 17 y.o Britney, I swear

  49. Jenny Cohen

    This girl is annoying
    Don’t know if she’s just not very bright or incredibly immature or both, but in interviews and award shows, she comes across as a 14 year old valley girl. Kills her good looks.

    • puttypants

      Jenny…I agree she does comes off like a 14 year old valley girl…it does kill her looks…I used to like her in that 70s Show and FG….but the more I read about her the more stupid she comes off. I really think she needs to go to school and learn English better…I don’t understand what she’s getting at half the time in her interviews. She’s a great looking girl but, she really needs to get away from Hollywood, her family, friends, boyfriends and learn how to be a real person. I used to be a fan but, she’s become soooo full of herself that she’s getting difficult to take. Think JT has rubbed off on her. A girl who lived with Culkin and smokes shouldn’t critize anyone about anything. She really is starting to sound vapid, and stupid. The girl needs a proper education. Also take a page out of Vera Farmiga’s book….she comes off so thoughtful and smart in her interviews. I guess that’s why Charlie Rose even interviewed her last week. I really want the best for Mila cause I’m Ukrainian too but, the more she talks the more annoyed I become with her. And this stuff about her private life that she won’t speak of??? OIY!! What’s there to hide? I guess if I was still dating culkin or timberlake i wouldn’t want anyone to know either. She’s a celebrity for heavens sake…people want to know who you’re seeing….they don’t need all the private details….it’s part of your job lady whether you like it or not. This kinda crap makes her sound like a diva….bad form… you haven’t done anything great or worthwhile in your life yet…so get over yourself….mila!

  50. Jade

    I’m a woman and I totally agree with her. Everyone can get in shape as long as they set their mind to it and just go for it. The key in getting the results you want is the right routine. Good food, good exercise routine and being persistent. That’s all you need. It’s just easier said than done, unfortunately.

    Ofcourse I’m exempting the people who have the kind of health problems that prevent them from doing so. But other than that, there really is no good excuse to be out of shape.

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