Mila Kunis Was Blind The Whole Time

January 10th, 2011 // 72 Comments

Unbeknownst to anyone, Mila Kunis was secretly blind in one eye and only had her sight restored a few months ago – which is also the same time she broke up with Macualay Culkin. That’s a paint can to the balls. (Ha! Like the movie!) Via Us Magazine:

“I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew,” the Ukraine native, 27, told February’s Cosmopolitan about her struggle with chronic iritis, an inflammation of the iris.
“I’m not blind anymore. I had surgery a couple of months ago. They cut it open and dropped a new lens in there.”

How Macaulay Culkin hasn’t jumped off a bridge is a testament to his ability to weather any storm. I mean, Christ, imagine having this conversation on top of being molested by Michael Jackson while your parents pissed away all your Home Alone money. I’d probably curl up in the fetal position in the middle of a highway.

YOU: What changed? We were so good together.
HER: I regained my sight and saw your physical appearance for the first time.
YOU: Yeesh.

Photos: Cosmopolitan, Getty


  1. Cock Dr

    I wondered about that when I saw the ex-boyfriend’s photo. The mystery is solved.
    Poor girl!

    • Fatty2X4

      see what response your comment got?
      maybe we should try the site out together.
      Gingers are the new rage with all the bruthas.

      • Cock Dr

        You go ahead Fatty.
        Go on in & get that rich “brutha” for a special playmate.
        Come back & tell us all about it.

    • Fatty2X4

      You be the guinea pig.
      I’ve had 3 mixed relationships in my life (nieces besty, neighbors daughter, and friend) and all 3 white women are now pushing up dandelions.

  2. I’m glad she came thru alright.

  3. joey ramone


  4. Mila Kunis Cosmopolitan
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that supposed to be Mila on the Cosmo cover? If so, they airbrushed the unique hotness right out of her! I mean, she still looks hot – she just doesn’t look like her at all. Yikes.

  5. Adam

    So, does this mean that my chances were better before she broke up then?

  6. Funeral Guy

    Leave it to some dumb shit chick magazine to try to improve on the stunning Mila Kunis.

    Mila Kunis does not need Photoshop.

  7. Mila Kunis Cosmopolitan
    Commented on this photo:

    What the hell is wrong with her arm? It looks like they took a photo with her standing with her arm held up and out, probably with her hand drapped over her head or something, and then frankensteined a different arm on top. Even the shoulder is badly cropped :S

  8. sean

    That picture of her has been so edited that it hardly resembles Mila’s real appearance.

  9. Taz

    Is freaking perfect!

  10. KJ

    I hate Cosmo. Their covers and their shitty advice. They took away her bottom lids, so now her huge eyes look even bigger. And they photo’d her with her head tilted up, making her nose look a little different than how we normally read her. I saw the cover and skipped straight to the papped shots.

    I will say this, as a completely straight woman who has never fooled around with a girl, I would tear that Ukrainian. Ass. UP.

  11. wim

    she can’t help it.

  12. Deebs

    Reminds me of Groucho Marx’s classic zinger: “Is it true you’re getting a divorce as soon as your husband recovers his eyesight?”

  13. she can’t help it.

  14. Mila Kunis People's Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Either Conan is trying to make himself look as short as possible or Mila Kunis is actually taller than she looks.

  15. Dirk

    It’s like the ending to an M. Night Shyamalan movie! I want to go back and watch it again to see if the clues were there all along…

  16. lightdragon

    Well with that body she will not be Home Alone for long.

  17. Minerva Smelibut

    Being a russian I wonder if her farts have a formaldehide smell

  18. sash

    She’s not prettier than Macaulay Culkin. I never thought she was beautiful, short legs,weird face, fat body. Now that Michael Jackson is dead she probably doesn’t need Culkin anymore.

    • mud butt

      None of that makes any sense. Short legs? Fat body?? Weird face??? You may want to check the resolution in the settings for your video driver. If you have it set too high, things can look squished. Or, perhaps you need that lens surgery.
      Oh, and MJ died a year and a half ago…

      • Reggie Rhino

        @mud butt, perhaps the really blind person here is @sash!
        I think @sash’s personal video driver is what is incorrectly set, NOT his/her computer’s

    • I think sash, you should go get your eyes checked. You may need surgery too. Either that, or you are a gay pedophile.

      • sash

        I think you ppl should go get your eyes checked or at least go to see VS model’s picks to understand what beautiful really means. And Calamari you are an idiot.

      • GQ

        Shut the fuck up you half-literate retard. Shove your VS magazines up your boney ass while you’re at it.

    • Gen

      No Sash, you’re the idiot one! And you’re the one that needs to get checked! Look at the comments, she is amazingly beautiful! I don’t know what’s wrong with you!

      • sash

        Thanks. I don’t care about the comments, I’m not a sheep, I don’t think she is pretty at all. VS models are hot and gorgeous. Ppl have different tastes and opinions. You are not smart If you can’t deal with that.

      • GQ

        You’re a fucking retard AND a sheep. VS models are all starving skeletors and you only like them because the media tells you to. If they started putting midgets on covers your dumb ass would be calling them “hot and gorgeous” too.

        Did I mention you’re a retard?

      • Jay

        I agree with Sash, she is only 5ft 3 her face is okay but I won’t call her beautiful, I prefer leggy, toned, high cheek bones women like models.
        Short girls are not as attractive in real life hence the height requirements for fashion

      • GQ

        Complete bullshit. Fashion models are chosen by gay designers to look like walking coat-hangers. They’re all lanky and shapeless for that purpose, not for anything related to attractiveness. The people who choose them aren’t attracted to women to begin with.

  19. Ash Bones

    she looks mulatto.

  20. Mila Kunis People's Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t get it.I don’t get why she’s all the rage. Her face is really ugly… They actually photoshopped her so hard on hat cover that she looks like Rihanna : she doesn’t even look like her real fugly self anymore. :(

  21. stevebeagle

    Meg, Meg , Meg,,,,,,,,

  22. Reggie Rhino

    Now that her sight has returned…she realized that she was actually dating Michael Jackson’s leftovers! That had to be enough to make her wish she was blind again!

  23. Rough: I like you, but I like others too

    Little by little Kunis is redeeming herself…

  24. Mila Kunis Cosmopolitan
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m going to go blind too. If the hair on my palms doesn’t get me first.

  25. MLVC

    I would ass dive her after a steady diet of taco bell….

  26. Savalas

    Every time this broad pops up on this site, I think to myself that if she had a “G” somewhere in her name, one could almost spell “Cunnilingus”, albeit somewhat incorrectly.

    I’ve never actually tried to work it out, though.

  27. Mila Kunis Cosmopolitan
    Commented on this photo:

    The caption at the bottom is a case of tragic placement.

  28. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I had that too. Its called a “lensectomy”.

    I dont look like Mila Kunis though. But appparently I STILL get better tail than she does !

  29. I believe it was the prophet Paris Hilton who admonished us by saying that “stars are blind”. Indeed.

  30. Alex

    O lawd this post makes me happy inside

  31. candyman

    I imagine the scene when they broke up went something like this:

  32. Photoshop Police

    So all this time she’s been attending 3-D movies, she’s been ‘faking it’ ?

  33. Aja

    She is GORGEOUS

  34. I wonder what her good eye saw in Macaulay then?

  35. Snacks exactly, it’s not like she was blind in BOTH eyes!!! Anyhow, maybe he always stood, layed down, stayed on her blind side so she couldn’t tell what he looked like. I could nevr figure out why she was with him other than possibly growing up she had a crush on him due to the movies and when they met as young adults she was blinded to reality?

  36. Mandy

    Mila is GORGEOUS .. So was it really necessary for Cosmo to photoshop her into Tila Tequila?

  37. n

    Fuck you people. Everything is looks looks looks. This living corpse of a human being.. if you so wish to call it that, which you adore, will be rotting and eaten by worms in a few decades, 5 or 6 max. In 50 years she you and I will most likely be dead from old age and rotting.
    Lap up your celebrity gravy while its piping hot.

    You might want to think of something beyond flesh and bone.

    I hope Cosmo mag is keeping her and you all warm at night, when you wish you had someone who understands. Cuz the magazine article is all she has and you have .

    Celebrities must save so much money when they use the whole world for their emotional catharsis.
    I know this internet sure saves me money too bad people dont buy into all the bullshit I say as eagerly.

  38. Well, shit… there goes my ONLY chance with her. Damn you, advanced opthalmology! Damn you!!

  39. On another note, I’m interested in the “75 Very Naughty Moves to Try on a Man”. I suspect it may read as follows:

    1. Bake him a pie
    2. Vaccuum the house
    3. Bring him a beer
    4. Make him a sandwich
    5. etc… to 75.


  40. aine

    What really freaks me out about Macauley Culkin is how he still looks like a 12 year old boy. Something is wrong with him.

  41. Grant

    Not to take a way from her hotness, but I always thought she seemed to have a lazy eye this whole time… this explains alot now

  42. CH


    I love you, superficial writer.

  43. Kaycee

    I knew there was something wrong with her eye(s). At the time, I could never quite put my finger on what it exactly it was but now that she’s said she was blind, it makes sense.

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