BREAKING: Mila Kunis Makes Internet Ejaculate With Her Russia Talk

August 3rd, 2011 // 150 Comments

For those of you just waking up, the entire Internet creamed its jeans this morning after a video surfaced of Mila Kunis defending Justin Timberlake in fluent Russian at a Moscow Q&A for Friends With Benefits. The exchange takes place when a reporter – also female and Russian talking – asks why Justin has decided to focus on movies instead of bringing more sexy back with his music. An understandable, if not pressing concern for the international community. Mila decided to take umbrage with this line of questioning because she’s a movie star and what’s so wrong about movies? Of course, case study after case study informs us the deeper issue here is that women have a built-in, almost other-worldly hate for other women. Frankly, I’m more concerned about one of them getting a hold of a nuke instead of religious extremists, but does Washington want to listen? No, it’s all facts this and actual intelligence that. They’ll be sorry. Oh, they’ll be sorry…

Via YouTube:

Reporter: “I have two questions – about the movie and the sex–”
Mila: “What?” (in a “didn’t hear you clearly” way)
Reporter: “About the movie and the sex.”
Mila: “Oh, I thought I misheard you about the sex.”
Justin: “I don’t like this! =)”
Reporter: “What brought you into movies? WHY ARE YOU IN MOVIES?”
Mila: “What?!”
Reporter: “Why movies?”
Mila: “Why movies?”
Reporter: “Well, many showbiz persons move to movies, and sometimes it’s for the better, but why is Justin in movies?”
Mila: “Wait, you’re asking why he wants to be in movies?”
Reporter: “Yes.”
Mila: “What would you rather have him do?”
CROWD: LOL, applause
Reporter: indiscernible under the applause
Mila: “Huh?”
Reporter: “I mean, isn’t showbiz enough?”
Mila (exasperated): “Well, if he WANTS to make movies, and he can, why shouldn’t he? What sort of question is that? Why are YOU here?”
CROWD: LOL, more applause
Reporter: “Well, I’m doing my job.”
Mila: “Well, he’s doing his. It’s the same thing!”
(turns to Justin, asks in English if he needs the exchange translated, he replies that he’s getting it in the earpiece, but delayed)
Justin: “This is my bodyguard!”

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. cc

    ‘women have a built in, almost other-worldly hate for other women’

    Profoundly true.

    I still don’t understand why though.

    • Rough's thule

      Because they know how smart and sneaky each other can be, with men having zero clues?

      • That Bastard Tony

        I think some of us know, we just pretend not to because it makes us come across as arrogant thinking every single beef two ladies have is over us.

    • Jon


    • Because they’re threatened by eachother. They don’t get how much more successful they could be over men, if they stuck together, rather than being catty bitches.

      • kimmykimkim

        +1 Bianca

      • cc

        bianca – you know, there really is an element of truth in that. I’ve worked in two environments that were almost entirely female in the past few years and the time and mental effort that gets devoted to passive aggressive bullshit and gossip astounds me.

      • @cc Oh trust me, I live it firsthand everyday too. It’s insane how much time gets wasted on the stupidest BS, from “I can’t work with so-and-so, because she said something cryptically bitchy about me on Facebook(seriously) to ” That bitch slept with the guy I like, I claimed him first, (seriously).

        I’ve worked in all female environments and mostly all male environments, and I’d choose mostly male ANY day of the week. They are more productive and leave their drama at the door. You can also call them on their shit easier and they won’t take it personally.

    • Cock Dr

      Like many stereotypes there is a grain of truth to this sad statement.
      I think it gets better as people age and get some perspective on what really matters in their lives.

      • That Bastard Tony

        A lot of it is groups of women going after ONE guy. Chris Rock called it when he said that guys believe there are other fish in the sea while women (generalizing here) will set each other on fire for one guy. We had a woman here who hired two teenage girls to douse another woman with sulfuric acid all because a guy she liked was interested in her. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom and the bullshit matters less.

        Personally, I’d take a reasonable facsimile of Mila Kunis… then again I’d take a reasonable facsimile of Tori Black too.

      • puttypants

        I can’t believe this conversation. Mila was reacting to the woman in a very Russian…way…it was no big deal. No all women are not bitches to each other. In fact, most women I know are very supportive of each other. Women are no different than men sometimes they don’t like each other. teenage girls who doused another girl with sulfuric acid are crazy….this isn’t what most sane girls or women do….

      • so much b.s. here. Aside from ridiculous chick flicks, I have never seen any women fight over a guy. That is absurd. Fight over the last pair of heels in a store? Yes. A guy? Hell no. Keep living with your delusions of grandeur dudes of the world.

    • facemash

      If you think all women hate other women, you’re hanging out with too many insecure girls.

    • Reece

      As someone who grew up tagging along with older brothers, I don’t understand why other women automatically put each other down if they feel the other person is in someway more attractive (physically or by personality). I think we inherently have our guard up because we know that we have the ability to be the most conniving and manipulative creatures on earth lol. Honestly, men do not know the half of it because their brains dont work like ours (that’s not a shot at guys its the truth and they should be thankful that they dont).

      LOL a guy will knock a guy out to settle a fight and then have a beer together next week. If you cross a woman, within 1/6th of a second she will have hatched a plan to have your life ruined so badly you’ll be turning tricks on the street to make ends meet.

    • Artofwar

      ….Let’s cut through all the pseudo-instinctual pontifications about why women instinctively hate each other shall we. The simple much less exotic explanation of why women hate each other, is because on a subconsciously level they know they are all hoes merely in it for the money, and their own self hate is transferred over onto other women. And that my friends is the way it has always been, and will always be….Artofwar

      • puttypants

        I can’t believe how sick most of you people are…artofwar….we’re all hoes for money?…’re really sick. I’m so glad you’re not my brother, father, husband etc., I suppose if you live in Hollywood and just exposed to a certain kind of woman you’d get that impression….but, I’m here to tell that most women are not like that.

      • puttypants, you are correct ma’am!

    • gluten

      i believe there are many reasons why women hate other women. it’s usually based on something they find to be threatening, perhaps an insecurity they have with themselves and feel the need to prjoect the self-hatred towards other women so they feel just as shitty as they do.
      i’m a 22 year old woman who gave up trying to be friends with other women years ago. they don’t like me for some reason. quite sad really.

      • EXACTLY!

        I’ve been saying the same thing for years! Women HATE other women. They are also WAY more competitive with each other than men are. This whole illusion that women have deeper friendships then men do is total bullsh*t. I have a lot of female friends, and NONE of them actually like their own friends. They’re ALWAYS talking shit about each other behind their friends’ backs, always undermining each other, and always competing with each other. Men DEFINITELY have more true friendships than women do. Men are only competitive in obvious, symbolic ways, like video games or sports, but women? Women are in an NEVER-ENDING APOCALYPSE WAR with each other All The Time. You speak the truth!

      • puttypants

        I hope most of the comments on this site are coming from men and not women….I’m a woman and a human being…some people i like and some i don’t but it has nothing to do with their sex. This is one of the sadest commentary sites about women I’ve ever read….If you’re a woman or a man and talking like this you have big problems and it’s either you or your friends.

      • tina

        i find it hilarious when women say ‘oh i’m not friends with other women just men because women are such bitches’ ever thought that maybe women don’t want to be friends with you because you’re the bitch and the men never call you out on it? i get sick of hearing that shit by women who think they’re so much better than other women. please.

    • puttypants

      cc…you’re talking nonsense. I don’t know where you’re from but it’s not like that in america….Almost other-worldly hate for other women….that’s so not true….I feel sooo sorry for you. what an awful world you must live in.

  2. Facebook Me

    Hollywood: 2
    (Mila and Matt Damon)

    Reporters/Paporazzi: Epic FAIL

    Princess Diana just rolled over in her grave.

  3. cc

    PS as a Russian woman, she should have known better. Hell I live in a city with a lot of Russian emigres and I KNOW not to piss them off. They take shit seriously.

    Also, WHAT THE FUCK did he do to deserve her.

    • bing

      Actually, she always had poor choices.

      • cc

        I will never give him a pass for that fucking video he did years back where he walks into a bar wearing a strawberry shortcake hat and wows everyone with his musical talents.

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I just will be unpopular here and say that she is just a typical Ukranian, loud mouth, speaking when wasn’t asked. Ill brought up. And the way she speaks is (if not on purpose to create comical effect)is the way villagers speak at bazar with heavy Ukranian accent. She took such a stance … Like if he was her boyfriend and nobody had right to joke or flirt with J
    I don’t understand what’s the hype is about in the US really. I’m just looking at her face in the pic above and any woman in Moscow is better looking than that.

    • senor froggy

      Actually, in all honesty – this is a statement that she would have made in either language. She naturally has an abrasive personality.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        People in the croud laugh because for Russians she as if turned on the typical Ukranian bitch archetype, because only they can talk like this. I doubt she can speak properly in both languages.
        Who talks like this, answering when the question is not for them “WHAT?” instead of “excuse me?” . It’s just such a low class, glitsy mafia gf cheap ho – same as Jersey shore albeit skinny.
        Megan Fox said something some long time ago and this “princess” is just being straight rude and acting all insecure and threatened by a reporter who simply was trying to make a joke.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel


    • John Birch

      Doc Schwansdoodle I love you. You commy bitch!

    • To be fair, most of the girls you mention are a dime a dozen down in places like Brighton Beach and not really noteworthy at all either.

      Still, there’s something about Kunis that makes her magnetic, which can’t really be quantified.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        wait. you watch Jersey Shore too? Cause there also binge of guys and gals being edgy and uncoventional…

    • RoCer

      You know, I hear someone in Siberia would love to hear you ill speak of Mila Kunis. And in Russian! Go there and thell them about it.

    • kimmykimkim

      Doc is soooo right. Women should never speak unless spoken to lest they confuse the little men with their big words and bouncing tits.

    • What you guys and gals need to keep in mind is Doc Schweinstrudel is Russian and Kunis is Ukrainian. These two groups of people generally hate on each other for some reason or other. I think its generally what happened during the soviet years in the Ukraine.

      Just keep that in mind.

      Its kind of like with various Latino countries in South and Central America. I made the mistake of thinking a Colombian was actually Venezuelan…big mistake.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        “Generally what happened in soviet years in Ukraine”:
        -tis by this you mean when them bad Russkies fighting nazis off the land while half of them brave Ukranians conspired with the nazis and worked for them doing the dirty job for nazi Germans assasinating their own resistance people who were against occupation?
        - or you mean the starvation in 1930s inflicted by bad Russkies on Ukranian people because we Russkies just did the voodoo stuff and fired Katushas at the clouds and so there was no rain and no harvest! Bad us commie witchcrafts! They Ukranians are so right, it was an intentional genocide against poor Ukranians and they are eligible to financial aid and repatriartions and by 2006 Law of Ukranian parliament anyone who denies that the Russians purposefully set up starvation for Ukranians should be considered quilty of criminal offence!
        - or you mean that Chernobyl thing that was owned and operated 100% by Ukranians and when shit went down the local Ukranian government in majority “went on vacation” to other republics far far away from the catastrophe leaving Russians cleaning up the mess where Russian people were sent to Chernobyl starting from engineers to transport specialists in offers they couldn’t refuse
        -or you mean those Ukranian chicks who were “tricked” and “forced” to work in brothels and stripper joints across Europe, Africa and US who claim that they are Russians YET majority holding the Ukranian passports…

      • puttypants

        Doc….half the Ukrainians conspired with the Nazis??? Obviously, you don’t know the entire truth about the history before and during WWII.. Gee…Stalin didn’t try to starve the Ukrianinas into submission to communism and collective farms? Sorry, buddy but my parents lost half their families from that starvation. They had their own food supply….the soviets came in and took everyone’s cows, goats and every ounce of food they had. . My parents lived through that and told me first hand stories about it. Some Ukrainians and many other countries who didn’t want to be under communism collaborated with the germans to get out from under the oppressive russian system. They wanted freedom and independence. The soviets were as cruel and bad as the Nazis and Stalin and his regime killed even more people than Hilter could dream of. Besides I don’t hate parents taught me that hate causes war and cruelty and to not indulge in that behavior. I’m so grateful they were smart enough to get us the hell out of those countries. In America, I grew up in friendship with Russians, pols, czechs etc., Doc you obviously hate Ukrainians and I’m not sure why since the Russians have always been the oppressors and imperilists of all the slav countries….that’s why all those countries hate them.
        However, I know my history first hand. My parents told me all the stories and I won’t let anyone who’s probably learned somekind of prejudice history to tell the wrong story. And by the way I’m half jewish so I know both sides of the story.

      • puttypants

        social comment…That’s not true. You’re making a generalization. .I’m Ukrainian and I don’t hate Russians. I grew up in america with all the slavs including russians…we have so much more in common than not.

    • puttypants

      Doc…i agree mila reacted strongly but, she was trying to have some fun. This was not a big deal. Mila is beautiful. Please I’ve seen most of the women in Moscow and they can’t touch Mila…she has American class…many young women in moscow dress like street walkers and that’s not a pretty sight!.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Puttypants, your long passage just says it all. It’s good that your family is in the US now, we don’t need any like you.
        There are certain kind of you, I call them leaches, they migrate and ruin every good city and every good country in the world, playing victims. Wherever you arrive, place is fucking ruined.

      • Brooke

        So Doc, I hear you’re a racist?

      • puttypants

        doc….Do you have proof that we ruin everything..where ever we arrive…we work hard, go to college, get good jobs, take care of our families, contribute to our communities and live
        good productive lives. It sounds like you’ve had some problem maybe with one women that’s cause you some mental problems. You spew hate like I’ve never heard before. I know most Russians don’t feel that way about Ukrainians.

  5. MarkinCA

    I think I’m in love…

  6. OnTheRealThough

    Damn, i want to fuck Mila Kunis even more now.

  7. Dave ain't here, man

    I’m officially in love.

  8. Mila Kunis Speaks Russian Justin Timberlake
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    Hat off, you look like a douche!

  9. Kurt C.

    So the Russian name of the movie “Friends with Benefits” is “Sex with Friends”?

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      *Sex Because Of Friendship is how they translated it. We don’t usually sleep with friends in Russia that’s why we don’t have “friends with benefits” equivalent.

      • Sorry, “Doc,” but I’m calling bullshit on you. Russians sleep with friends about as much as people in any Western nation been to. Maybe YOUR friends didn’t sleep with you, but there are plenty who do.

    • TomFrank

      Wait, you mean it’s NOT “Comrades Who That No Wedding Yet Must Screw”?

  10. Rough's thule

    Mila just swung punch a humble pie aimed at Justin’s curls. Is she trying to get more admires?

  11. Mandy

    Kind of funny, but why does she seem so pissed at the reporter? She’s just asking why he chose to be in movies. Not exactly an offensive question.

    • DogBoy

      Because she is hyper-sensitive… defending the guy who she screwed about an hour earlier

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Fact is. The Russian reporter said NOTHING offensive to J whatsoever! Nothing to be “defended” from as the headline suggest for sure-
        I too want to know for example why he would press a pause on music and start making movies. I liked the song “sexy back” and I want more like that.
        Fact is, the broad is not attractive and now it’s known that she is not a nice personality either. But you will keep making excuses for this low class Ukranian ho. Even her voice sounds like a total bitch 20+ years smoker
        If I were J I would have made due conclusions and just hit the nearest Moscow nightclub (which he probably did).

      • Man, “Doc,” you need to let the Ukranian thing go, your ethnocentrism is showing. And, I’m sorry, but Mila Kunis is very attractive…just because you apparently hate Ukraine and all things from there doesn’t change that fact.

        Plus you liked “Sexy Back” which renders all your opinions invalid.

    • LJ

      No, it’s actually a pretty offensive question. The reporter is saying isn’t being a music star enough for you? Do you really have to be a movie star to make yourself more important? Wasn’t music enough?

  12. big deal i speak a few foreign languages too, but COMMIE ain’t one of em

  13. DeucePickle

    I completely change my stance on russian being an ugly sounding language.

    • Fletch

      Yes, It all depends on whom is speaking!!!!!!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        if you mean the reporter than yes, she sounds like typical Russian woman (intonation, soft spoken, polite, humour and all).
        If you mean miss Kunis – that’s a very bad example, I find her speaking revolting and unpleasant assault on the language

      • Blake

        Doc Schweinstrudel – what the HELL did Mila Kunis do to you? No one cares that you hate her and how she speaks Russian. If you hate her so much why are you going out of your way to insult her?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Because there must be a balance in the Universe?
        And why are you going out of your way to admire a vapid whore?

      • Dan

        Russian women, same as ukranian are hot, but also known to be high maintenance bitches, I agree the russian of kunis tho sounds terribly ghetto and like she has no class whatsoever and would pick cat fights over nothing. But I guess sex could still be interesting, tho in real life, girls like that only mean trouble.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        See. this is why I am posting here. NO RUSSIAN WOMEN ARE NOT EXACTLY SAME AS UKRANIAN WOMEN
        And here is more: when a famous Russian singer spoke rude to a reporter like that – they appologized on channel 1 and went into rehab to control their behavior.
        This person…people laugh at her because…well what else can you do when you hear some low level insecure Ukranian, guess she is forgiven for being what she is…a Ukranian

      • MrsPlant

        Hey Doc Schweinstrudel-

        I’m a Ukrainian too. I’m also going to Brown University next fall, speak four languages, and can pretty much hand you your ass in any department from having a life and not posting on The Superficial in every single thread to where I vacation. So how about shutting the fuck up with your racist drivel, you cunt.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        If I were you, Ukranian cunt, I wouldn’t be so sure about my ass

      • Matthew

        Anyone who would spend 8 years with Maculey Culkin is a lot of things but a “vapid whore” isn’t one of them.

  14. Lion O

    Daz Vagina

    • Facebook Me


    • puttypants

      Me thinks Doc Schweinstrudel is crazy. Calling Mila kunis a vapid whore because she’s Ukrainian or because she joked with the reporter? You’re pathetic and sick. I’m Ukrainian… love Mila Kunis. So kiss it you nut job!

  15. christmas

    Such a strong american accent..especially when she says “net”.. and her grammar is not very proper

    • puttypants

      christmas….she’s been in american since she was 7 years old…why should she speak proper russian? If you’re russian…and left there at 7 I’d like to see what your russian would be like? She knows russian as a 7 yr old just like i do. She did her best and i thought she was just fine. infact she does better than I do.

  16. RivernEgypt

    Mila proves to be even hotter than I thought possible

  17. Turd Ferguson

    She’s hot. And love the accent.

  18. adolf hitler

    i dont understand whats being said, but im inclined to think she got defensive for no reason. sounded like the room was in a light mood, safe for mila.

  19. Mila’s gorgeous and Iusually like her, but she looked like a territorial lunatic here. Yeah, the question was kinda dumb, but aren’t they all?

  20. MarkM

    If she had been wearing her Meg hat at the time, I definitely would have cum!

  21. Doc Schweinstrudel

    “Justin, I have two questions to you : about cinema and about sex…” (she never got to ask the later because the MK bitch just won’t shut up with her “WHAT?” “AAA?” and other monkey stuff. Way to go way to go. Such people are one of the reasons people think Russians are pigs. What a disgrace!

    • RoCer

      We don’t think russians are pigs. We think they’re reindeers. Communist reindeers, that is, not Santa’s Coca-Cola Reindeers.

  22. Natasha

    Does she really speak Russian, or is someone telling her what to say in her ear piece?

  23. Natasha

    I think she’s pretty, but all Eastern European girls are pretty, not like all the fat American girls that don’t wear any makeup. Her eyes are beautiful, one looks like it’s green and the other looks brown. She reminds me of a beautiful cat.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      See. Here ^ someone named themselves “Natasha” and said that all American women are fat who wear no makeup. NOW because of this person above, people would think it reflects a Russian woman view of American women, which is not valid and so this will spread along with hate towards Russians.

      • hannele

        How is this different than your implication that all Ukrainian women are abrasive, low-class whores?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        And what is she? And excuse me, the word “abrasive” is not the one that I used, that was another person’s opinion.
        Let me remind you, just to clear things out for ya…that she was just a guest here, so there was no need to be obnoxious, dumb and rude, especially bearing in mind that Russian people are supposed to pay their hard won money to watch the movie from which she would benefit, as well.
        Second point “tis cause the Ukranian women are so amazingly beautiful that each time they are on a date with men – just to have dinner- it is like a taxi meter, no shit, it’s like they are so extraordinary good lookers that a man must pay just for the company at dinner and then they ask to buy them shoes and laptop. That’s just one of the many stories I heard from Western men visiting Ukraine…no they didn’t get any sex either!
        And because “tis these bad bad Moskali (Moskali means Russians in Ukranian) that are to be blamed for all all our troubles cause we here in Ukraine are so fucking independant and European we don’t want to be part of bad Russian opressors, tis we’ll invent our own (lame) language which nobody knows how to speak and still dare to demand financial AID being sent from Moscow and not fair trade deals on Russian gas cause we are Ukranians and we are like sooo taking a stand here”.

      • Baby Lua

        What hole did you crawl out of? I’m asking because you haven’t stopped talking shit since you decided to grace us with your racist, vexatious presence and then you actually have the audacity to point out other people making general statements?? Seriously?
        Your comment -”people laugh at her because…well what else can you do when you hear some low level insecure Ukranian, guess she is forgiven for being what she is…a Ukrainian” along with calling Mila a vapid whore and a low class Ukrainian ho only makes you seem like an insecure, vapid little person who has nothing better to do but spend all day talking shit about a person you have never met.
        How about you go eat that dinner your mommy made you and then jerk off to that July 1979 edition of Playboy you have hidden under your bed and stop talking so much shit about people you don’t know? K? Thanx!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I say whatever I want to say. Got it? As many times as I wish to. Thank you and go fuck yourself. Truth hurts.
        In the country of a blind one eyed pig is a queen!

      • Baby Lua

        Thank you and go fuck yourself? Looooooooooool. I truly enjoy people such as yourself. You’re capable of doing one thing and one thing only – talking shit about others. Shows the absolute depth of your character. The truth only hurts people like you sweetheart, I’m all set.

        In the country of a blind one eyed pig is a queen! – Try translating that again and have it make sense the second time around.

    • ................

      @ Natasha:
      Not all eastern european girls are pretty, and she used to be blind in one eye up until a few years ago so the different coloring that you’re admiring is actually a result of medical condition and is nothing to admire.

      • sakuraness

        Is Doc a troll? He’s a troll, guys. No real person would spend that much time defending themselves in the comments section of a website dedicated to making jokes about boobies and penises.

    • puttypants

      Thank you natasha… I agree….I think she’s beautiful and looks like a lovely cat too.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        She looks used up, haggared, unattractive, deformed and only another Ukranian idiot would agree with a Ukranian idiot who agrees with Ukranian idiot pictured above.
        Keep advertising yourselves and your virtues, whore makeup cunts, put more powder on yourselves so forehead will shine like homing beacon, hide bags under eyes that look different direction, that fucked up nose, manchin. You are just made of pure hotness, all of you. And you can go no wrong.
        Now if only you would learn how to use fucking condoms and stop spreading HIV

  24. I wish she come to Atlanta to make sex with friend named me.

    • PoorMaryKelly

      Go down to an army surplus store, dress up like a soldier, ask her , via Youtube, to go out with you. Let her know that only if she’s a shitty person who despises America will she say no. You never know.

  25. loveherbut...

    …this isn’t the first time she’s been rude like that in interviews.

    She’s still hot though, and guys like bitches. Fact.

  26. JANE

    I don’t see anything wrong in her sticking up for Justin the way she did. That was a REALLY stupid ass question the interviewer asked. Why does ANY musician turn to acting? because they CAN. She is really stupid and I hope she got fired or close to it after that.

    • bahlder

      Are you fuckin serious? She was a total bitch for no reason. Sure it’s probably a question that has been asked a hundred times but it’s a valid one. Just because you’re successful in music doesn’t mean you’re an actor, not every musician wants to be an actor. He doesn’t need money and there are better way to expand your horizons than acting in romcom dreck.We all can do a lot of things, generally there are REASONS why we do them.

      • puttypants

        bahlder…have you seen Friends with Benefits…it’s cute and funny for a rom-com….and what the hells wrong with him wanting to be an actor? I can’t believe you people making such a big deal out of this interview. It’s so stupid…and hypersensitive??? are you all Russians and offended by something that poor girl said???? I heard the interview and everyone was having fun and laughing that was there…so what the hell are you peoples problems. I thought she was cute and funny. She acted like a true bitchy russian…. That doc is one delusional person.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        No, you are fucking delusional Ukranian bitch. That’s the only thing that’s true in here. Why don’t you go back to looking at yourself in the mirror and telling everybody how hot and beautiful you are, don’t forget to mention ten times that you love Mila Kunis and that you are also Ukranian

  27. Tanzarian

    I had a dream! It’s all about you! MEG GRIFFIN!

  28. Tanzarian

    Most feminine voice at the press conference? Justin Timberlake.

  29. Laura

    There’s a lot lost in translation here, basically the reporter was implying, in a sense the reporter was sort of baiting Justin and Mila defended him. Mila said he was acting and singing because he could and the reporter sort of insinuated that singing/acting/hollywood stuff is sort of silly (idk how to describe it) and the Mila said “then why are you here?” as in why would you be a reporter in this field if you think its stupid.

    Someone who’s fluent in Russian could clarify this better then I can

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Well I am Russian and I am clarifying: the reporter said NOTHING “insinuating” or otherwise offensive. There was NOTHING to defend him from whatsoever in the first place.
      Keep defending her!

  30. M

    I will admit that Mila’s “what?”s were said in a very rude and informal manner, but she had every right to stand up for Justin. The reporter was asking something very rude that anyone would take offense to in Justin’s position. Clearly Mila is close to Justin and felt the need to stand up for him, especially since he doesn’t speak nor understand Russian and would not get the true gist of the question (and how rude it was) after it was translated to him.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Nobody would take offence of what the reporter said. And who said that Justin wouldn’t have been able to defend herself anyways.

      Now if the reporter said, addressing to Mila : “why is that Ukraine has the highest (epidemic) of HIV in Europe?” Now that would be rude.

      • M

        I would have taken offense to that. I’m sure most people would take offense to it. What if someone came up to you and said “Why are you doing this? Isn’t what you did before enough?” That’s just plain rude.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        M, it’s because you are a Ukranian and you guys always speak when not spoken to and always take offence when someone happens to be brighter and better looking than you. Life!

    • puttypants

      She said what several times because the room was so noisy and difficult to hear….how is that being rude? OIY!!!!

  31. Holls

    I Love Mila, I thought it was precious and she was defending Justin because the reporter was flat out rude “… sometimes it for the better but why is Justin in the movies?” as if its NOT for the better. It was rude and Mila showed her her ass.

  32. In Soviet Russia, benefit friend you!

    This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, and I browse pr0n, like, a LOT.

  33. Board Certified Prevert

    Her Oblong head makes me want to shred my latex underpants

  34. Christina

    She really has an egg shaped head.

  35. KOOL GUY


  36. Sin

    Hot, hot, hot. Justin was about to cream his jeans seeing these two women fight about him.

  37. ForeignRox

    I dated a polish chick before…I couldn’t understand a word she would be saying when I was behind her but that made it all the better…love the foreign accent

  38. No Kidding

    Low class Ukrainian trash or not, Mila comes out looking and sounding awesome. She obviously felt protective of Justin since he was kind of on her turf and being assault in her native language.

    • Anna

      how was he assaulted?

    • puttypants

      no kidding low class ukrainian trash…that’s such BS…Mila was having a little fun with the reporter. It’s obvious some russians are so hypersensitive that no one can have a little fun with them. I grew up with ukrainian and russian women and they love to throw smart jabs at each other and they’d always have a few laughs about it. I always thought their jokes were clever and charming.

  39. anonym

    mila will be ugly when she hits 45.

  40. Anna

    I don’t even know what kind of accent she has…she does speak like Ukrainian but with an accent already. i actually don’t think she was offensive, it was more like a joke. but generally speaking that’s the way of communication ..everybody being rude to each other. )

  41. obz

    oh man, she just got 1000 degrees hotter.

  42. xxxxxxxx

    Don’t know why the people are laughing. she doesn’t say something funny or cool. It was just meeh and nothing unexpected

  43. Leno

    I can’t believe all the “‘Women HATE other women” bullshit I’ve just read in these commentaries.
    Oh yeah let “speak the truth”, blablah….bullshit.. “Men DEFINITELY have more true friendships than women do. Men are only competitive in obvious, symbolic ways…” AH AH AH AH… Men are competitive in Everything, everything, and to be part of a masculine group you ought to be ready to be bashed , and humiliated, with words too : wordy vicious attacks are not a “feminine exclusive”. It may not be beyond your back, but better, in front of you…then you will know your “place” in the group : if you’re smiling to the joke, even a rude one, and you decide not to fight then you’re accepted, and welcomed in the group like a subordinate..(what you call “friendship”) it’s just about fucking each other, but in “a symbolic way”, of course…
    Sometimes it also ends with killing each other, yeah, it’s much more direct and “manlish”, I reckon. Stop thinking yourself better than women assholes, you may not be worse, but certainly not better.

  44. Beefarino

    I love banging Russian girls. All those “Dah”s makes the beef happy.

  45. Mandi

    Can we get to the real issue at hand here? That being, how does Mila keep getting hotter?

  46. Erika

    Shut up Meg.

  47. Gimmeabreak

    Remember times when women used to cry on each others shoulders? The hate between women is mostly based on culture. Where i’m from women are much less competitive more compassionate with each other than in say the USA. Maybe because we are less materialistic society.

    • puttypants

      gimmeabreak…if you don’t live in america how can you make such generalized statements about women in america being more competive with each other than other places. Some women are and some are. Some of the stuff being said about ukrianian and american women is such hogwash and based on some faulty and prejudiced opinions. I don’t get it??? Maybe hate between women is based on your culture but not american culture.

  48. Ava

    Oh, just shut up Meg!

  49. shantesoufle

    She is hot, but terrible bland and bitchy.

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