Mila Kunis Went To The Marine Corps Ball

November 21st, 2011 // 65 Comments
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Making good on her word, here’s Mila Kunis graciously attending the Marine Corps Ball Saturday night after agreeing to Sgt. Scott Moore’s YouTube invite that I’m going to try not to mention was a blatant marketing campaign for Friends With Benefits. Because, at the end of the day, Mila actually showed up, and by all accounts, was insanely respectful to everyone there. That said, I’m sorry to inform you, soldiers, but cancer is the new hotness now. I know each and everyone of you bravely lay it all on the line day in and day out, but the Internet is a fickle, fickle whore. Unless we’re talking cat photos. It’ll stab a child in the dick for cat photos. Can’t get enough of ‘em.

(The response you’re looking for right now is, “What if we let one drive a tank?” You want to make that happen.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok. She wins.

  2. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
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    “God, when will she stop talking like Meg? Is that really her real voice?”

  3. would totally eat that ass. yes i would.

  4. Buddy the Elf


  5. Superfish, will you please be my date to my AA meeting?

  6. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
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    “So my manager was like, ‘Mila, you have to accept or you will look like a giant bitch.’ So here I am!”

  7. Jake Zero


    I rawk with my cawk.

  8. Fester

    Marines have balls?

    • Some would say they have the biggest balls of all.

    • Say that to my face. I dare you.

      • Fester

        Okay Eric but since you’re always the front of our doggy you’ll have to look back over your shoulder.

      • Yeah, not worth pursuing this. Dipshit cowards like you have just as much right to freedom of speech as any US citizen.

      • Fester

        And people who join the military fail the simplest of all intelligence tests.

      • Venom

        Just out of curiosity Eric, how come the low level Marines are always the biggest blowhards that run their mouth all the time.
        I have two friends that were SEALS and my neighbor’s son is a Blue Angel and I had a neighbor years ago that was a Ranger and none of them run their mouths like the Marines. They are not pompous, not looking for everyone to kiss their ass and for the most part don’t even tell most people what they are.

        Almost all the time when you see a fight or someone in the military talking shit, it is a Marine. You guys must not be that special because they are a billion of you out there. You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who is or was a Marine.

      • juaqin ingles

        Right on. Marines = few options in life.

      • @ Venom> It’s because the low ranking Marines are generally either A) new to the Corps and thus still peacocking about it, which will persist until they either grow up or someone knocks them down a peg or two; or B) perpetual fuck-ups who can’t rise in the ranks and overcompensate because of it. While they are almost always proud, I rarely hear the experience Marines bluster and mouth off like the younger folks.

  9. justagirl

    It’s a refreshing change of pace to see some celebrities actually remember that they put their pants on one leg at a time–and that what they do is nothing compared to the kinds of sacrifices made by the men and woman who serve their country. Sure they are famous but they are not actually *required* to act like Lindsay or Britney or Paris or any of the other self-indulgent, spoiled brats who populate and pollute the airwaves.

    Kudos to Mila for having a soul, and remembering that she is lucky to have landed in her situation.

  10. Mandy

    I want to say “Good for her! How sweet!”.. but I remember something a little while ago about her accepting the invitation, and later saying she couldn’t go because she had other plans? Then after some internet backlash, she changed her mind and decided to go.
    Or am I making that up..?

    • If I remember correctly the excuse was “a scheduling conflict.” But then wiser heads must have prevailed (in other words: saying “no” was a lousy PR move) and her schedule was “adjusted.”

  11. Donald Trump

    IMO she’s the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

  12. adolf hitler

    unfair pressure to attend. if she refuses people think shes a bitch. thats not cool. marine was out of line. spare me the hero crap. 99% of those guys are there because they had no prospects, and the usa uses them to defend the country like 1% of the time.

    • A Real Person

      You are truly a complete dipshit.

      • Archies_Leach

        You’re aware that prior to World War II it was viewed that you only went into the armed forces cause you couldn’t “hack it in the real world”? Gonna get flamed for but it’s the truth and it’s not said because there’s a need to keep the “heroic” imagery of the armed forces.

        Also you’re aware that America took over the place of the British royal navy after WWII? After being bankrupted by WWII the Brits were forced to “retreat to the home islands” and America had “to fill the vacuum” of the “retreat of the British”.

        You aware that prior to post WWII era the British were viewed in the “3rd world” as Americans are viewed today?

    • Venom

      It is the truth. Maybe 20% of them are legit and are truly needed and the other 80% are there because they need a job and can’t find one anywhere else and they get decent pay and benefits. It is not P.C. to say that, but it is true. And we have to pay a lot of extra money for the women that marry them just so that they can get benefits too and their kids. And don’t tell me it is not true because I see it all the time.

      And this country is so desperate to not have another Vietnam that they kiss every soldier’s ass and call them a hero regardless of what they have done. I remember the old days when you actually had to do a heroic act to be called a hero. Now those guys in the World Wars, those were badasses and heroes.

      I am sorry, invading a country that never threatened us and killing its people and then for the most part standing around as bodyguards for Halliburton, there is nothing heroic about that. Afghanistan is somewhat excusable except for the fact not one single person from Afghanistan attacked us either. All 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the head of Al Qaeda and the top leaders are all from Saudi Arabia. We also were never at war. There were no subs and warships off of our coasts, no fighter jets and bombers attacking us, no armies of thousands with guns standing at our borders waiting to invade us.

      By that logic, Oklahoma should have invaded Michigan because Timothy McVeigh and his conspirators were living in Michigan.

      • juaqin ingles

        Exactly. This fuckwad pressured her into doing this, like the dbags who propose at NBA games. Lame. As a sidenote, why do these idiots always have like 5 kids before they sign up? And then it’s a tragedy when they get blown up by an IED and leave their 5 kids fatherless. These people just can’t think very well.

    • Archies_Leach

      Actually the marines get the “macho guys” that have been planning to recruit into the marines since they were in high school.

      It’s the army you’re thinking of where it’s the guys/gals that don’t have some clear goal of what they’re gonna do after high school and college isn’t for them and blah blah blah.

      • A Real Person

        ^^ Wow…. they fight for you losers too you know. Try to have like two shreds of American decency or go someplace else where the military is “smart enough” for you gonads.

      • sjkdhkjs

        fight for what, exactly? I’d really like to know this. Ohhhh right, oil for your cars!

  13. Her stock just went up even higher in my book.

  14. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    The Most Interesting
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    Good of her to go, but did she have to dial the hotness down to 1?

  15. I go to superficial and women there seem vile
    with limbs long growing from their necks down
    some look like owls, some like f*cking reptiles

  16. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
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    Love that she dressed so classy for this. Most of these stupid hollywood harlets would have gone trashy. Good call Mila.S

  17. JC

    I’m also giving her a one-handed salute right now.

  18. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Duke Malibu
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    Give the girl a break and don’t be so jaded.. Regardless of the PR involved, she kept her promise, went, and looked classy.. Look at the smile on that hero’s face… he’ll remember this for a lifetime, so cut her some slack !!

  19. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Duke Malibu
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    ..and a thumbs up to Leonardo for his participation… They both earned points from me which is not easy …Save for a very few of them, I have no use for the Hollywood crowd..

  20. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Uncle Phil
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    “It has to be this big. At least. I wasn’t passing up a chance to see it up close.”

  21. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Duke Malibu
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    I never realized how smokin’ she is… She looked beautiful and classy… IMO, she was dressed very appropriate for the occasion..

  22. Dr. Otto VanderWahl

    Take note rest of hollywood. Mila just won

  23. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
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    She has a little Audrey Hepburn thing going in this picture… classic sexy.

  24. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, relax dude. Nobody is insulting anybody, but just having some fun with captions. Save the Patriotic trolling for HuffPo or Yahoo Groups.

  25. Nada

    I can’t be snarky here. The Marine Corps ball is a cool event, and she gets respect for following up on the invitation & attending. Everyone gives her crap, but not only is she amazing looking, but she also doesn’t typically do the attention whoring thing. I guess she learned that you can make it in Hollywood without being a falling down drunk or a drug addict or someone who would sell a video of herself taking a dump to get attention. Young Hollywood (including asshole attention whores like kartrashian & blowhan) should take notice…

  26. hank

    I would imagine the tinfoil hatted keyboard beaters wouldn’t have the balls to hack 2 hours of Marine Corps Recruit Training, much less have to balls to go into battle. The Marine Corps is a Brotherhood of the nations Elite Warrior Class. Once you’ve earned the Title of Marine—which damn few of the detractors could in the best 13 weeks of their life—It is yours forever. There are no X MARINES or FORMER MARINES Marines will beat up EACH OTHER, but at the end of the day, they’re still brothers.

    As for Mila, she showed a humanity and class not often seen in a Hollywood personality. Her and JT admitted that they were both impressed at the Military Ceremony, BUT HAD FUN AFTERWARDS during the dinner and the dancing.

    She may very well have had a scheduling conflict. But If I read correctly she’s a Natuarlized American Citizen. And they usually show more respect for our County and our military than some of the mouth shitting, ass vomiting fucking rodents that were born here. Semper Fi, Cretins!!!!

  27. Frank Burns

    In related news, a besotted Lindsay Lohan crashed a Cub Scout meeting, drunkenly knocking over a table full of bake sale cookies, and screaming out that “the DJ here f**king sucks” before passing out in the nearby school gymnasium.

  28. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
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    Marines aren’t “soldiers”. Marines are Marines.

  29. Semper Fraud

    It’s a known fact that 99.9% of guys on internet forums who crow about being “badass” ex-Marines (Army Rangers, Navy Seals, etc.) are bullshitters. In reality, their “combat experience” and “sacrifice for our country” actually consists of the ten hours a day of playing “Call of Duty” in their mom’s basement.

  30. Mila Kunis Marine Corps Ball
    Commented on this photo:

    I think it’s awesome, we never had anything like this when I was in…his expression is priceless. Way to go!

  31. Javier

    Marines not Soldiers

  32. stevebeagle

    .soldiers ???? dumb ass.

  33. Next up, Iveski invites Mila Kunis to his balls.

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