Mila Kunis Was Almost Jessica Biel

We already know that Mila Kunis cost Jessica Biel a boyfriend by filming Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake who fucks everything he co-stars with that isn’t nailed down, and even then. But apparently Mila also cost Jessica acting work because the writers decided to reveal at last night’s premiere that she was originally up for Mila’s part. Page Six reports:

David Newman told us at last night’s Cinema Society screening, “She was actually a huge fan of the project and screen-tested for it years ago.” Asked why Jessica, who split with Justin in March, didn’t get it, Newman said, “We’re not the director,” adding, “She’s great and adorable — smoking hot.” But he said, “Mila was fated for the role.”

David Newman then went on to reveal that in the 8th grade Jessica Biel’s boyfriend broke up with her because she got her period at his house the same day her childhood dog died. He doesn’t know why he brought that up either, but did he mention she has a spastic colon?

Photo: Fame, Getty, Splash News