Mila Kunis Didn’t Lose That Weight Yet

June 1st, 2012 // 68 Comments
What Happened?!
Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
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It’s been two whole days since the Internet found out Mila Kunis put on weight for her role in Blood Ties, yet she still hasn’t suddenly developed a gluten allergy and immediately shed the- wait, what the fuck am I doing? Miley Cyrus is an idiot. Start over.

Alright, here’s the deal: Our two biggest search terms right now are “Mila Kunis Fat” and “Iron Patriot” and only one of those came walking out of a nail salon in front of the paparazzi yesterday. That said, if Iron Patriot happens to be spotted getting a Brazilian Blowout – Which I’m not ruling out. – I promise we’ll be all over that shit. All over it.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Abby Normal
    Commented on this photo:

    I wish I was rich so I could wear kicks like this.

  2. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Homer Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    Hmm give her a haircut right now and she’ll look very manly… add the manly voice…. shudder.

  3. Awkward Girl Comment

    I still would.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    i’d blow up those puffy cheeks of hers like dizzy gillespie.

  5. flatspotting

    God damn.

    She looks better like this for sure.

  6. EricLr

    And she didn’t even get tits out of it. God is cruel.

  7. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like a typical European chick. Nothing wrong if you ask me?

  8. All she needs is a knit hat and my Meg fantasy has come to life.

  9. Sven Golly

    She’s not supposed to look typical, she’s supposed to look like a Hollywood starve-let.

  10. The Royal Penis

    Unfortunately for her when she porks up her body type is similar to Snooki’s.

    I hope she slims back down, she shouldn’t be so concerned with “method acting”, she’s not good enough to begin with.

  11. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    Cankles are the hot thing now?

    • Giggity

      This is the sort of licentious exhibitionism that would get you stoned in Saudi Arabia… We Americans are SO decadent.

  12. YTBOY

    She is hot. VERY HOT. She was hot before now shes hotter!!!!

  13. She only looks “fat” compared to her stick thin figure in Black Swan. She’s pretty normal here. But on sites like this all sense of logic and proportion goes out the window… “Thin” means anorexic and “fat” means over 90 lbs.

    • Joaquin ingles

      “Normal” by what standard? Average, sure.

      • Mushroom

        And she is not supposed to be average. She’s a celebrity. She’s judged on an entirely different scale and she SHOULD be. She chose an appearance oriented career.

      • she gained weight for a movie that will make her a lot of money while you’ll still be a troll. so it IS the appearance part of her career that she did it for, you stank retard fungus.

        and she looks great, weight wise.

      • 1. There is nothing wrong with her appearance.
        2. Male actors choose “an appearance oriented career” too, but trolls like you never make fun of their bodies because you’re too busy jerking off to them.

        I never understood this obsession of queers and pedos with women’s weight:) It’s really one of life’s mysteries!

      • Brynette

        She might be a celeb but she still is normal. She didn’t do this for the fame dipshit. She did it because its what she loves doing. She doesn’t go out to impress dirt like you.

    • tony is a fat ugly female

      Ooooh, again that cuntwart poked her head out of a greasy burger :) You deserve a good push down the stairs. :)

  14. Crispy Anus

    I’d plug that fat Russian after a couple of beers. The again, I’d fuck anything.

  15. Crispy Anus

    p.s. Jesus hoola hooping Christ my neighbors are annoying.

  16. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like James Spader now

  17. Short FB!

    *tastes* needs breasts.

  18. Dan Quayle

    I recommend a potatoe diet

  19. zuzu

    this site isn’t funny at all anymore.

  20. you have problems

    God I hope she gains more weight so you idiots explode from talking about it all day.
    She barely looks bigger at all, how come you don’t post tons of “*male* actor looks fat” updates? Always talking shit on women.
    Find the nearest sharp corner and run yourself into it.

    • Annie

      If average people are debating whether or not you are fat then YES you are fat or at least tubby/plump, end of, since most everyone is fat these days. So yep Mila is fat. If you’ve ever been truly lean, no way would you percieve this as anything less than chubby.

      If people are calling you “too skinny” then it’s up for debate, since people calling you that probably just *hope* you are “too skinny”, since if you ain’t, they will feel fat.

      • Complete bullshit spoken like a poor soul with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It’s like they’re all given the same set of rationalizations to memorize:)

        You have no clue who is ‘average’ here and who is not, yet you say if they think you’re fat then you’re definitely fat! (retardation at best)…then you go on to say ‘but if they think you’re too skinny then that’s debatable’:) Convenient, isn’t it?:) If people call you fat you MUST be fat, if they think you’re too skinny they’re just jealous:) Believing that makes it much easier to keep throwing up after meals.

        But I got news for you: No matter how much you starve yourself, no matter how much you look like a creepy skeleton, that pain you’re trying to numb will NOT go away. Because you’re dealing with it completely the wrong way.

        Get help. Seriously. Get some help.

      • tony is a fat ugly female

        Holy bunch of loser cunts, Batman! Someone should shove this talking fat punchbag into a clothes dryer with Magic Johnson and an open bag of razor blades :)

  21. Joaquin ingles

    Prednisone and bacon fat is a hellava drug cocktail.

  22. Techman

    She’s not fat…she’s gestating Kutcher spawn!

  23. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    Non-scary feet.

    Thank God. I hate seeing weird celebrity feet. They make me fearful.

  24. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    wow what happened to her?! she needs to start working out!

    • Cameron

      I know right? What are those jeans – size 2? God, get back down to a zero like the rest of disgusting, unhealthy, unattractive looking Hollywood!

  25. Torx

    Has that prego glow. Just sayin.

  26. puhleez

    She’s not pregnant, she’s engaged.

  27. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Mike Nike
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she looks great.

  28. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, I’m not seeing how these are cankles. Normal cute feet.

    • There is nothing wrong with them. It’s just that the average queer troll on sites like this HAS to act like every girl over 90 pounds is fat and gross. Meanwhile the guy himself weighs around 300 pounds, is posting from his mom’s basement and isn’t even attracted to women to begin with.

      • tom

        Can you please use the SI system ? kthx

      • tony is a fat ugly female

        i hope you get aids while being raped by a homeless man in the alleyways of new york. you cunt. then again if any man would want to rape your gigantic ass, i’d be shocked :)

      • :D
        So which one hit home the closest?:) The 300 pounds, the living in your mom’s basement, or being attracted to children? My guess is all three.

  29. Jim Morrison IS still alive.

  30. I love her and want to have her baby!

  31. She looks great.

  32. Butters

    She looks average to me. I never thought she was unattractive, but then again, I never thought she was anything great either.

  33. Catherine

    wtf these must be old, she looked fabulous on the movie awards

  34. Parker

    Don’t make fun of her just cause she’s fat. Everyone here knows full well they’d skip lunch for a chance to stuff their weiner up her sweet ass and pork her butt till she squeals. I’d skip dinner too but not breakfast cause you shouldn’t skip breakfast even for anal sex.

  35. Brynette

    She looks amazing! and shes one of the best actresses of her generation! She’s gaining weight for a movie role and making more money then all of you combined. and as for the flip flops that is what you wear after a mani pedi but i guess you wouldn’t know that cuz you’re too poor to know what a mani pedi is. Go make millions a month and come and comment on this photo you scum bags.

  36. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Renee can
    Commented on this photo:


  37. Mila Kunis Fat Weight Gain
    Commented on this photo:

    Hahaha, it’s strange, we just tlekad about it the other day. We actually do disagree, but the problem is it’s mostly with non-geek genre movies and TV. For example, I loved ‘There Will Be Blood’, and Roth thinks it’s boring. She loves Arrested Development, I only like it. She likes Family Guy and South Park, I don’t care for either. I’m sure sometime soon there will be a disagreement, perhaps Clash Of The Titans or Alice In Wonderland. Maybe A-Team? Dennis

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