Ashton Kutcher Didn’t Drain All The Awesome Out of Mila Kunis. Yet.

Press junkets for movies are incredibly bland and boring, so here’s Mila Kunis promoting Oz The Great And Powerful on BBC Radio 1 where she finds out it’s her interviewer’s first time with a celebrity – Or a “famous,” in the Queen’s tongue. – and literally jumps at the chance to bail this kid out instead of doling out canned answers about the movie. In fact, at one point, her publicist tries to steer the conversation back to just that, only for Mila to rattle off her pre-written talking points and go right back to discussing steak pies and Jagerbombs with Hugh Grant Jr. Which is amazing because I just assumed every thrust of Ashton Kutcher’s penis made her more and more a lifeless shell of the cute chick who likes DS9 and was probably open to getting her tubes tied. That’s the Mila Kunis I remember.

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