Ashton Kutcher Didn’t Drain All The Awesome Out of Mila Kunis. Yet.

March 5th, 2013 // 25 Comments
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WATCH: Mila Kunis Bails Out First Time Interviewer
Aw Goddammit
Mila Kunis
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Press junkets for movies are incredibly bland and boring, so here’s Mila Kunis promoting Oz The Great And Powerful on BBC Radio 1 where she finds out it’s her interviewer’s first time with a celebrity – Or a “famous,” in the Queen’s tongue. – and literally jumps at the chance to bail this kid out instead of doling out canned answers about the movie. In fact, at one point, her publicist tries to steer the conversation back to just that, only for Mila to rattle off her pre-written talking points and go right back to discussing steak pies and Jagerbombs with Hugh Grant Jr. Which is amazing because I just assumed every thrust of Ashton Kutcher‘s penis made her more and more a lifeless shell of the cute chick who likes DS9 and was probably open to getting her tubes tied. That’s the Mila Kunis I remember.


  1. Janthopaw

    Holy fuck she’s hot.

  2. Deacon Jones

    That was pretty entertaining.

    This guy definitely has balls. Mad props for plowing forward with the wedding date question immediately after her scripted responses.

  3. judgingyou

    There she is reminding me how awesome she is even with Ashton Kutcher tainting her.

  4. The well may not be drained, but it’s sure as shit been poisoned. idk how anybody lusts after this one anymore – the idea that ‘Kutcher put his junk in that’ kills it for me.

  5. Mel

    I actually listen to the radio show he’s from daily. They told him he would be interviewing an “A-Lister” all week, but didn’t tell him who it was until 10 minutes before the interview. He’d been convinced it was a prank pretty much up until they told him who it was.

  6. JC

    My takeaways from this is that Mila hasn’t completely rotted from the inside yet (although I still predict she’ll end up doing wippets after Ashton’s ruined her), and that any old douche can do a TV interview in the UK.

  7. Goddamnit, she is officially the most awesome woman on the planet. She should date this guy, he is pretty cool, way better than Ashton Kutcher. Best interview ever.

  8. Juch

    What’s with the cartoonishly large microphones?

  9. Honestly

    This guy is a cunt.

  10. Parker

    She did a great job there which of course begs the question, I wonder if she’d do even better with her sweet ass full of my penis.

  11. That dude has to immediately change his underwear. And frame them.

  12. Mike

    No way Mila can take away my obsession with JLaw. Fuck that noise.

  13. ash

    that was great !! Mila- “Drop… Trout??”


  14. She’s amazing. That was so cool. That guy had no idea what he was doing and she just shot the shit with him like he was her best friend. I don’t think Ashton can break this girl. She’s just plain amazing. I’m rooting for her.

  15. Brooke

    I love Mila, and mini Hugh Grant was fun too. I hope to god they totally got shitfaced at the pub after all this. This whole clip reminded me of the movie Notting Hill, only, you know, entertaining.

  16. she is amazing.

  17. Jeffro

    Totally awestruck. The poor guy – nervous as all hell. Forgets about the movie interview – why am I here again? Continues babbling on about sh*t. Bet he doesnt stand up straight away at the end of the interview.
    Dont forget to send her a footy jersey.(gurnsey/jumper)

  18. Kyle

    I hope they get together. Rather this guy then Ashton Kutcher. This guy seems to have SOOOOO much more in common with her then ashton.

  19. The interview was very entertaining, but this further proves my belief that Americans are suckers for a British accent. No matter what a Brit babbles about, Americans are mesmerized or amused by it. If you replaced that guy with an American discussing similar topics about his life, people would think he’s an idiot.

  20. Swearin

    She is too awesome. But when/why the Hell was she a bartender? She’s been on That 70′s Show since she was 15. I’m guessing it was for fun or a role?

  21. Gary Grant

    She was awesome and a good sport. He did well.

  22. This was absolutely awesome! Even obviously sick she’s still a great person!! I loved when she was rattling off her rehearsed answers and he just reverts to “yeah, so anyway, wanna be my plus one?” LOL! Great interview!

  23. Lindsay Lohan Nicotine Lungs

    I tell ya man, I’d drag my balls across a mile of broken glass to pick up a phone just to hear her pee in a tin cup!

  24. anonym

    I think she looks like a munchkin or elf.

    her looks are highly overrated.

  25. Elia

    Honestly, I think she seemed pretty bitchy. She tries way too hard to be the “cool girl.”

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