Mila Kunis Is Definitely Pregnant, There’s No Denying It Anymore

“Is that my real daddy? Can it be?” – Mila Kunis’ fetus

Even though I posted about it, I never truly believed Mila Kunis is pregnant because, let’s be honest, we all read it on the Internet and the Internet is bullshit. Almost nothing on here is real. For God’s sake, Kim Kardashian isn’t even an actual person. She’s just garbage bags full of cottage cheese that we all take turns making an intern cart around in front of the paparazzi. I still can’t believe you fell for that. Anyway, here’s Mila at CinemaCon last night looking pregnant as all hell which means Ashton Kutcher definitely slipped one past the goalie or Channing Tatum has achieved full Skarsgard. And before you laugh that off, have you seen Jonah Hill lately? That’s triplets, motherfucker.


Channing Tatum with a British accent? Seems legit.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News