Mike Tyson might do porn

jjameson_old.jpgESPN reports that Mike Tyson says he’s open to alternative ways of raising money, including the adult film industry.

“I’ve talked to some people, I just talked to a gentleman named Jimmy, whose involved with Club Jenna, you know Jenna Jameson,” said Tyson. “They said they were interested in getting me involved in that kind of business as well.”

This would have been more exciting news for Tyson if it had been 10 years ago when Jenna Jameson was still hot and not incredibly old looking. Although 10 years ago he was sittting in jail for rape so I guess having sex with Jenna Jameson for money wouldn’t have been very feasible. Or at least not as feasible as having sex with 10 other huge black guys. Then again, I guess nobody is stupid enough to actually try anally raping Mike Tyson in prison. Not only would he beat the crap out of you, he’d also pull out your heart and eat it. If you haven’t heard, he’s a little bit crazy.