UPDATE: Mike Tyson arrested for punching photographer

Mike Tyson was arrested last night after rearranging a pap’s face in a fight, according to RadarOnline:

The lone pap was trying to take video when an altercation ensued and Tyson allegedly punched him.
The pap suffered a laceration to the side of his head.
The bloodied pap was rushed to a nearby hospital in the back of an ambulance and their was blood on the terminal floor after the airport brawl.
Both the photographer and Tyson were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery and both are expected to appear in court at a later date.

In Mike Tyson’s defense, obviously he exercised restraint in this situation. Considering his job was to render highly-trained fighters unconscious with one punch, this guy’s lucky his face doesn’t resemble a cereal bowl. Also, who the hell starts a fight with Mike Tyson and expects it to end well? That’s like sticking your penis in Paris Hilton and not having a route to the free clinic mapped out. C’mon.

UPDATE: TMZ obtained a photo of what the pap looks like after fighting Mike Tyson (after the jump) and it’s pretty much what you imagined. Minus still having a nose.

Photos: Getty, TMZ