Mike McQueary: ‘I Did Stop The Rape’

“Hey, remember how you used child rape to get this job? Go get me an oatmeal.”

Realizing that the grand jury report makes it look like he let a child get raped because he was afraid of losing his job so he called his daddy instead, Mike McQueary has sent out emails to friends claiming that not only did he stop Jerry Sandusky, he contacted the police. Two statements in direct conflict the with the grand jury report, according to The Morning Call:

According to the grand jury report, a graduate assistant later identified as McQueary said he saw a boy, whose age he estimated at 10 years old, “being subjected to anal intercourse” by a naked Sandusky in a shower at the Penn State football building in March 2002. The graduate assistant left “immediately,” was “distraught” and called his father, according to the presentment. His father told him to leave the building and come to his home, the presentment says.
In the email obtained by The Morning Call, dated Nov. 8, McQueary said, “I did stop it, not physically, but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room.”
“No one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds,” McQueary wrote. “Trust me.”
Asked about McQueary’s statement in the email that he had discussions with police, Penn State police told The Morning Call they were deferring to the university public relations office, which did not return a call Tuesday afternoon. Pennsylvania State Police in Harrisburg, who are heading the investigation, did not return a call.

So, wait, McQueary stopped it, but not “physically?” What does that even mean? He stood at the door and went, “Hey, you two. Cut it out.” Because I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s probably the most retarded way to handle a child rape ever. If someone already lacks the bare minimum decency to not sodomize a child, I’m pretty sure they’re going to keep going the second you turn around to call your dad. Unless, of course, McQueary added, “I’m serious, mister,” in which case, he’s done all he could do. He’s only one man.

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