Mike McQueary: ‘I Did Stop The Rape’

November 16th, 2011 // 106 Comments
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“Hey, remember how you used child rape to get this job? Go get me an oatmeal.”

Realizing that the grand jury report makes it look like he let a child get raped because he was afraid of losing his job so he called his daddy instead, Mike McQueary has sent out emails to friends claiming that not only did he stop Jerry Sandusky, he contacted the police. Two statements in direct conflict the with the grand jury report, according to The Morning Call:

According to the grand jury report, a graduate assistant later identified as McQueary said he saw a boy, whose age he estimated at 10 years old, “being subjected to anal intercourse” by a naked Sandusky in a shower at the Penn State football building in March 2002. The graduate assistant left “immediately,” was “distraught” and called his father, according to the presentment. His father told him to leave the building and come to his home, the presentment says.
In the email obtained by The Morning Call, dated Nov. 8, McQueary said, “I did stop it, not physically, but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room.”
“No one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds,” McQueary wrote. “Trust me.”
Asked about McQueary’s statement in the email that he had discussions with police, Penn State police told The Morning Call they were deferring to the university public relations office, which did not return a call Tuesday afternoon. Pennsylvania State Police in Harrisburg, who are heading the investigation, did not return a call.

So, wait, McQueary stopped it, but not “physically?” What does that even mean? He stood at the door and went, “Hey, you two. Cut it out.” Because I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s probably the most retarded way to handle a child rape ever. If someone already lacks the bare minimum decency to not sodomize a child, I’m pretty sure they’re going to keep going the second you turn around to call your dad. Unless, of course, McQueary added, “I’m serious, mister,” in which case, he’s done all he could do. He’s only one man.

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  1. The Critical Crassness

    Personally, I think you just line the whole bunch of coaches, ex-coaches, administrators and anyone else connected with this mess and the ensuing coverup, up against a wall and shoot them….what bunch assholes!

  2. JC

    “I made sure it was stopped when I left the locker room.” Soooo….he waited for Sandusky to finish, then made him promise that he wasn’t going to go back for a second time? What a hero.

  3. rough by design

    No one knows how they would handle a freaky situation such as that scenario. Did he drop the ball? Sure, everyone in the organization did. When I see, dudes kissing down in the subways I just said to myself “I did not just see what just happened” and put a mental block. I call it denial.

    • Sarah

      what do you mean, two guys kissing on a subway? That’s no comparison to rape-sodomizing a 10 year old child.

    • Damien Karras

      Uh, yeah…I’m fairly certain I would beat the living shit out of the child rapist. I don’t know of any job that’s worth living with the guilt of not stopping that d-bag from raping kids.
      So you can try to empathize with him all you want but he didn’t act like a decent human being, plain and simple.
      There should be no “well I gotta think about how to deal with this”, taking time to reflect upon it or mulling it over during a good night sleep. Sandusky was ass raping a kid in the shower…just plant his face into the fucking wall and call your dad later. End of story.

    • rough by design

      Homosexuality plays a huge part in this story, although secondary as you point out. Think about it, just forget the crusade of proving me wrong for a minute.

      • Homosexuality plays ZERO part in this story. Nobody in this story is gay. I don’t know what flavor of Jesus inspired fagbashing you prefer to engage in, but it’s going to make you look retarded in this case.

        Unless you’re suggesting the 10 year old boy was gay and seduced Sandusky…which is an interesting theory.

      • Johnny P!

        Homosexuality has nothing to do with this.
        Pedophiles prey on kids because of the vulnerability factor, and they’re as likely to prey on boys as girls. It’s a “power trip”.
        Sandusky, always surrounded by boys (and going out of his way to be surrounded by them by creating Two Mile), obviously preferred boys to girls… but as soon as they hit puberty and became ‘adults’, he wanted nothing to do with them.
        He’s a pedophile. The guys kissing on the subway are two consenting adults. If their actions creep you out, whatever. They’re not raping kids.

      • Eh, your first post was just right…but this one is way too obvious. Your trolling needs work.

    • it had to be said

      Sigh. You are a bigot and a coward. Next question.

      • Steve

        So a same-sex rape isn’t a homosexual rape? At what age then does it become a homosexual rape? The age of consent? Sodomy is for and by Sodomizers, you can try all you want to hide that fact but that’s the truth.

      • Mike Walker

        Sandusky was sucking the dicks of 14-15 year old boys. You may classify him as a pedophile/hebephile but that is homosexual behaviour, any way you slice it. He may like them vulnerable, but there’s meat on dem bones!

    • rough by design

      Would you agree the majority of concerned citizen fake hate Roman Polanski?

    • rough by design

      People like to give themselves credit because they’ve reiterating what pre written laws had passed. But really there is no such thing as right or wrong. Right and wrong is determined by how many preople present at the time. Men is evil by nature. If it wasn’t for set laws, we would all run amok on each other..

    • rough by design

      And many of your favorite stars past and present has been with underage girls. Would they be seen under a different light if they were boys? Nope. Who do we have? Elvis, jerry lee Lewis, Charlie Chaplin. I know I left a couple…

    • rough by design

      Looks like a loaded question. Pose it again.

    • rough by design

      Why would I entertain such question when you know my answer already. Btw “you make me sick” mr mcfeely does not type like a monster. From what I have gathered.

      • Since you say I know your answer already, I can only assume that is a “yes”.

        And frankly, I disagree. Child rape is inherently wrong, and not simply an artificial construct of society. It’s very easy to prove. Have someone rape your child, then ask yourself if it was wrong, or just something society tells us is wrong.

  4. I'm Obama and I approve

    You are a douche…stick to dogging celebrities. You are way out of your depth.

  5. rough by design

    whats with the quotation mark?

  6. Johnny P!

    JoePa: “Okay kid! Here’s the play: You tell me you saw a 10-year-old boy getting fucked in the showers by Sandusky. I’ll tell my bosses you saw ‘something disturbing’. They’ll tell everyone else ‘there was some horseplay’. Then, you run way out towards the ‘uprights’, and just keep runnin’! Got it?”
    McQueary: “Got it, Coach!”

  7. Fester

    Yes McQueary should have left WITH the kid, however I doubt if Sandusky resumed his previous activity. More likely he was in a panic expecting the cops to come through the door any minute. Too bad it didn’t turn out that way.

  8. Venom

    I am honestly tired of everyone crapping on this guy.

    Yes, it is entirely possible to stop the rape without physical violence if he walked in on it and said what the fuck and stop it, most likely it would have stopped.

    Based on the culture of that university I have seen so far and how fucked up its staff and administrators and students are and how protected they are by the police, judges and prosecutors, he had more than a right to fear for himself and even his safety seeing as you have a district attorney that mysteriously disappeared.

    If it was not for this guy this shit would still be going on today. He was pretty brave to do what he did seeing as that school and that whole town is basically run like The Mob. He could easily have kept on walking, pretended it never happened, never reported it and continue towards a very lucrative multi-million dollar career as a coach at Penn State.

    • Evil Dick Tater

      As IF the sanctity of tween sphincters is more important than a Division 1 football program. Granted, it SHOULD be but that ain’t how things work.

    • Yes, he was undoubtedly in fear of his life from a bare fisted beating at the hands of a naked 60 year old man with a shit smeared boner.

      Yelling “you better cut that out” over his shoulder as he flees the locker room was probably the only reasonable reaction.

    • Damien Karras

      Seriously? So if 30 people tell you that they’re going to kick your ass if you stop a little kid from getting raped you’re just going to save yourself and send the kid an apology card later “Sorry you got ass raped but I’ve got myself to worry about”?
      This is what’s wrong with the world today. There should be nothing that can stop a person from doing the right thing. People need to grow a fucking spine. I don’t know care if I was threatened with death, I’d still try to save the kid.

      • Schmidtler

        “There should be nothing that can stop a person from doing the right thing.”
        ok, back that up, internet hero guy – I have reliable info there’s millions of starving babies in Africa – and that you have cupboards full of food in your place and money in your bank account – send the money to a relief organization and drop the food off at a homeless shelter tonight – or was your point that everybody else should do the right thing, but you have some excuse not to?
        all that aside, I’d agree the anal raping of minors is inherently wrong, regardless of the legalities.

      • pornstar

        Why are we assuming that McQueary had to ‘fight’, Sandusky to take the boy away? The mere presence, of a witness, should have been enough to stop the pedophile (Sandusky) in his tracks.

        McQueary, could have easily stepped in and walked away with the boy, leaving Sandusky in the shower with his limp penis, wondering about how he would now have to cover his ass, literally and figuratively. Systematic cover up for raping little boys while others watched, and said or did nothing, allowed him (Sandusky) to take such liberties, in public, no less.

        Most pedophiles don’t sit in vans, waiting for your kids, they are in your schools, in your churches, in your hospitals, in your day cares. Sandusky is your average predator, except, he is not using a van to stalk his prey, he hand picks his prey and they go to him unwittingly.

        At the end of the day, this will get uglier before it gets better, but at least, finally, in his own cowardly way, McQueary helped catch a predator.

        The interesting aspect of this whole disgusting mess, is how many other higher ups were involved, and how many other Mc Quearies, walked away from Sandusky’s horse play with other, young boys.

    • j.j.

      oh, you are clearly out of your fuking mind. A CHILD OF 10 WAS BEING RAPED. HE KEPT WALKING RATHER THAN HELPING THE CHILD. end of story.

    • I’d like to know more about the missing DA. Was he in on it or was he rubbed out?

    • RJ

      And why are you including “students” in that statement too?

    • Venom

      The greatest thing about the Internet is how many keyboard warriors claim they would do shit if it was presented to them. Everyone one in town who could do something about it knew about it and did not. The police did not, the prosecutors did not, the judges did not, the administration did not.

      If is was so fucking simple to stop this guy, then why did nothing happen for years, even decades? One of the district attorneys that apparently wanted to do something disappeared and is presumably buried in the woods somewhere or under cement in Happy Valley.

      Look at the fucking judge, even after this made national news and the whole world is in an outrage, she still gave him a bullshit bail and no travel restrictions or monitoring. Look at the dumbfuck students that were rioting to protect Joe Paterno and those sick fucks that run the university still had the football game days after all this shit broke so they could still collect the money.

      And if the allegations that these kids were being pimped out to wealthy and powerful donors then maybe just maybe things are not so simple and black and white.

      • RJ

        So the police are corrupt pigs. And the president (keep in mind who most Penn Staters always thought was a douchebag anyway), along with the few of the higher ups are Nazis too. So a couple thousand drunk retards decided to not use their heads and riot. You know there’s 40,000 kids in that school, right? All with opinions on the situation as equally different as everyone across America. You probably didn’t hear that the student body president tried to get them to stop, but they just ignored him and kept going.

        Sorry, I’m just sick of ignorant pricks blaming the ENTIRE university as if everyone in the history of Penn State all took turns and gangbanged the kids. I read a letter that was written to the Collegian the other day (not sure if it was real or fake) where the writer said he was firing any Penn State graduates and never hiring another again. Obviously that’s illegal, but to think there’s a few of those stupid fucks out there with this mentality is sickening.

        In no way am I supporting anyone directly involved with this mess, nor the jackasses standing up for Joe because he’s the fucking football coach. I just don’t wanna see anyone who knows what the school really stands for and is there working their ass off or graduated working their ass off getting flak for no reason.

      • Damien Karras

        Ya know, Venom, it’s as simple as this. You can live a long life as a coward, fearing everything and anything that “might” happen to you. Or you can stand up for what you believe in and possibly live a short life as an honorable and moral person.
        I would choose the latter and I think many posters on this site would as well.
        You can hide under the bed if you like…the rest of us have a set of balls.

    • Bianca

      “Brave”? You’re kidding us right? Brave is taking a bullet for your loved one. Brave is not witnessing a child being sodomized and essentially doing dick all about it (ignore obvious pun).
      This self presevation, head in the sand mentality that our society has becomed accustomed to is disheartening to say the least, and just like the Asian baby girl who was ran over and ignored, it seems to be that the most innocent and helpless are the biggest victims of such cowardice.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Damn well said, Damien Karras. I always choose standing up for what’s right, and it’s always worth it, no matter the bruises.
        I think it’s because my parents were gutless weasels who let awful things happen. I can’t possibly live like them.

  9. Evil Dick Tater

    Man I’m glad I don’t have to use locker room showers with all that frothy Santorum sloshing around on the floor. Nope, it’s strictly voluntary.

  10. D

    I really hope he didn’t just taint himself as a witness by saying things in direct conflict to his Grand Jury testimony. Because the only thing worse than walking away the first time is letting the pedophile get off because you become a sorry a$$ witness.

    Side note: I continue to enjoy your coverage of this – straight and to the point with well placed sarcasm and expletives. Carry on.

    • Maggs

      me too, keep the updateds coming!

    • Schmidtler

      the misconception that’s running rampant here is that the grand jury transcript is a verbatim and complete record of every last shred of testimony of the witnesses. It is not. It is a summary put together by the prosecutor. It is not only possible, but entirely likely that there is alot more to the testimony given by the witnesses than what’s in the grand jury transcript. A grand jury only hears from the prosecution’s side, because the only point of a grand jury is to hear from the prosecutor whether he has enough to bring charges, and issue the indictment if it seems he does. The prosecutor is free to include or omit anything he doesn’t feel supports his case. The trial is where the entire story is fleshed out by way of the adversarial nature of courtroom proceedings. But hey, why worry about whether anybody has the whole story yet, that would just ruin all the fun of working ourselves into a hysterical frothy fit of uninformed panic.

  11. Keep it Positive

    Glad I went to a community college.

  12. richie

    Nice going McQueary! You just contradicted your sworn grand jury testimony which, in addition to making you a perjurer, will help Sandusky’s lawyer impeach your credibility and possibly aquit Sandusky. Dope!

    • Keep it Positive

      This was a planned leak. He was probably threatened into perjuring himself. IMO the story is bigger and darker than we know. This email leak is a phony as KIM K’s wedding. Seriously.

    • it had to be said

      Well, you know what the grand jury reported, but since the exact text of his testimony was not what mattered, we don’t know if he contradicted anything.

    • RJ

      Ummm…no he didn’t contradict anything.

  13. coach

    i think he means he stopped it with some good ol’ fashioned towel-snapping.

  14. Carles

    Fucking stop with this. It’s serious and depressing. I am at work and have enough serious and depressing shit to deal with.

    Please just give us celebrity nip slips.

    • Damien Karras

      Hey calm down. You can be serious while still looking at titties.
      I like to think we can get the best of both worlds here. A little drama and a little T&A.
      Like you can be all “what the fuck is wrong with people? Sick mother fu….ohhhhh, boobs”.
      It’s a very diverse blog.

  15. rough by design

    Wait a minute. I thought Sandusky said hes not attracted to young boys in that interview.

  16. Keep it Positive

    Someone please tell me that there are good people on this planet. I am so sick to my stomach over this. : (

  17. Little Jerry

    College football is gay.

  18. Child anal rape is no laughing matter. A ginger named McQueary…THAT is hilarious though.

    • Evil Dick Tater

      I’ve added it to the list of surnames I’m SO glad I didn’t have when I was in high school.

  19. Donald Trump

    What McQueary is really saying is – he waited 30-45 seconds until Sandusky finished before he interrupted them. Sick fucker.

  20. Cock Dr

    I’m sure he wants to rewrite history now that the shitstorm is upon him.
    Too late asshole. He traded that poor kid for what he thought was a sweet “coaching position for life”.
    Turns out it wasn’t such a great bargain after all.

  21. Steelerchick

    Is it “Kick a Ginger Day” yet?? I’d love to kick this guy in the ass!!

  22. RJ

    Sure, he should have left with the kid. But in Mcqueary’s defense, for all you saying that he should have physically stopped it, say he did and this came out, but Sandusky got off innocent. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t he then turn around and sue the fuck out of Mcqueary for assault? Sure, everyone would love nothing more than to unload a clip in Sandusky’s face, but unfortunately there’s laws against swift, efficient, adequate justice lol.

    • it had to be said

      Sometimes you have to be willing to be sued to do the right thing. That’s one of those times. Trust me, you’ll find a lawyer to defend you if you really stopped a child rape.

      • RJ

        Not unless its necessary. Its one thing if Sandusky turned around and initiated an attack, but you gotta use your head in crazy situations. Knocking that sick fuck out wouldn’t have stopped it anymore than if he broke it up verbally. I know it sucks, but you gotta remember who Mcqueary was at the time and who Sandusky was. You wouldn’t choke out Obama if you saw him doing the same thing.

      • anon

        I’m a 19-year old girl, 5’1″ and about 105 pounds. Recently I heard a lady on the street yelling something about a thief and saw some creep running away in my direction. I didn’t even have time to think about whether or not a simple purse was that important; I just heard someone screaming and saw a guy running away in my direction. My adrenaline rush came, and I kneed him in the balls and he stopped for a moment, and by then other people were able to stop him from getting any farther away. Half an hour later I went to my calculus class.

        My points is, I’m a tiny female whose natural instinct kicked in just at the threat of a purse thief. The thought of being “caught” didn’t even enter my mind. If I saw someone molesting a child — I’d be jumping on his back, biting his leg, biting his dick if I could reach it… It’s just my instinct. Maybe some people (RJ) have ever felt a basic instinct to help and protect, but I think most have. McQueary is an ex-football player who say some old man raping a 10 year-old boy against a shower wall. If he had any moral fiber whatsoever, he would have slammed that guy’s skull into the wall and rushed the kid out of there.

        Sorry that this is so long-winded, but some of you apologists just make me sick.

      • anon

        Sorry about the typos and bad writing. It’s been a long day.

      • The fuck I wouldn’t choke Obama’s ass out. You think because he is the president that it would be okay for him to rape a kid. What the fuck is wrong with your stupid ass, do you believe powerful people should do what they want to others?

    • Damien Karras

      See, even anon has balls. That’ s my kind of girl…er…wait…

    • RJ

      So you’re comparing a random no-name thief taking an older woman’s purse to a big name football coach raping a 10 year old boy?

      A) I’m assuming you were in general public, with at least one other witness around. That was on your side.
      B) The random, no-name thief was just that. Not a big name coach in a much higher position in a university than you.
      C) And you had an older, much more rational woman as the victim. She would have easily sided with you. The poor 10 year old boy is going to be absolutely devastated, who knows how he would have testified? Hence, why the issue of Sandusky’s lawyer saying the supposed victim is saying Mcqueary is lying.

      I appreciate you trying to justify acting correctly, should I see someone robbing another I would have knocked them out too. But what about if the guy had a gun out? Would you have confronted him then? Cuz you straight up full of shit if you say yes.

      This is why the reason I mentioned the Obama thing at the end of my previous post. There’s a lot shades of gray when you’re dealing with a much more complex situation.

      • You make me sick

        RJ you’re no better than the people on Paterno’s side. Fuck you.

      • anon

        Let me tell you what I’d do if a guy had a gun out. I’d run and hide behind something and instantly take out my phone and call the police. How hard is it to make that decision?

        Also, I’m betting that Sandusky *didn’t* have a gun on him, given that he was naked in the shower with a little boy, so I don’t see what that question has to do with this.

        Listen: my anecdote was demonstrating the fact that in a situation where there was some bad activity going on that I could possibly prevent, my instinct was not to ask myself, “Could this man have a knife on him? Will there be later consequences for me if I try to stop him?” My mind was blank; at a moment like that, for me and I believe for most people, adrenaline rules — fight or flight.

        If I saw Barack Obama raping a little boy… What the hell? Of course I’d try to stop him, but I’m sure that Michelle would do a better job of that than I. Maybe it’s because I’m a female, with maternal instinct at all (but I really doubt that’s the case, given the huge amount of outcry over this and over McQueary’s lack of action), but I don’t care WHO the cunt raping a little kid is. I’d try to stop him. I think that I would try to wrench his dick and bite his testicles. Yes, even Barack Obama’s.

        I’m sorry if the fact that some are confident that their natural morals and instincts will overrule their desire to keep their job offends you.

      • RJ

        To the person above anon, you’re simply a retard. So I won’t even bother with you.

        But to anon, desire to keep their job? I never said anything about that. If stopping someone from raping a kid means I have to give up my job, then they can fuckin fire me on the spot! lol You said you’d run and hide and call the police. Well…if Mcqueary is telling the truth, then he did more than that. He stopped it. What if the guy got away?

        Look, my whole point was that these are different situations, and with the different variables in those situations, people will act differently. No, Sandusky was not physically threatening him. He was however someone the university recognized much more and had much higher up. Why do you think arguing a ticket against a cop rarely ever works? Hence again, why I gave the Obama example. You think the president wouldn’t abuse all the power he had to make sure you never got the better of him? And what good would you being in jail do? Wouldn’t you rather continue to plan and try to exploit him in the future. If he gets off, chances are he’s bound to do it again. That’s you chance to plan ahead and strike. And I’m seriously calling your bluff on attacking Obama haha.

        Some people are acting like Mcqueary should have put on a goddamn superhero costume and taken him out permanently. As awesome as this would be, that’s not the world we live in.

        The whole problem with this is that we’re speculating based solely on what we know right now. Which definitely isn’t everything. If I saw some random guy raping a kid, I’d put him in a coma. But if I see a guy of some significance who’s word holds a hell of a lot more weight than mine, then I might want to stop the situation using my brain a little more than my recklessness. If I see a cop wrongfully doing to a citizen or abusing his power, I’m not going to straight up attack him.

      • anon

        I think our disagreement comes down to a fundamental difference between us that no online debate can change. In my opinion, which I think I share with the majority of people who have been following this case, the situation McQueary faced was too pressing and urgent; immediate action was necessary. I believe that the top priority at that moment was to get the boy out of there with whatever means possible. It’s not the sort of situation that allows a bystander to walk away and contemplate what would be the best way to get back at the villain.

        Similarly, if I were to see someone in the process of kidnapping a child, I know that I wouldn’t walk away, being sure just to memorize how the crook looked so that I could describe him to the police. You can be sure that I *would* try my hardest to remember exactly how he looked, but my reaction would be to run after them, yelling, acting like an imbecile, and doing whatever I can to stop them. The difference between this situation and the shower room incident is that McQueary could have easily stopped the heinous crime he witnessed, whereas I’m not sure that my running skills are enough to keep up with a kidnapper.

        I think you misinterpreted by statement about hiding behind something and calling the police. That would be my response if I were to see a purse thief running away, and if I was aware that he had a gun. If I saw a naked old man raping a little boy in a shower, I wouldn’t need to hide; I’d spring straight to attack. Yes, it would be nice to have a master plan to get back at the horrible person in the long run. But, again, the most pressing issue at such a moment (for me) would be to rescue the kid. A lady who had her purse stolen may be able to get it back, and it’s replaceable. A 10 year-old’s innocence and wellbeing is not.

      • anon

        Also: last night I had a nightmare that one of my professors raped me. I need to stop following this story so much.

  23. Richard McBeef

    He dove right into the path of Sandusky’s thrusting and took a dick right in the face for that kid. The man’s a got-damn real life hero and should be respected as such.

  24. I do not believe that McQueary stopped the rape or told the police. That email is ridiculous. Even if he somehow believed that he stopped the rape in the shower, how can he be so sure? This happened late at night. How did the little boy get home? Why wouldn’t McQueary make sure the kid was safe–either at home or at a hospital/police?

  25. Deacon Jones

    “Hey, you two. Cut it out.”

    That’s what I say to my nuts when they shift after i sit on the toilet.

  26. D

    It is possible he told the police. Maybe they did nothing.
    Apparently the original D.A. “disappeared,” his car was found abandoned, and his laptop dumped in a river, with evidence someone had tried to wipe the hard drive. So perhaps cover ups all around.

    • RJ

      Schultz was also the head of police at the time. He, Spanier, and Curley are far and above the dirtiest of players.

    • Schmidtler

      I read an account of the DA disappearing, and his laptop being found in the river. The cops searched the DA’s home computer, the last search he ran on google was how to destroy your hard drive. so it seems the DA destroyed his own hard drive and dumped the laptop in the river himself. I don’t know why or what that means, if anything, to this case. DA’s handle alot of cases.

  27. skunk

    “No one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds,” McQueary wrote. “Trust me.”
    i’m pretty sure that 10 year old kid would have traded places with you for those 30-45 seconds, you bitch!

  28. Steve

    Does this mean that Sandusky isn’t going to be a guest star on GLEE now?

  29. Donald Trump

    I’d like to fuck that ginger asshole just so he knows the pain of it!

  30. GetARope

    Hey McQueary, waiting for Sandusky to “finish” does not constitute “stopping” the rape of a child. Did you also hand him a towel when he was done? Asshole.

  31. JoJojojo

    “No one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds,” McQueary wrote. “Trust me.”

    No one would want to be in his shoes in those seconds, huh? I bet I know who would want to be in your shoes. THAT KID. He’s want to be in ANYONE ELSE’S SHOES. Shoes where he wasn’t getting raped and had to watch someone see it happening, turn around, and leave him alone again with the rapist. Nice.

  32. McQuery how would you have responded had this been your child? How would you have wanted someone else to respond had this been your child. I am greatly disturbed that you didn’t whip the stuffing out of Sandusky nor contact the police. What kind of morals do yoy have that you decided to call your damn daddy first. What the hell is with this good ole boy shit; Dad apparently advises you that the best decision is to let the coaches handle it. I think that you are just as great of a low life as Sandusky; this goes for your damn daddy and the rest of the low life coaches as well. I pray that you personally are name in the lawsuit against Penn State and the other coaches as well. Apparently your job was way more important that helping this poor innocent kid. SHAME ON YOU, YOU ROTTEN IMBECILE!

  33. forrest gump

    believe it or not: HE JOINED THIS “GAME” HIMSELF!!!

  34. Llama

    Tee hee. Joe Paterno looks like he’s pregnant, with oatmeal. Wait. He may actually be pregnant with guilt, or like constipated from all these years of hiding and covering up of terrible criminal acts. 15 years of fecal impaction man, FIFTEEN. I hope sanduskys got it just as bad, plus awful hemmorids so he knows what it feels like to be fucked from the opposite end of his rectum( by an enormous piece of his own fecal matter)I bet he gets off by pooping in showers too.

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  36. how about this

    Gov. Corbett has suspended a 3 Million Dollar grant to the Second Mile Charity (in a state that has severely cut its’ education budget) due to the indictment…… and The Second Mile and associated charities donated $640,000 to his campaign for governor.

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