Hilary Duff’s Ex Mike Comrie Under Investigation For Rape

Hilary Duff’s ex-husband and former NHL star Mike Comrie is reportedly under investigation for allegedly raping a woman at his house on Saturday night, according to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us the woman claims she met up with Comrie at a bar Saturday night and went back to his West L.A. condo. She claims he raped her multiple times.
The woman says she almost immediately went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center nearby, and a rape kit was administered.

As for Mike Comrie’s side of the story, it was a three-way and the other chick was cool about it. Okay.

Sources connected with Comrie say he’s known the woman for a long time and acknowledges he had sex with her, but insists she gave full consent. The sources also say the encounter was a 3-way and the other woman has not filed any complaint.

Just so it’s said, “I’ve known her for a long time” is not a valid defense against rape. I mean, it’ll totally work like gangbusters in court because this shithole country awards that kind of behavior with the presidency. But again, knowing someone doesn’t create a magical shield where you can’t rape them. “Allegedly.”

Anyway, now’s the part where you probably expect me to make some sort of joke about how I’ll use this situation to work my way into Hilary Duff’s heart, and no. Jesus Christ. This is not the time nor place. Although, what will I do is highlight the fact that the moobed bastard below is apparently walking around having threesomes left and right. Or this was his first and possibly last attempt, but I’ve stopped believing in miracles, so I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

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