Mickey Rourke questions your manhood – while holding a puppy

January 14th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Mickey Rourke and his Chihuahua, Jaws, star in this latest PETA ad urging you to remove your pet’s testicles or ovaries. Check out the text which I guarantee is a direct Mickey Rourke quote based solely on its blunt effectiveness that also suggests the speaker’s retarded:

When dogs get knocked up,
Puppies get put down
Because there aren’t enough homes for them.

I actually hope this campaign works because “If you can’t cultivate activism with testicle euphemisms, we’re pretty much fucked as a society and should probably kill ourselves.” - Plato.

Photo: PETA

  1. mike from wa

    why fix my dog if he isn’t going to breed, and im going to make sure there are no unwanted puppies? just to suit my way of life and so i can be lazy and not watchhim/maintain my fences?

    my family has had many dogs over time, and many of them were fixed, that doesn’t fix their aggression towards other dogs. if you do not know this you are either very ignorant or just stupid. some dogs are just more social and accepting towards outsiders than others, it’s also very much a breed thing

    also when i say excercised i mean taken out on a lead in the suburbs. my dog does enjoy a very large property that it has free range on, and is allowed inside with the family at his whim, it gets a lot of excercise through activity and interaction with the family, hence me mentioning he was slim and healthy.

    plus maybe i wasn’t so clear, im not talking vasectomy style operations, im talking removing those buggers all together. he spends half his life licking them…he’s going to be pretty short of things to do if i get a doctor to cut them off because a celebrity and a bunch of misinformed blog commenters want to make me feel bad.

    cutting off balls instead of keeping your dogs cock in check its just as barbaric as putting a chain through the nose of a sun bear to dance.

  2. Stephen Potts

    The lost Plato text I assume?

  3. caligrrl

    Does anyone besides me find it funny that Mickey has the gayest looking dog EVER?

  4. I like my dog, well maintained, is thin and muscular, and exercises (although I admit it could use more), but it's still my property and not to socialize with other dogs – he is too aggressive to other dogs on a leash when removed.

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