Mickey Rourke screwed by faulty Breathalyzer


A faulty Breathalyzer caused Mickey Rourke to be arrested for DUI last month. The actor was driving his Vespa erratically after leaving a Miami nightclub when police pulled him over. Mickey failed the Breathalyzer test but claimed he only had a few drinks. Turns out he was telling the truth, according to the Miami Herald:

Rourke was given two tests that night. On the first one, he supposedly blew a blood-alcohol reading of .081, just above the legal limit. But the control test done on the machine showed that it malfunctioned on that test.
A second test, given a few minutes later, showed Rourke had a blood alcohol level of .074.

Mickey Rourke has his license back and his lawyer Michael Grieco is waiting for the charges to be dropped. He also feels Mickey was profiled:

“A lot of times, probably most of the time, it’s good to be Mickey Rourke. This was not one of those times.”

Obviously it’s not that good to be Mickey Rourke if he’s only blowing a .074 after leaving a club. That’s unbelievably weak. My grandmother has more alcohol in her before breakfast. We try to hide all the booze, but she makes her own moonshine while we’re asleep. She even made me try it once. I no longer see in color.