Mickey Rourke screwed by faulty Breathalyzer

December 17th, 2007 // 41 Comments

A faulty Breathalyzer caused Mickey Rourke to be arrested for DUI last month. The actor was driving his Vespa erratically after leaving a Miami nightclub when police pulled him over. Mickey failed the Breathalyzer test but claimed he only had a few drinks. Turns out he was telling the truth, according to the Miami Herald:

Rourke was given two tests that night. On the first one, he supposedly blew a blood-alcohol reading of .081, just above the legal limit. But the control test done on the machine showed that it malfunctioned on that test.
A second test, given a few minutes later, showed Rourke had a blood alcohol level of .074.

Mickey Rourke has his license back and his lawyer Michael Grieco is waiting for the charges to be dropped. He also feels Mickey was profiled:

“A lot of times, probably most of the time, it’s good to be Mickey Rourke. This was not one of those times.”

Obviously it’s not that good to be Mickey Rourke if he’s only blowing a .074 after leaving a club. That’s unbelievably weak. My grandmother has more alcohol in her before breakfast. We try to hide all the booze, but she makes her own moonshine while we’re asleep. She even made me try it once. I no longer see in color.


  1. tommy salami

    first you cunts!! mickey is always fucking up

  2. 1ST!

    He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebs club ‘MeetRich.com’ not long before, and he was hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies wrote to him.OMG!

  3. tcre


  4. chauncey gardner

    I’d say he was even more screwed by a faulty “pretty” stick.

  5. tommy salami

    he looks like he is h.i.v. positive and mickey if u cant grow a complete ‘stache kindly shave it off you look like a gay aisan houseboy with that on your upper lip

  6. D. Richards (Cloned.)

    It’s good living to have been a huge star at one point: “Agh, man! You’re that guy! What’s his name, agh.. Don’t tell me! You were. Weren’t you in that movie about rock climbing; Cliffhanger or something? No, wait, that was Sylvester Stallone. You did a movie with Stallone? That’s right!.. You were like a tough guy or something? What’s Stallone like in real life? What’s your name again?”

    In my mind Rourke will continue to live as an alcoholic running from his past, and botched plastic surgery. More surgery! Cat woman.

  7. Ript1&0

    Yeah man, what a pussy.

    Weak sauce!

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    I was thinking he got screwed by genetics and age. Similar to what #4 said.

    Mickey and Gary Busey need to do a project together. Kind of like the two Corey’s did. Imagine the parties Busey and Rourke would have. L.A. is full of gold digging skanks that would jump on Mickey for a chance at celebretard status.

  9. Ript1&0

    DRich, I wanna hear some filth today, man. Especially today, I’m feeling fiesty.

    Can you provide?

  10. Michael Vick must Die

    What an ugly fuck, I’d rather fuck Michael Vick than this freakshow.

  11. Gerald_Tarrant

    I must just be jealous though because I am fat and uglier than Mickey Rourke. What kind of fag goes out to clubs on his Vespa???

    Hey baby, I’m Mickey Rourke, I was in that movie, what was it called, don’t tell me, I’ll remember, ah shit something with Stallone. Anyway, want to hop on the back of my Vespa and cruise to my apartment in the ghetto because that’s all I can afford? Oh and can you spot me 2 bucks to fill up the tank?

  12. Ript1&0

    I’m sorry, I’m meant – feisty – as in: exuberantly frisky.

    Weak pussy sauce!

  13. This is an incredibly boring story. Has anyone noticed the very nice rack on the blond from Sugar DVD ad? I am tempted to go rent some porn..

  14. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t know what it is, but I think Mickey’s a good dude. He’s definitely a nut case, but he’s the paradigm that all other hollywood crazies judge themselves by. I got to respect that. I think his practiced boozing technique kept him below .08. He’s like one of those Hindu Swamis that can mentally slow their heart rate down. Except in his case it’s whiskey blood. He also beat the rap, those fuckers Glen Campbell and Nick Nolte can’t hold their booze. Good on ya Mick!

  15. Texas Tranny

    Those are some fine looking tits, Jimbo.

    Fish, we need a new post………….get this ugly mother-fucker off here, we don’t give a shit.

  16. good deeds

    in the 80′s this guy could have banged any bitch in hollywood or in a local bar. everybody thought he was sexy especially after 9 1/2 weeks. too bad he became a boxer and fucked up his face. oh well.

  17. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    Hey, Ript. Check out the entry I posted for my little sweety, “Rubygirl”. I posted it at the bottom of the last Jennifer Lover Hewitt party.

    It’s an ode, really. A virtual sonnet. Whatever that means.

  18. That is so unfair!!! To me that is, the same thing happened to me back in 1990, but the cops used the higher of the two tests!!!!!!

    I want my money back, and also, Jimbo, I told you how to get free porn, so don’t be wasting your money, well unless the chick behind the counter is cute and that’s why you go there.

    One more thing, he had a “few” drinks and that’s all he blew? Well, maybe a few to him and a few to me are two different things, but I could blow more than that at 10:00 am on a motherfucking Wednesday..

  19. Ript1&0

    YES, Daddy!!! YESSS!!!! Hahahaha!!!

    I’m so jealous right now though. Some random whore got my dream date and all she did was waste an entire day typing a bunch of crap I didn’t read. Is this what a girl has to do these days to get bent over your knee, Dick??

    If she ever wakes up from that shallow grave I’ll be waiting in the bushes to blugeon her.

    Take me for ice cream, Daddy!!

  20. CakeGirl

    OK, I’m confused. Didn’t he used to look like this?


  21. LayDeeBug

    My THUMB, they took my THUMB Charlie!

  22. deaconjones

    Stern was talking on his show a couple years ago how Mickey got hooked on plastic surgery, he was hiding it from his wife and shit, and she ended up divorcing him. That was no mask in Sin City

  23. anita

    #20-I just checked out the pic from days of christmas past and WOW did he get beaten with the ugly stick as he got older…….

  24. melissa

    Dude’s gross…. nuff said.

  25. roastbeef

    He looks like a perv that should be driving a van without windows, trying to lure children into it with treats.


  27. Ted from LA

    Did anyone see this ugly fucker in the movie Barfly? It is a great movie. Rent it, watch it, and come back and report on it. You drunks will particularly like it.

  28. All the guys I know that look like that say the same thing…

    “Can I bum a smoke?”
    “Buy a guy a beer, woodja?”
    “C’mon baby, just touch it a little”

    That last one was just stuff I heard them say to barflies. They never said it to me directly. Really. I’m not gay. I’m straight. Watch me bench-press this train, I’m so straight.

  29. tp

    He looks like my mechanic.

  30. deaconjones

    Nice fucking facelift, especially around the eyes and lower earlobes, you could never tell. I want to meet this doc, he mustve gone on a 4 day bender and then heading into the OR

  31. p0nk

    he must go to the same salon as Nick Nolte.

  32. tanya

    Is he a burn victim?

  33. FatDrunkAndStupid

    Arguing that you only had “a few drinks” is hardly a sound defense. The Drunk Driving Laws in this country have nothing to do with actually being drunk anymore. There is no practical difference between .074 and .080. Neither mark would constitute anything close to “drunkeness” for a man of Rourke’s size and legendary tolerance. The .08 limit is designed to catch pretty much anybody who has had a drink or two at dinner. Rourke was very lucky to get off. We need serious reform of our nation’s DUI laws. MADD’s push to make everybody a “Drunk Driver” has been a disaster. It just penalizes innocent people at random while wasting resources that could be used to go after actual drunks.

  34. minniememe

    this one’s worse than gary busey’s mugshot. for reals.

  35. Vince Lombardi

    Nice plugs, Mick.

  36. Raelene

    I absolutely love your cense of humor!!! I read your posts all the time cause I know I am bound to get a few good laughs. Can’t see in color..LOL.. Being able to make a girl laugh is a huge turn on, keep them coming. :-)

  37. beesknees

    “faulty breathalyzer” …if I had a nickel every time that excuse was used I’d be so rich. But apparently it worked in his case.

  38. Mama Pinkus

    Check out the old movie Body Heat to see what a cute guy Mickey once was. Mental note to self: avoid boxing, sun and plastic surgery.

  39. blahblah

    every time i see his picture, i die a little inside.

  40. duna

    I love his cense of humor. Do you know quite a few women are crazy to him. They often discuss and share his videos and movies at pubspa.com.

  41. cathy

    I remember when I really really really fancied this bloke – wtf happened to him – I cant believe the way he looks now.

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